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7/23/2008 7:38:45 PM

free will

research and rewiring of the human dot eventually the human number from power to disaster to creating the new and improved human is what i think takes place between power and powerless. they have always co existed and soon people will endure training in alien dominence and submission without knowledge that its happening. Everything is now connected from food,war,children,jobs,markets,friendships and conversations.dreams will come to some,order to others,mental,more newly created jobs and a plan a plan that leave you or take you into this other world of free will. Ive experienced greatness including you but did you really notice your.nothing is real only conversation keeps it that way.GOD.the search is on to bring God into a timeline.Were all misplaced even in death and every time they fix something man shows his evil side and the plan gets screwd.The bottom line is we all are experiments and it has gone too far within the next year you will see a new world of business if you blink you'll miss it.WAR.do you have scum clearance

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