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Robert L. Sharp
1/12/2004 8:13:11 AM

Budd Hopkins new book

Hi all:
I have read all of Mr. Hopkins books, and they are all "hair raisers" to say the
least. He deals mostly with abductions and UFO activity. His new book titled:
"Sight Unseen", ---Science, UFO invisibility and Transgenic Beings, which he
co-authored with Carol Rainey, will send chills up and down your spine, and
not only will raise the hair on your neck, but your hair will almost fall out after
reading what he has disclosed. This is one spooky account of what is actually
happening to our citizens on a daily basis.

Please buy this book and read it. You are in for a shock and jolt like no other.
It is almost 400 pages long, and I have read about 300 so far, and when I go to
bed at night, I have the creeps. This is a mind blower!!! WOW.

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