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3/12/2005 7:35:09 AM

U.F.O. THEORY: Propulsion

I have developed a theory that U.F.O.'s are propelled by some sort of magnetic, gravitational, solar, or ionic systems. Ionic systems use low amounts of fuel to achieve really fast speeds, basically it goes forward because of sending magnatizied gases through a magnetic chamber. Solar systems, like solar sails, are powered by the metal, Mylar, micro waves, and stars. Basically, they are solar/microwave powered. The gravitational and magnetic theory rely on magnetic fields. The gravitational/magnetic theory partilly explains cropcircles. As the U.F.O. is suspended in the air by magnetic waves, the magnetic field around the u.f.o. polarizes the grass below,and everyone knows materials that are magnatized the same way end up opposing each other, adding to the magnetic propulsion system. These are just a few theories of mine, but then, theres plasma. Plasma explains the northern lights, but thats natural plasma. Then theres artificial plasmas, which explain the marfa lights, since they appeared out of no where in 1953. My project, project alamo, has classified these Plasma orbs as "Texan Orbs", since they started appearing everywhere in Texas in 1953.

These theories have been compiled in my mind since 2002, when I was 9, and finally, I have released this idea to the public.


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