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3/12/2005 7:28:10 AM


I have developed a theory that U.F.O.s most likely travel with magnetic transport, this is because If you use high consentrated magnetic waves to keep something susspended up, it creates magnetic fields, or E.M.P. fields. High magnetic fields were proven to be able to kill people by the Soviet Union, but they have to be high Magnetic waves. The Magnetic fields that U.F.O. s produce allow the U.F.O. to travel very close to the speed of light(by using other magnetic fields of planets), the fields are able to deflect projectiles, are able to knock people out, and cause electronics to short circuit. The magnetic fields also polarize objects that have medium amounts of iron in them(corn, grass.etc), but the strange thing is, is that it polarizes the grass with the same magnetic power, causing crop circles. The intricate designs of the crop circles, depend on the ways the magnetic waves come to the ground.
I do hope who ever reads this Theory is pleased at my Theory.

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