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11/27/2004 1:21:16 PM


This is a beautifully printed, fully functional 2005 calendar (with moon phases and ample room for notation) with a stunning piece of UFO Art by James Neff, UFO experiencer and digital artist, for every month *plus a back cover bonus image*. Includes historic sightings like Kenneth Arnold's Mt. Ranier sighting, ancient depictions such as Ezekiel's Wheel and many fictional depictions based on actual sighting descriptions, in super vivid color and clarity. These artworks normally sell internationally as large museum quality prints, but now the best have been placed in a single, functional collection. Makes a great Xmas or New Year's gift. All the images in the calendar can be seen at http://www.rense.com/1.cal/neff.htm. 13 images in all plus cover graphic. Bound in heavy glossy saddle-stitched 100lb stock, 70lb internal stock, hangs 11"x17". Limited Supply! Order now for insured Xmas/New Year's delivery. Hang it where it will generate discussions about UFO phenomena with those who need to be educated on the subject!

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