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12/29/2003 12:27:55 PM

The "experts" and their (not so expert) theories

I'm sick of reading articles by so-called experts which seem to state - as indisputable fact - that everyone who has seen something anomolous has either been affected by signals from pylons or radio masts, or has "hallucinated" the experience. There is much talk of the "collective consciousness", the "inner consciousness" and many other "consciousness" explanations. In other words, these people are saying that the experiencer has not really seen anything strange at all, but has dreamed it all up because of odd electrical impulses to the brain; has fantasised because they are attention seekers, or just plain lied.
Crap. Rubbish. Bilge! Why is it so hard for these people to grasp? I suspect it's the old Doubting Thomas syndrome - if they have'nt seen it with their own eyes, then it can't possibly exist. So to all you Doubting Thomas "experts" out there - there ARE occasions when something anomolous is seen. Something that is often of NUTS AND BOLTS structure. Not in the imagination. NOT triggered by electrical impulses. And nothing to do with the "collective consciousness". May I respectfully suggest that you refrain from voicing your opinions until you have actually experienced this phenomena first hand.
In other words, keep your traps shut.

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Robert L. Sharp
12/29/2003 5:54:37 PM

Hi Liz:

I believe you are right on about the so-called experts, no-it-alls, and debunkers.
If a genuine flying saucer landed right in front of them, and a group of aliens were to emerge, these people would still not believe, even if they were taken aboard and
shown everything. They would say it was a government mind control thing or something. Just something worked on at area 51 or elsewhere. A human made
contraption that couldn't possibly have come from some other planet in our galaxy, or another one far away. It's just totally impossible to have happened to them, and anyone that says it is real, is a mind-screwed idiot that has smoked too many bongs full of
some powerful wacky tobacky, has been living in the swamp gas infected parts of
the everglades, taken too many LSD trips or is just a goofball that is looking for much
needed attention. You know what? I hope for the day when all of this UFO and Alien
stuff will be disclosed, and the nay-sayers mouths will drop to the floor. Only then
will the believers be able to say "I told you so"! Don't let them get to you Liz. They
probably aren't the type of folks you would want to invite in for a cup of coffee
anyway. Thanks for letting me spout off a little.
A true believer,
Robert L. Sharp
Gering, Nebraska

12/30/2003 4:29:20 AM

Hello Robert -
You're quite right - I certainly WOULD'NT invite any of these people round for coffee! Like you, I believe that eventually the truth of this phenomena will come out. Too many ordinary people have seen extraordinary things. Their reports tend to be dismissed, but when you get pilots, and high ranking military officials reporting sightings, you'd think THEIR reports would be taken seriously - and I think they are. So the debunkers can rant and rave and pontificate all they like - it's not going to change the facts.
Keep looking up...
Liz (England)

  Replies 1 - 2 (out of 2 total)

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