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subject: Mothman Point Pleasant, WV

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5/25/2005 7:34:17 AM

I wil try to do an investigation of current facts, then do a full scale investigation

7/24/2005 3:07:54 PM

I belive that this mothman exists, I have met a person that has seen it, at first I thought he was lieing but when he was talking about it he started shacking uncontrobility and i could hear a quivering in his voice, and the look in his eyes were that of complete and utter horrer, just like some people who picked up a hitch hikeing caribou woman on the highways of northern Canada whome I've met.

9/27/2005 4:30:50 PM

I defintly agree that they do need to do an investigation. I think that if this thing is not real it is a goverment cover up!!!!! Wendy

11/9/2005 12:59:23 PM

hello all, Im wondering if there is anyone that is still alive that can give some real info on the mothman, no bs. I want to know what really happen, not only with mothman, but with the silver bridge, and the ufo siteings. Im really curious.

William Fox
2/9/2006 9:49:26 PM

You should find "Mothman: The Facts Behind The Legend," by Donnie Sergent, Jr. and Jeff Wamsley. The comprehensive book features eyewitness accounts, complete news clippings, and previously unpublished material.

Mothman Lives Publishing
330 Main Street
Point Pleasant, WV 25550

I am the president of a society at Wittenberg University, in Springfield OH. The Society for Extraordinary Phenomena. If you or anyone else are interested in other sources of information apropos the UFO and Abduction Phenomena, as well as other aspects of the paranormal, you are welcome to visit the site and post on our forum. We are a group of professors and students with an academic interest in such phenomena. The website forum is:
-William Fox

5/20/2006 8:16:12 PM

There were tons of UFOs seen around Point Pleasant during those sightings. I got an E-Mail from an abductee who said the Greys told him that they had genetically engineered Mothman and the Jersey Devil as a Pet-Project.

  Replies 11 - 16 (out of 16 total)

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