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Tired of Kooks
9/16/2008 7:29:59 PM

ufoevidence forum members suggestions

OK, looks like you made it over here. Good deal. As I have been away from the site for awhile, I am more than amazed that the skeates menace is still here. What a fuckhead this turd is. From what I can gather, crappyskeates has only bombarded two portions of the ufoevidence website: 1. The Are UFOs Real? Survey -and- 2. The General Discussions On UFOs Forum.

Seeing that this mental midget is NOT aware of the other three remaining forums on this site:

1. This one that you are currently accessing: The Debate: Are UFOs Real? Forum
2. Research Forum
3. News and Announcements Forum

why not utilize one (or all) of these forums BEFORE crappyskeates decides to bomb them with his delusional rantings? Just abandon the General Discussions On UFOs Forum and let him post his bullshit. Move the relevant ufo discussions and related topics over here. If he bombs that one, then move to the next. Just wear him the fuck down.

In addition, it appears from past discussions here that crappyskeates is using public access computers most likely at a local library or libraries to foist his drivel on the Internet. Plus, he tags his posts with his location (Canberra, Australia).

Now using a little bit of deduction on my part, we know that the timestamps for the postings are set to Pacific Standard Time (PST) in the United States (refer to the About & Contact section on the opening page that states that they are as follows: "The UFOEvidence.org website is based in and operated from Seattle, WA, USA, near Mt. Rainier, the site of Kenneth Arnold's 1947 sighting that marked the beginning of the modern UFO phenomenon.") Soooo ... doing the timestamp conversions for the difference between Canberra and Seattle, I come up with a minus seven (-7) hour time difference.

For example, if the timestamp shows 10 PM in Seattle, then it is 3PM in Canberra (the next day). And from what I can deduce here, it looks like crappyskeates is accessing this site between the hours of roughly a start time of 10 to 11 AM (his local time in Canberra) to about a log off time of 8 or 9 PM (once again, his local time). These hours would fall into a normal range for a public library to be open (at least the public libraries where I am in the U.S.A.). So this asshole is using a window of approximately 11 hours (give or take an hour or two) to spew his written freak-of-the-week delusions. This fuckhead spends a shitload of hours posting here. Mutherfucker.

Stay with me here everyone, I know this all is a bit verbose, but you'll see what I am coming to. Now using a little bit of projection and reverse psychology, I try to imagine myself in a public library, using their public Internet access (most likely they need a library card to sign into and use the Net), with other people nearby and so on. I think to myself, "What would I be forbidden from accessing on a public computer? What would jeopardize my access rights according to the library's Internet rules and regulations?" And what I can come up with is this:

Hardcore pornography or similar sites / images. That or other graphic images (albeit legal ... no kiddie porn or whatnot ... utilize war images / corpses / industrial mishaps / morgue photos, etc. etc. etc.).

Now, if possible, start bombing the ufoevidence site's survey section with HTML image codes of various photos corresponding to the topics I mentioned above. Do so during the hours that crappyshites logs on at his local library (10 AM to 9PM local time in Canberra). Just bomb the shit out of the site with multiple pics. The reason being, is that since we are unable to physically be there at the library while he is spewing his garbage (though I'd like to fly down there myself and introduce him to the business end of a crowbar), make it uncomfortable for him to access the site with the possibility of him pulling up porn images on his computer screen while some other library patron may be seated nearby -OR- even better, the chance of library staff from noticing him doing so. Then he'd be FUCKED. Bye-bye. No more Internet privileges for fuckhead skeates.

See what you can find on image hosting sites such as:

Image Shack: http://imageshack.us/

Photobucket: http://photobucket.com/

Launch Images (XXX Adult): http://www.launchimages.com/

And so on and so forth everyone. See what you can do and come up with. Just make this guy's life miserable. Discourage him from even thinking of coming here to post. If you put that possibility of him having to lose his Internet privileges, more likely than not, he'll move onto some other website and steer clear of ufoevidence.org

Thanks for your time. Nuke this mutherfucker. ;-) Tired of Kooks

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