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2/14/2004 3:30:30 PM

Extraterrestrial Spaceslag

The MasFrank Meteorite, "Spaceslag" is incontrovertible evidence of Extraterrestrial mining activity within our Solar System. This Extraterrestrial mining artifact has been scientifically tested for authenticity. It is now being considered by the Meteoritical Society for authentication. The Spaceslag has a cosmic exposure age of between one and ten Million years in space. It was manufactured before Mankind existed on Earth. This claim is based on science, research and fact. A letter of declaration of Extraterrestrial Intelligence within our Solar System has been sent to the
Secretary General of the United Nations. The peoples of the Earth deserve to know
the truth and with the web site www.spaceslag.com available for viewing, all the peoples of the Earth can examine the incontrovertible evidence for themselves.

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2/24/2004 6:58:46 PM

Read with much interest the characteristics of the MasFrank meteorite or Spaceslag. Since I am not a geologist or metallurgist which would probably make my question unnecessary I wonder if it would be possible that instead of slag material it may be part of a spaceship ?
I found your site most interesting and informative.

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