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subject: The Ego of Tago

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Robert L. Sharp
1/2/2004 10:19:30 PM

You said so yourself that you are a little buzzed right now after being out.
Why is everyone picking on Mr. Tago, when I don't believe he is even here tonight to defend himself? And are you the Bill that fired off a question to me a little while ago
about reading your original post about the lawsuit and so on? If so, would you
please answer my questions that I asked earlier?
I don't necessarily agree with everything Mr. Tago says either, but remember,
this is a forum where we can discuss ideas and put our 2 cents worth in.
It's called free speech! We don't have to agree with anything that anyone says
about anything at anytime, but I do believe we have to at least have the courtesy
to listen with an open mind, and if we don't agree with what is said, then we can
do like we do with the TV, and that is flip the channel.
Robert L. Sharp

1/2/2004 10:21:28 PM

Robert i was just giving it back to him. what he said about hershey the teenager was horredous sp?

what was your question i'd be happy to answer....oh and i'm not that buzzed just a short night out.


Robert L. Sharp
1/2/2004 10:29:58 PM

Didn't you send an inquiry earlier about a lawsuit and so on? I asked some
specific questions and am waiting answers. As for Hershey, I haven't seen
him back since, so maybe Mr. Tago intimidated him enough that he won't ever
be back. I thought the kid has a lot going for him. Inquisitive and all about
the universe and science. I thought Hershey had some good ideas and some
good questions.
Is it possible there are two Bills in this forum?


1/2/2004 10:41:44 PM


i ask you again for the third time i believe. what was your question? or quesitons? i remember maybe one. anyway. i can imagein what your thinking based on what i said. Well, Robert, life truly is stranger than fiction. Everything i said was true.

please don't try to use the argument that since hershey left then he somehow loses the argument. if anything, the poor kid probably got intimidated by dikhead and decided not to come back.

for what it matters, i like you...i think your smart and you look at things well....you seem to be honestly looking for answers....makes sense to me...it just so happens i already know....im not lying Robert....its amazing. ask me whatever you want again i'd be happy to give you honest answers.


Robert L. Sharp
1/2/2004 10:55:03 PM

Ok Bill, Listen up please,
Go to the front page, and under the 6th subject, which is titled:
Robert Sharp--A debunker?? look at the postings and see what it says.

  Replies 11 - 15 (out of 15 total)

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