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UFO Sighting Report


19/10/2014 & 21/11/2014


Leeds, United Kingdom


After security light activated, investigated potential burglary to find 2 men in grey suits. Same 2 men appeared at place of work nearly a momth later.

Date Reported:

11/23/2014 8:02:17 AM



No. of Witnesses: 



longer than time that actually passed.

Appearance / Description of Object(s)

All around 6ft-6ft 6in. Identical 3 button grey suits. Pale faces. Light blue eyes with thin glasses. Very long thin feet in leather "socks" Quiet but assertive voices. Using out dated language.

Description of Area / Surroundings

My home in normal suburban area. My workplace in a busy city centre.

Full Description & Details

I was at home in my kitchen around 11pm on 19/10/2014 when I noticed the rear security light activated. This is above my kitchen window and I would have clearly seen anyone enter the rear garden as I have full view through the large window and there is only one way in. I thought it may have been a fox so grabbed my torch to check the chickens enclosure. I went outside and could see what I thought was a person to the side of the house. I spoke out as to not startle the individual and as I did this I saw another figure stood immediately next to the 1st. I was a little shocked and asked them why they were on my property. As I did this I shone my torch to the area they were and they immediately replied "Please turn out your light." I shone the light to where a man's face should've been but only saw the reflection of thinly rimmed glasses and a "pointy" mouth. I felt calm to say two strangers were in my garden and couldn't understand why I felt warmth towards them, I felt comfortable. They again asked me to turn off the torch and this time I complied, leaving me alone with these two men. They began asking if I had seen anything "untoward" as they put it. They sounded like a parody of someone from the 1940s as they were using dated language and had strange accents. After a little back and forth they eventually left via the side gate and I noticed they had very long feet. Not wide but long and thin. When I noticed this I began feeling uneasy and tired and returned to the kitchen. I sat and began thinking over the strangeness and the calmness of the situation.

On 21/11/2014 around 5.30pm I was on a cigarette break outside my office. I was scrolling through my phone and noticed the same long, thin foot in a strange black leather shoe as I looked down and felt an immediate panic. The foot just appeared next to my phone in my line of sight. I looked up and saw a very pale and thin looking face looking at me, but again I felt inclined to trust this man. As he began speaking I remember feeling calm again as he asked about the first evenings encounter. He asked again about any "untoward events" and why I had gone to my garden. He seemed shocked that I said it was just the security light that alerted me and asked further about any marks I had noticed around the chicken enclosure (which I hadn't). After this he left the delivery ramp at the back of my office building and only then did I notice he walked like he was made of elastic and made NO sound. This scared me more than anything about the other encounter for some reason. Further to this, as he left it was then I noticed a group of maybe 6 or 7 other individuals with the similar features and same grey suits. They seemed to hurrybaway after a brief talk in hushed tones. I stood on the spot petrified, again the sense of calm went and panic returned as he walked away. Once they had rounded the corner I returned to my office and only a few minutes had passed despite me smoking 3 or 4 cigarettes.

Can sighting be explained as any conventional man-made or natural object?

Definitely not.

Witness Background

Work in administration for healthcare. No religious beliefs. No beliefs of aliens or Martians.

Views on UFOs, before and after sighting

Complete cynic before. Unsure now.

Other Comments

I since feel that I am been watched and catch glimpses of these individuals constantly. In passing cars. In windows opposite my office. In a hospital I was treated in for a cut finger I can't explain.

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