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UFO Sighting Report


September, 27, 1990


Coventry, United Kingdom


Unidentified triangular object encountered at rooftop level. I have reported this sighting previously on other sites and have recently felt compelled to recall my encounter again on here after reading so many similar accounts which may help other people come to terms with their similar events.

Date Reported:

12/31/2014 7:03:52 AM

Sighting Time: 




No. of Witnesses: 



Estimate 5 mins

Appearance / Description of Object(s)

Black triangle

Size of Object(s)

Actual size of about 3ft in thickness when horizontal by 30ft in size when vertical.

Distance to Object(s) & Altitude

Less than 20ft away no higher than 6ft above the TV aerial on the roof of the house.

Description of Area / Surroundings

Urban area / terraced houses in residential street.

Full Description & Details

Location of Sighting: Coventry, England, U.K.

Date of Sighting: 27/09/1990

Time: 22:30

Witness Name: A.R.A

Witness Statement:

Whilst riding in the front passenger seat of my friends car which he was driving, we both noticed at first through the windscreen and then above as we drove under what looked like a perfect square of sheet lightning which appeared directly above us at about rooftop level of the surrounding houses, it flashed for about 8-10 seconds and then it was gone.

As we then turned the corner where this occurred into the street where i lived at the time, we then realised there was now a collection of multicoloured lights directly above the house at the bottom of the street just above rooftop level.

As we approached the house in the car very slowly, (we asked and answered each other's queries) is it a helicopter? no, it is silent.

Is it a reflection of lights in the car on the windscreen? No it is definitely above the house. My friend stops the car completely at this point in the middle of the street and i get out. At this point I notice how incredibly still and silent the surrounding area is, no people, no vehicles, no sound or background noise from the surrounding houses; Just us the car and beyond that an absolute eerie silence.

(I never really thought about how strange this was until recently when visiting the same street where the event occurred)

The first thing I noticed at the time was that the slowly pulsating lights were connected to a solid object but at this time I could not make out its definate shape, it is as though it was attempting to disguise or make itself partially invisible somehow? And failing.

My friend also now exits the vehicle from the drivers side and this thing is just completely still and so close to the roof of the house that if i was stood on the roof of the house i could touch it.

It's multicoloured lights seem to be randomly placed and pulsing like heartbeats and it strangely felt "Alive" or conscious and aware of us both, this part has always been very difficult for me to explain satisfactorily.

I get a feeling that I am looking at a lit up Xmas tree which I quickly disregard as I know this is not the case (As if my mind is attempting to rationalise what I am seeing)

Other visual details then begin to become apparent, the object it now seemed was in a vertical stance, showing it's randomly lit "Base" or triangular shape to us.

I can now see that it is a dark equilateral triangle silhouette with green, yellow and red lights randomly lit over it’s surface and that it’s structure is completely black, I can see nothing structurally of the object apart from its basic shape and it's lights.

Then as we watched it flattened itself out as if we were now viewing at first one point of the triangle and then one side of the object as it was turning on it’s axis.

Less lights became visible as it did this as they were now on the "Underside" of the object although some were still visible as we were viewings it from a lower angle on the street and it was not completely level with us due to it being at rooftop height of a standard 3 bedroomed terraced house common to the U.K.

At this point the object now "pointed"? itself towards the nearby dual carriageway to our right and just stopped (Not hovering or bobbing up and down) just absolutely still with no visible or audible means of how it was achieving this.

After what felt like 2-3 very dumbstruck minutes of observing the object it then began to move ever so slowly (About 5mph) across our heads As it did so in complete silence we then noticed a bank of cherry red lights in a horizontal line across the (Rear?) of the object, I recall that 5 lights were visible.

Other details of the night have recently been slowly coming back to me after I recently felt compelled to re-visit the location at night where this encounter occurred and one of those details is that at some point I must have been much closer to the object than I first recalled; in fact I must have left the car and stood on the pavement in front of the house bringing me directly under the object itself and this is when I noticed the small rod type object with the light on it prior to making my way back to the centre of the road and the car.

After the object passed over the house opposite and across the dual carriageway y friend and I strangely said very little and he left in his car and I proceeded back up the street to my own home.

I attempted to catch another glimpse of the object at the rear of my home through my rear bedroom window and rushed straight upstairs to do so, The object was no longer visible and I then went downstairs to talk with my family about what had happened.

My friend and I were both 19 and 23 single and living with our parents at the time and now we are both in our 40's with our own homes and families, we did speak to each other about that night several times after and told many other friends some more open minded than others...

It will be 25 years in 2015 since this event occurred and I still remember it like it was yesterday. Why? I really don't know.

Can sighting be explained as any conventional man-made or natural object?


Witness Background

I have been employed as a trainer and advisor in logistics for many years.

Views on UFOs, before and after sighting

I had seen them usual media depictions, close encounters movie, Star wars- Trek etc Kids stuff like everyone else. Starting reading and using Internet when it became available (Long after the sighting) to research other people's experiences, Wow! Was I not prepared for how widespread this stuff seems to be...

Other Comments

I recently found these two reports online and wondered if these two other sightings reported on the same evening as my own and very close to the same time of night maybe linked?

Also checked google maps and the direction in which I saw the Triangle leave the scene back in 1990 was to the south east, which would have also taken it the area in which the larger “Boomerang” shaped craft would have been.

Was this it’s pick up point to return to the larger still craft in orbit…….

Purely conjecture of course, but interesting none the less.

27 September 1990 22:45 – Clacton-on-Sea, UK – 200 feet wide boomerang flies silently along coastline, from northwest to the southeast, about 0.5 miles out to sea. Estimated 1000 feet altitude.

27 September 1990 22:45 – A Russian Mir astronaut reported a great irridescent silver sphere at a 25km altitude in space, which then vanished.



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Family, friends, ukufo

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