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UFO Sighting Report


July, 15, 2003


st.loisville, Ohio, United States


I witnessed a huge gray oval shaped glowing ball of light fly side by side with a huge airplane on the property i lived on until they both flew out of sight from my viewing.

Date Reported:

10/30/2014 5:52:23 PM

Sighting Time: 




No. of Witnesses: 



5-7 mins long

Appearance / Description of Object(s)

it was a huge oval shaped 3 layered ball of gray light which composed to be a 1/4 size of the huge airplane.no sounds either from the plane or object were made during the incident.

Size of Object(s)

object were to be roughly 30-45 feet wide by 10 feet tall.

Description of Area / Surroundings

this took place in a deep part of the backroads of st.loisville,ohio.

Full Description & Details

This event took place on July 15th,2003 in licking county St.loisville,Ohio on graceland lane rd in the deep countryside.I walked outside the home i was living in at the time and looked up into the sky as i always do for anything out of the ordinary,and this time i did see something extraordinary.

Since it was in the middle of summer it didnt get dark until around 10oclock.This took place between 8-9pm,most preferably around 9:30pm.It was a 95% clear blue sky day with a few patches of clouds here and there.Once i walked outside the house and a few feet into the yard i looked up and saw a huge airplane roughly only a couple miles high into the sky heading slightly towards the columbus area.Thing is i've seen many airplanes in this area time after time,but never seen one so slow to the ground before,not in this area.If i wanted to i could have counted all the windows one by one on left side of that plane,but didn't.Time after time i've heard the roaring sounds of plane engines soaring by even though they're 5-7 miles high in the sky,night or day,yet I didnt hear any noise at all from this plane,and it was the lowest to the ground i've ever seen from any airplane!

As the plane was flying on by,making its way just above the pine trees I noticed a small whitish dot few feet away from the plane,but far away at the same time.Within a few seconds that small whitish dot was right up on that plane,making it up at least 1/4 size of the plane,and the airplane alone was huge.Instead of being a small whitish dot,it was a huge 3 gray layered oval shaped glowing ball of light.The center was dark gray,the middle was a more lightish gray and the outer layer was a light gray.I stood there and watched this object,which was probably 50-60 feet away from the right side of the plane the whole time,move along side of the plane heading not towards columbus this time,but straight south,for 5 mins until i could no longer see either the plane or the object any longer.

As i said before it was a pretty clear blue sky that evening with a few clouds here and there.This wasn't a cloud simply because the clouds were nowhere near either the plane or object.Plus this object was perfectly oval shaped and no cloud has been perfectly oval shaped and moved in a fashion such as they had.Not to mention clouds are white,not gray.

I was alone as i witnessed this incident.After i could no longer see both the airplane or the object,my first words out of my mouth were "that was a ufo".I walked straight into the house right after that explaining to a few relatives i had just witnessed a ufo.

two relatives of mine reported seeing unusual flight patterns from an object with colorful lights at night in 2011off of the very same property i experienced my ufo encounter,but their incident happened facing north roughly a few miles out,couple miles into the night sky.Both people claimed object moved very,very fast and made sudden stops with angle turns that no flying object could do from what they know of.

Can sighting be explained as any conventional man-made or natural object?

I do know for a fact one object was indeed an airplane,the other however was obviously not.The unknown object was a complete ball of gray light,not the ususal silver round disc most ufos are reported to be.it may however been just that and it simply illuminated light so thick only the light was seen and nothing else.

Witness Background

casual ordinary Ohioan who's coincidentally into ufology.

Views on UFOs, before and after sighting

i'm into ufology.i believe there's something out there hoovering around our planet besides man-made air born vehicles to which we can not explain or write off as man made.

Other Comments

if anyone else out there happened to witness the same incident as i did either the passengers,citizens that live in the same area i seen the incident at or perhaps other pilots flying airplanes that witnessed this,please contact me at britegreenglow@yahoo and share what you have to say so i know i wasn't alone in what i saw.it'll very nice to hear what others had to say.

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