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UFO Sighting Report




AndersonRoad West of Sooke BC off the west coast of Vancouver Island British Columbia Canada, British Columbia, Canada


up close view of a .... what only be called a unidentified craft that was stationary in one spot about 200 feet long 15' off ground 18' heigth and a tapered ends not blunt nor pointed but like a perfect circle plate held up to create a thing cigar shape... just like that.....

Date Reported:

8/9/2015 12:29:12 PM



No. of Witnesses: 



2-5 minutes

Appearance / Description of Object(s)

dark no shiny metal .. no visable or perceived joinary... looked seemless and more high tech then a stealth bomber... I have drawn a sketch i can up load at a later date... I tried to contact both Tofoya and Georgio to no avail...

Size of Object(s)

200' long 18" high 15" off the ground a long tapered cigar shape

Distance to Object(s) & Altitude

it was approx two hundred feet long and we were maybe that far away from it also...

Description of Area / Surroundings

rural remote crown land... nmow privatized... sign saying will be killed if tresspassing. there.. found that quite odd... never seen a sign like that... i can find it on google maps though... my sighting is similar to what I heard allen tofoya describe... on on eof the show... i said we have seent he same thing...

Full Description & Details


..... outside around sundown having a little friendly banter with the neighbors

we lived quite remote in an old logging camp ten miles west of the little town of Sooke BC

Aprox.. about 10 houses or so in a large circle with a field in the middle for sheep.. arous logging roads that cut into the middle south vancouver island very remote crown land...

I heard and felt a noise i have never heard before or after... i could feel it in the ground and I asked my friends to all be quiet for a moment so we could hear... I became very curious right away ,,,my boyfriend decided to go see if we could find the source .. my other friends although they seemed to acknowledge the sound they did not seem curious about it at all... which perturbed me a bit ... Anyways in back of our house and gardens wer emany paths that lead to logging roads and the :"mains" as they call them ..main roads! So not 10 minutes in we were coming up to one of the mains and a clearing known as a "landing" for the logs to be piled up awaiting removal...we are approaching up from an overgrown side road when i can see low cast light and the sound although very low got loader the ground felts charged with energy.. we only got a glimp when we dicided to climb up the back end of the sand dune cliff onlu 30 ft high or so and get a good view of what this is... I was amazed and to this day i can feel the hair go up on my neck...

Ok this is what I saw... as we crowled onto the ground we looked over the top and there was

an elongated appeared to be dark metal structure like some sort of aircraft but the most hightech thing i have ever seen the lengh of a football field... no wheels no vechicles around no people whatsoever ... it filled the lengh of the forestry landing... the noise was low rumble felt deep in the ground..like reberations and smallest dim lights along the middle which looked to be cast down... No sooner were were able to converse the size and ... wow look at that when a blinding beam of light shone directly at us even though at this point it's basiclaly dark out side just the slightest hint of twilight left from the long summer day..

I was frightened and shot my body down immediately but when i grabbed my friends legs and looked up he was staring at it... i begged him lets run home and we did... on the way back into the logging camp we came a cross one of the old timers around the camp, told him what just happened and he told us the military do some operations around there sometime... so it obviously had technology to either heat sensor us or motion sensor.. that light was blinding... never seen anything like that and it seems narrowly directed.. a directed beam as apposed to a floodlight... Next morning i got up with the sun determined to go check it out again.... I found nothing.... even though i was leaving footprints in the claysand dust i could not find one physical sign that this was here last night... no marks. no darkness, nothing... at first i assumed it must be on massive legs because it was not moving up or down or sideways but was stationary above the ground no visable wind or air movement... just that very low rumbling....

Can sighting be explained as any conventional man-made or natural object?

it was made by some very intelligent and top of the line technolgy that i can say without hesitation... i was quite familar as most with what aircraft we had.. this had no wings... the road was a snake no way could it have travelled on road thereforein was flown in ... only answer it was a high point you can see the juandefuca strait opening into the pacific ocean there alosa the US has visable submarines watching these waters....

Witness Background

i am currently on disabilty after a bad fall and a head injury has caused chronic neck and airm pain with headaches... i am a single parent after my husband passed 10 years ago of three now grown boys.. last one just turned 18 a few days ago.... I'm a gardener.. and artist , very senisitive person and a writer of plant medicines... an acute observer of the world around me

Views on UFOs, before and after sighting

and i dont know why... all these shows on tv.. many have just seen a curious light when I saw this... and it's not even the end of the story ....I have had a few weird "dreams" soon after and then 10 years ago... when I found my old friend to converse about our sighting..

Other Comments

just i would like to have someone discuss this with me and m=perhaps be in contact with someone that has seen it also so we can talk about how it's changed our view on life...

my friend told me he thinks it was military then told me he doesn't remember... later told me i had a great memory.. and he does remember... ?

Reported Sighting? 


Reported To: 

to some ufo sighting place... no one seems that interested...

Your Location: 

cowichan valley vancouver island BC Canada


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