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UFO Sighting Report


April, 1952


Desert, California, United States


We were living in an old Nash Rambler out in a desert some where! My mother started to scream over and over, our step dad tried to shut her up. They came to the car and took us to a glowing yellow fog and we woke up the next day hot and back in the car!

Date Reported:

1/5/2015 1:48:18 PM

Sighting Time: 

10:00 pm



No. of Witnesses: 

5 / 2


10 min.

Appearance / Description of Object(s)

Only light that I could, and I mean it was brighter than any light!

Size of Object(s)

Around one hundred feet around or bigger for both of those encounters!

Description of Area / Surroundings

The first one was in a desert some where! The second one was in Echo-Park area on the street Hill Dr. The second one was very wooded like all kinds of trees and plants and it was around 1972!

Full Description & Details

My brother was an infant, I was 2 years older than he and our sister was 3 years older than me! We were going to lay down when all of a sudden my mother starts to scream and she kept on telling me to lock the back door of the car and she kept saying they are coming and all of a sudden I see four people that were tall and were glowing in white from top to bottom, they had a cover of very dark eye mask and had no problem opening up the car doors, they took us out of the car and mother and Fred were floating across the desert with one of these people on each side of them and us kids as well, to a foggy yellow place, we were taken inside and I do not remember a thing, until we were back in the car in the morning, and my older sister Theresa was telling mama that what had happen and mama said 'No we were taken my the FBI, " She said this over and over again, my step-dad told my mother to shut up and learn to listen to your kids! My mother said she was going to whip Theresa if she kept on saying that we were taken by some one else! Well we got out of the car and walked through the desert and the area where we were taken was a way down the desert and Daddy asked Theresa to show us where we were taken and he point to it and as she did there was a cactus on the ground came up and went through her hand, it had long needles and all we did was try to get the needles out of her hand after that! Mama kept to her story all our lives and Theresa and I knew better, we had some memory of what had happened!

I have been visited a few more times after this, It is a female that visits me and she said THEY come from our future of 25,000 years from now and that we could never find life on other planets, so we discovered how to do time travel, and they check on us so that they can be! I have had more encounters living out here in the Mojave desert in the passed 21 years!

When I lived in Echo-park LA CA. I met her in my bathroom and I asked if I could touch her to be sure I was not dreaming and she let me touch her hand!

Another time in the same area I was on the phone talking to my mother and at the same time the owner of the building was driving to go to the hospital where she worked in her New Malabu car, it was gray, as she backed it up the hill, my phone went out as the lights all over and her new card all died at the same time! Then a light brighter than any light I have ever seen came from no-where and was shining down on her car and me in the apartment, I was up stairs and you could see everything so clearly better than day light! I could see the veins on the ivy plants outside, so the lady in the car looked up out of her window of her car and back at me in the window we made eye contact, I looked up to see what was up there and I did not see anything but in the center of the light there was a circle of blue sky as if it was daylight! Then all of a sudden the light was gone and her car started, the phone came back on and all the lights came back on in the whole area! Also there was no noise or wind at all from this light! The next day she said" Darlene do not tell anyone, they will not believe us!"

Can sighting be explained as any conventional man-made or natural object?

No, the first one in the desert was in a yellow fog and we floated across the desert and there were cactus with long needles! The second on in 1972 there was no sound eather and no plants were blowing around!

Witness Background

I got my GED, then went to Valley College, I worked at City Hall for almost 18 years, I worked at Mc Donalds, Super-Cuts, and Kitcorp., I have my Beauty Lic., I have never drank or never did drugs, if that is what you want to know!

Views on UFOs, before and after sighting

I was only a 2 year old and knew nothing about any thing at all! The second time in Echo park I was 23 years old and the owner of the apts building that was in her car was a Nero-sergeon and she is well educated!

Other Comments

I have been visited out here in the Mojave desert around 3 times ever sence this has happened to me! The same one that let me touch her hand was sitting on my legs and it was in the day time! That was when she said they are from our future of 25,000 years from now and that was 20 years ago! I had a visit from them over 3 years ago at the end of my bed they were around 4 feet tall and all shining and all looking at me, they were all talking to one another, but I could not hear them and they were all glowing!

Reported Sighting? 


Reported To: 

Only to my kids!

Your Location: 

California City, CA 93505



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