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N/a m.a.r-l
6/2/2004 3:47:11 PM

The goverments lying

The goverments lying aleins do exist.The reson ther not saying is because if they did people would get scared and panic even thow so many people make reports every day people dont freak out is because thers no proof so they still have doubts. thats all i wanted to say-unknown

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6/3/2004 8:42:27 PM



6/7/2004 2:56:20 PM

If the government knows that aliens exist that means they have proof.

The public would not panic if aliens existed... We have other things to worry about.

BTW, if there really is a coverup preventing people to know about aliens how the heck are there so many "True believers" out there? ? They allow the fringe researchs to go on.

If there really were a coverup you wouldnt' know so many specific details about these creatures.

Thats' assuming they exist, which is very UNlikely considering the fact that we haven't been around on earth long enough for even EXTREMELY powerful telescopes to reach us. We also haven't been releasing radio waves for very long either. Even at the speed of light most of these aliens would not even be aware of our existance for another 50,000 years at LEAST, and won't even be able to get here (assuming they just dropped everything and rushed over here to anally probe people, steal their cows, and make pretty circles) For another 50,000 after that!

Anyway, they are not from the future either... for very obvious reasons which I don't feel like going into right now.

7/4/2004 12:45:36 PM

i, as a 'true believer', admit there is an 'awareness'
cannot be debunked. either you understand this or you dont.
only death can prevent me from sharing more insights.
are you surrounded and dont know it? proof is petty anymore.

7/5/2004 3:24:53 AM

I agree that preventing panic is not the reason for any coverup. That might occur only if there was an actual invasion, coupled with fear of the unknown. But far advanced aliens are likely here. In just a few years, the Kepler mission may reveal scores of Earthlike planets; even we are at the threshold of identifying the most likely places for extrasolar life.

7/5/2004 3:31:54 AM

As for why are there so many believers if there is a coverup?: Official explanations are often so ludicrous they can't be convincing to many people. Back in October 1973 someone reported a UFO in the predawn sky. It was explained away as Venus even though the latter was then in the EVENING sky! Bodies seen near Roswell in 1947 were dismissed as crash dummies-which didn't exist until the 1950s!

7/11/2004 12:25:38 AM

"It was explained away as Venus even though the latter was then in the EVENING sky!"

What is so strange about that?

9/5/2004 11:15:30 PM

Governments only follow instructions given to them by those groups who know the core of the ET'S.You as a witness know more on the subject than the gov'ts,as the governments roll is only to collect slavery money for black projects.

9/6/2004 4:18:41 AM

As I wrote, somebody sighted a bright object in the PREDAWN sky. It was explained away as Venus even though the latter was then-October 1973-in the EVENING SKY.

9/27/2004 12:35:25 AM

"We also haven't been releasing radio waves for very long either."

All i have to say is.... SETI is the most ignorant organization to ever exist.

9/27/2004 4:25:12 AM

I've long considered it very foolish that SETI is respected while UFOlogy is not. Civilization has existed on Earth for only a few thousand years- a very brief period on a cosmic time scale. Any alien civilizations are almost certainly older, perhaps by millions of years. Instead of aliens commnicating by radio waves we should expect something incomparably more advanced. The UFO phenomenon is consistent with this prediction. Btw, it isn't necessary for ETs to know we exist because of our radio broadcasts. In a few years the Kepler mission will greatly increase the number of known extrasolar planets; Earthlike ones may be found. Advanced ETs probably knew a habitable planet existed in our solar system long ago.

  Replies 1 - 10 (out of 13 total)

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