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8/21/2008 10:16:44 AM

Warning about ET Presence

Important audio message about ET agenda:


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subject: Warning about ET Presence

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8/23/2008 3:47:35 AM

That is most amusing, thankyou

3/20/2010 8:53:20 AM

total bull xxxx lol,ET is an evil nasty b , its like saying a kidnapper or rapist is good as that is their agenda.THEY TAKE YOU WITHOUT CHOICE OR CONSENT, wake up people.

5/19/2010 5:21:40 AM

There's a new book out that claims ETs are indeed evil, and bent on our destruction, via a mutifaceted scheme. See "The Rise of the New American Patriots 2012-2100." It's available from E-Booktime and maybe amazon by now. Despite its title, the paperback tome tends to focus a great deal on UFOs, especially the alleged capture of an alien VIP in the '60s and his scary relevations, confirmed by actual ET behavior.

  Replies 1 - 3 (out of 3 total)

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