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Robert L. Sharp
1/13/2004 6:13:51 PM

Mr. or Mrs. backwards

I have read some goofy postings in here for the last couple of hours, and
I wonder if you have anything better to do?
First of all, the posting by Naitram Edud is Dude Martian spelled backwards,
Naitram Kcihc is Martian Chick spelled backwards, Ton Ghilhtrae is Not
Earthling spelled backwards, AND Artex Lirtserret is Xetra Terrestril spelled
backwards, which is spelled wrong anyway. What is your point?

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subject: Mr. or Mrs. backwards

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Don Tago
1/13/2004 8:06:45 PM

I agree with you robert,

these people are ridiculous, they should stop wasting the time of real people who have actual agendas to discuss, other than you pointing out your meaningless anagrams, and number games. Please, get a life.....


Scott johansen
1/13/2004 8:40:43 PM

Here Here!!! I think there are special forums for that anyway. Try word jumble in the classified section.
Scott L. Johansen

  Replies 1 - 2 (out of 2 total)

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