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Stephen Volk, Researcher
7/17/2004 12:04:52 AM

Virginia Rode In UFO In 1945

This video has 100% truth! Receive this RARE 25-min. interview
on VHS color video of Virginia Hernandez. Virginia rode in a UFO
in 1945 just miles from the 1947 Kenneth Arnold sightings! This video
is 100% credible!

A one-time offer for $15 ppd. mailed to you in 24 hrs. of PayPal
payment. Please go now to www.PayPal.com and if you don't
already have a PayPal account you will want to sign up! It's

Once you have a PayPal account - which accepts Mastercard
and Visa - Just click SEND MONEY and send $15 now through PayPal
to RECIPIENT'S EMAIL: volk@jesusanswers.com then in NOTES
be sure to type your full mailing address.

That's all there is to it! Your High Quality video will be sent
within 24 Hrs. postage paid! Know the TRUTH about UFOs!

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