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Dr. Roy U. Mena
1/20/2004 3:00:31 PM

What is the word for posting words that end in ology?

Can any of you kind gentlemen help me?

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Robert L. Sharp
1/20/2004 3:08:23 PM

You have the blazing brain, tell us.

Scott Johansen
1/20/2004 3:10:44 PM

I think it's called wannaknowitology. LOL

Robert L. Sharp
1/20/2004 3:12:21 PM

You said to move on.......

Scott Johansen
1/20/2004 3:13:59 PM

I DID I SWEAR..!!!!!!!!!

... OKAY I lied

REALLY this time though...Okay?

Robert L. Sharp
1/20/2004 3:15:10 PM

On three...one....two......

1/21/2004 9:19:07 PM

yes just explain what you need help with.

  Replies 1 - 6 (out of 6 total)

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