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3/12/2005 7:29:36 AM


I have been compiling data over the years and have recently developed this theory...That U.F.O.s and Warfare somehow relate to each other. For example, U.F.O.s have been appearing everywhere durring and since World War 2. Note how the Roswell incedent happened to occur near a town with an Air Force Base, or that White Sands missile range has seen many U.F.O.s, along with Los Alamos( the Nuclear testing site where the worlds first Atomic Bomb was tested). There are also strange, dwindling facts that litter famous U.F.O. accidents, Like The hudson river valley incedent(the hudson river valley is home to the U.S.'s best Army Academy, and Indian Point Nuclear facility).
Here is a list of examples of U.F.O. accidents.

San Antonio,TX, 1987, 15 witnesses report strange lights, and figures in the Olmos Basin Area(San Antonio is home To Lackland, Kelly, and Brooks Airforce Base, and Home to Fort Sam Houston, and Camp Bullis military instellation).

Gulf Breeze/Pensacola,FL, 1987-1990's, Strange U.F.O.s and abductions.
(Pensacola Naval Air Base).

The Redlesham accident,U.K., dec.1980-1981, Strange U.F.O. sightings, landings.(Bentwaters Airforce base, Rendlesham Royal Airforce Base).
**********************************************************************************************************I thus set my point, that U.F.O.s happen to go around military bases due to the fact that we are now a formidable opponent to them(we have nuclear weapons, radar, and supersonic jets/space craft).
This is another theory that I have compiled over the years, and hope the results satisfy anyone who reads this.

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3/17/2005 12:08:09 PM

i find this to be true ,also could there be more than one race visting are world why so many abductions exsperiments and no contact

8/3/2005 8:34:37 AM

"The Redlesham accident,U.K., dec.1980-1981, Strange U.F.O. sightings, landings.(Bentwaters Airforce base, Rendlesham Royal Airforce Base). "

There was an earlier incident surrounding bentwaters during the 1950's

8/22/2005 3:53:31 AM

There were few UFO sightings in WWII. The phenomenon is essentially postwar. Some sightings occur near military bases but many others do not. It is naive to think we are approaching parity with ETs right now. I do think their ultimate goal is to unify us with them to neutralize any longterm threat we may pose after we attain their level.

Btw join http://groups.msn.com/greatleadersoftomorrow

It is partly about the phenomenon as well as politics.

6/10/2006 4:05:32 AM

if there are many types of alien species out there, is there an alien council of some kind?

i believe that some of these aliens species may mean us harm while the others seek to help us.i heard of some conspiracy talk that those that wish us harm seek to make humans start a war against all alien beings, hoping that this would spoil the plans of the friendlier ones from helping us.

this may seem to be in line with maybe the bible's armagedon talk, and the war between heaven and hell's armies.

only time will tell what plans these beings have for us and the role we will take in the future.(maybe)

7/23/2006 9:10:22 AM

I doubt they see us as a considerable opponent to them; however they know that we are considerable opponents to each other and our earth’s ability to sustain life.
We seam to have become the enemies of life whereas they are friends of life and earth.

1/9/2008 10:39:24 AM

We are indeed at war with certain group of extraterrestrials and the Governments are keeping a very tight lid on these things with the fabrication of unjust wars throughout the world to keep your mind off the Alien question.

There is indeed a war with ET's that's why George Bush and Mr.Putin were together as buddies to discuss a missile shield for Poland and the Cheq Republic , the Missile Shield is not a missile shield at all but a shield against Extraterrestrials incase they should attack or invade. You will never get the truth from government sources because they are all ready being controlled by the Reptilians which are not ET's but an entity that has been cast down from the heavens and forced to live here with humans they don't even like.

3/12/2008 11:43:10 AM

Hello, I think you have a good theory that they have observed and know what we have been doing in the way of weapons research. However, I think that based on our capability versus theirs, from documentation of pilots, etc., that we pose no threat to them. But, I feel they would not like us to pollute the atmosphere with nuclear contamination, and that is why they disarm out missle silos. It seems they have been studying us as a developing species for some time. But, I think their interest - at least it seems like- is only intellectual or scientific. Otherwise, I think they would have interacted with us in some constructive manner by now.

jason smith
3/24/2008 4:03:17 PM

i served in the gulf war from91 to 94.As a sniper i was posted all over iraq during and after the war.I have spoken to many soldiers and civillians during that time(those that were intrested and didnt think i was mad).It is true that warfare or lare millitary action does act as a beacon for ufo sightings.Some of these could be explained ie small unmanned spy craft taking realtime images.Some were smatr wepons fired from long range bombers.I dont thing any visiting craft or being would have any reason to fear us.If they can get here they have no reason to fear our weponry.I have often wondered what they must think of us destroying each other.If youwere a visitor curiouse about us and after witnessing us destroy each other,would you make contact?.I think they would wonder how a race that has the pottential to create such technological wonders would want to destroy themselves and the thing they had created.Me personaly, i would turn round and go back home

  Replies 1 - 8 (out of 8 total)

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