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1/1/2004 4:40:35 AM

The Ego of Tago

I don't know about the rest of you, but I think Mr. Tago is thoroughly enjoying all the attention he's getting on this forum. Everyone, including me, is rising to his bait and I believe he loves it! Like a child being naughty to gain the parent's attention...
Maybe if he is ignored, he'll go away, but somehow I doubt it. Perhaps he feels inferior, and only by belittling others can he make himself seem important, and - above all - be NOTICED. He repeats the same tired arguments over and over. I wonder how many other forums he berates like this? Still, it does make it interesting!

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1/1/2004 5:17:53 AM

liz chill out!
He could be right afterall. I dont think anyone who posts in this forum knows for sure.

Robert L. Sharp
1/1/2004 11:25:13 AM

Hello Kieran:
May I add my 2 cents worth? The reason for forums I believe, is to DEBATE.
Absolutely, NO ONE knows for sure about any of this UFO or Alien stuff.
We are all here to express our views and thoughts about the various subjects.
I could be 100% wrong in my thinking, and you and the rest may be in the same
boat. On the other hand, we may all be 100% right. Who the hell knows?

Until the day comes that we are finally told the truth, all we can do is debate.
Until that point, none of us are wrong, none of us are right. The whole purpose
is to open up our minds and try to look at the entire picture, no matter how
absurd it may feel.

We can all banter around the so-called "facts" about Science and Physics, and
then declare nothing else is possible, but that is the way the Earthly human mind
works, I think. One day, we all may have to re-think our beliefs about how the
Universe works. I'm sure that a lot of our Physics and Science is right on, but
there is a lot to learn. We haven't reached a stop sign in time, where nothing
else can be learned or taught.

Mr. Tago may be entirely correct about his views, and you and I may be right,
but we could all be entirely wrong. If I am wrong in my beliefs, then one day I
will have to swallow my pride and tuck my tail between my legs I guess. Then
folks like Mr. Tago can say "I told you so". But then again, I may be able to tell him
the same thing.

Happy New Year to All..........!!

Robert L. Sharp
Gering, Nebraska USA

1/1/2004 12:10:10 PM

Hello Keiran,
Yes, there are people on this forum who DO know for sure! I appreciate that those who have'nt actually seen anything anomolous would find it hard to comprehend, but instead of being willing to listen to the experiences of others with an open mind, Mr. Tago simple dismisses these people as cranks, liars and misfits who seek attention. Perhaps it's Mr. Tago who needs to chill...

1/1/2004 12:14:49 PM

OK Robert, I concede the point. Forums ARE for debate, and Mr. Tago does, of course, have a right to his opinions. But he must also acknowledge that so does everyone else - without trying to pull them down, or belittle them.
Happy New Year to everyone - even Mr. Tago...

Don Tago
1/1/2004 5:44:40 PM


You are calling ME close minded, while you are saying you DO know for sure you are right. I am willing to admit that i could be wrong, and i do admit that SOME people might be seeing some strange things THEY cant explain. But to automatically assume that you KNOW they are aliens is absurd. Until they introduce themselves to you, and take you back to their home world, i dont think you can really know for sure. I look at the physical world, and see what it tells me. Until i can see something with my own eyes, see it proven to me, or experience it, there arent many ways to make me accept something as fact. It takes more than a few kooky photos, and eye witness accounts to sway me. And i think over the last 80 years of these sorts of things being reported, there would have been SOME sort of solid evidence to surface, but there hasnt been. And of course to that you will say things like "Roswell" and other "government conspiracies" but to people like you liz, everything is a government conspiracy. Maybe Bush is an alien himself, trying to get us to construct a super-lazer to destory an enemy planet 3 million light years away. You never know!


1/1/2004 8:08:25 PM

[[You are calling ME close minded, while you are saying you DO know for sure you are right. I am willing to admit that i could be wrong, and i do admit that SOME people might be seeing some strange things THEY cant explain.]]

But Mr. Tago, apparently, is unwilling to admit that people see things that HE can't explain.

1/2/2004 4:44:23 PM

Mr. Tago,
Like you, in order to be certain of something, I must see it and experience it with my own eyes. I'm not exactly a conspiracy theorist, although clearly our governments must keep certain things secret in the public interest, or for security reasons. But I do think there may be other reasons, too.
I note with interest one of your previous posts, in which you state that you have seen odd things, but have been able to explain them. Naturally, most people who see something strange will look for a rational explanation - aircraft, birds, satellites, weather balloons etc. But what of the (admittedly very few) instances where every possible explanation has been ruled out? What are we to make of these?
Most of those who have had this sort of experience would much rather have a rational explanation for it. They don't wear anoraks and go climbing high hills on warm summer nights, equipped with torches to "signal" to ufo's! (And there are people who do this every year here!) They did not ask for their experiences, or go looking for them, and most of them wish it had never happened. There are no answers yet, but I believe there will be in the not-too-distant future. I will try to see your side of the argument, and acknowledge that some of it is pertinent. Please try to keep an open mind, and not dismiss, out of hand, the often frightening experiences these people have had.

1/2/2004 10:04:47 PM

mr. tago? lol. this guy is an ass. and he's not that smart. just look at his posts. yes at times his ramblings seem smart. but look at his logic and you will see he doesn't think for himself.


1/2/2004 10:08:30 PM

One giant paradox. Good God Tago, quit contradicting yourself! Your starting to confuse yourself with your own b.s.

1/2/2004 10:10:47 PM

he's an idiot i've been trying to tell people but ive only seen respect for the slug thank god for you buddy


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