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1/1/2005 4:01:01 AM

New web site

Here is a link to a new website.
its an unofficial raelian site.

The site has the books of messages that were dictated to Rael by an ET called yahwe.
The book "the message from extra-terrestrials" contains facinating reading about humanities ET origins and insite to the possible future of humanity.
The books are free to download , and there is a forum for any comments or questions etc.


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subject: New web site

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6/2/2006 7:44:52 AM

Please don't tell me that you actually think that the Raelians were given knowledge from Rael, who was in turn given it from the greys? This is just a modern subsitiute for religion. Sounds kind of like Islam. Allah gives knowledge to the Prophet, who gives it to the Muslims. I don't mean to offend any Muslims, but I'm just trying to show how pethetic the Raelians are.

6/18/2006 2:11:56 AM

The raelians are a group of naive individuals who have fallen prey to deception. There are many types of "cult" groups that practice a "religion" based on their belief of various deceptions.
For what its worth by studying these individuals you'll learn to see through the deception. Much to much to go into further detail here and now.
.......seeek the truth and the truth shall set you free!

  Replies 1 - 2 (out of 2 total)

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