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UFO Sighting Report


Mid-1980's, I think. Probably spring.


E. Longmeadow, Massachusetts, United States


A very large fiery disc whirling in a vertical plane, moving horizontally across the sky, in broad daylight (mid-afternoon, I think). Hard to tell the distance so can't gauge size, but was huge.

Date Reported:

4/23/2014 1:08:47 PM

Sighting Time: 

2:30pm ? (mid-afternoon, I think)



Appearance / Description of Object(s)

See above. But -- was shaped like a perfect disc, and was completely on fire. It was very bright (as intense fire would be), even though it appeared during broad daylight, on a relatively clear and sunny afternoon.

Size of Object(s)

Hard to remember. I'm estimating that relative size was 6-8 inches. It was relatively low in the sky, but was a ways above the roof line of 2-story house across the street. It appeared to be huge. I would guess this was hundreds of feet in diameter, or much more if at a distance (half-a-mile?).

Description of Area / Surroundings

I was in a suburban setting at the time. Westover Airforce Base, which was then fully active, is within 20 miles. Also, there was (is?) missile silo area near or in Amherst, MA, within 30 miles of where I was observing.

Full Description & Details

I was standing at the kitchen window of my parents' home when I observed a large whirling disc moving across the sky above the roof line of neighborhood houses. It was spinning in a vertical plane (so I was not just looking at the edge or side of the disc, but at the entire disc), while moving horizontally across the sky. The entire disc, which was huge, was fiery -- engulfed in flame. It could have been hundreds of feet in diameter, or much larger, depending on the distance, which was impossible to gauge. The experience was surreal. I was just visiting briefly, and did not report the event. However, I heard nothing about it on the news. I really hadn't thought much about UFO's before, and did a little research on meteorological phenomenon, such a St. Elmo's fire. I couldn't find a match. It was much too large and symmetrical to be a meteorite -- and I'm sure if it had been a meteorite, it would have made the news. That's it! I'd certainly like to know if someone else has reported this, and if it matches any descriptions of UFO's. If so, I'd guess this was a "UFO" that was in big trouble! (By the way, I have never taken drugs nor had issues with substance abuse!)

Can sighting be explained as any conventional man-made or natural object?

This sighting did not fit the description of any natural or man-made object that I knew about. I assumed at the time that it was either a rare and bizarre meteorological phenomenon, or, more likely, a highly classified man-made flying machine that had run into trouble. The fact that the shape (disc) was so clearly delineated, and that there was no mention of this phenomenon on the news, caused me to believe it must have been a classified top-secret military object, which was on fire when I observed it. I didn't think in terms of UFO's at the time.

Witness Background

Attended Ivy League college, Liberal Arts education majoring in political science and philosophy. Later earned a Master in Theology from an evangelical Christian seminary. Am presently enrolled in Doctor of Ministry program, with emphasis on renewal, at United Theological Seminary (Dayton, OH). Have worked in education (teaching), editing (journal on science and faith), and Christian ministry over past 20 years.

Views on UFOs, before and after sighting

At the time, I had no particular view of nor interest in UFO's; I was neutral on the subject. Since then, I have encountered several highly credible people who have given me accounts of first-hand sightings of what they took to be UFO's, including one person who lived in Pensacola during the rash of sightings in the late 1980's. I myself since then have seen some strange surreal objects (just a couple of times) which could be UFO's -- but which had a much more surreal (supernatural?) appearance than what I've described here. (Perhaps I'll put that in another report!) I've also heard some documentaries and personal accounts of alien beings working with humans at top ultra-classified levels in the military, and of ongoing work to replicate these UFO's, which use anti-gravity forces, etc. I also became a Christian in my 20's, and have come to believe in biblical views in terms of the existence of supernatural realms, including 'angels and demons.' From what I've seen and heard at this point, I believe that some of the "fallen" hosts of heaven, working with individual humans, have been working to develop bio-engineering bodies to inhabit. My understanding, from both personal revelation and experience, and from the accounts of others, is that these fallen spirit-beings are experimenting with human DNA and technological "enhancements" to engineer a new breed of "triads", by combining human DNA with synthetic elements (the proverbial X-ray vision, cyborg brain, etc.) to produce a physical body which would be inhabited and controlled by these fallen spiritual beings. Etc. Given the nature of these fallen beings, they certainly would harbor enmity toward God's creation, especially human beings made in His image, and would not hesitate to use deception. I cannot exclude the possibility of the existence of bona fide alien life forms (created by God -- as in C. S. Lewis' Perelandra), but I have no question about the agenda and reality of these fallen beings (part of the 1/3 of the host of heaven that rebelled against God under the leadership of Lucifer), and of the existence of these "bio-engineered" life forms, and collaboration with some actual human individuals. Etc.

Other Comments

Are you compiling the information from these reports into a publication? Are there other organizations or researches you are sharing data with?

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Your Location: 

Newburyport MA



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