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1/4/2004 6:51:32 PM

Why Tago??

It seems Mr. Tago has taken it upon himself to be the educator to those individuals who believe in the existence of other sentient species on the possibilities of why such beings could not have visited our planet. For he has taken his time and effort to post informative pieces on the laws of physics and psychology to boster his claims and beliefs. Question is why? Why would such a person take it upon themselves to attempt such a task?

Through all of his postings and knowledge it shows his lack of imagination in the same theories and laws of how the universe works in which this individual has so gladly attempted to demonstrate. As the study of string theory progresses and the law of unification shows the universe may operate on many wonderous levels in which the human species can not perceive. Although we are unable to currently test these theories technologically, however, it opens up much possibilities. Additionally, just a couple years ago if anyone would mention the possible existence of multiple dimensions other within the same scientific community would have thought them to be crazy or disillusioned but with these current mathematical theories the possiblities of these extra dimensions show the potential of their existence. For those individuals who are interested there was an interesting program produced by NOVA on THE ELEGANT UNIVERSE for the everyday person in which can be viewed through some form of media player. The website is....


Overall, to those individuals who have seen something in which they can not explain after rough examination of the evidence then "the only possibility IS the impossible".

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subject: Why Tago??

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Doc Allen
1/4/2004 8:24:55 PM

W, you're very insightful...I am in complete agreement with your point of view...

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