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Scott Johansen
1/10/2004 12:53:33 PM

My Apology to TAGO

To Don,
I have got to tell you .I just read your" rational thought" article and am thouroughly impressed by your view points .Although I don't agree that Aliens have not visited our planet I must apologize for my earlier posting about why are wewasting our time with you . You are an incredible writer and I see now that you are a great asset to this page. You just have a very abrasive tendency and tone to your words that causes the average person to immediatly throw up their defences and transfer energy to attack mode..I suggest however that you may want to try and keep an open mind.and if you are going to state a fact as boldly as how many reports there were prior to the 20th century. Be prepared for someone to prove you wrong.There were plenty. Gathering info now.


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