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UFO Sighting Report




Attica, New York, United States


I observed a black triangle craft with one white light in the center and smaller lights at each corner. It was approximately 500 ft up and it hovered without making an sound. I watched it for just under a minute and then it moved behind some trees. There were other sightings that night in nearby communities that matched the same description

Date Reported:

8/18/2015 4:01:34 PM

Sighting Time: 

1:30 AM



No. of Witnesses: 



total of about 3 minutes

Appearance / Description of Object(s)

Black triangle with a bright white light in the center of the bottom of the craft. There were other lights, I believe one at each corner but I don't recall the color. I do remember they were turning on and off (just the small corner lights not the white light) Not sure about the size but it was probably close to the size of a full size airliner. If the craft was lower than I estimate then it could be a little smaller. It was absolutely silent and very steady in the air.

Size of Object(s)

see above

Description of Area / Surroundings

rural, just north of the Village of Attica, NY next to RT 98. Niagara Falls Air Force Base is about 45 miles from the sighting. The craft was over a wooded area just behind a residence.

Full Description & Details

I am a police officer that retired in 2014 after almost 36 years of service. Most of those years were in criminal investigations but in first three and a half years (1978 -1982) I worked in uniform for a small village police department (Attica, NY). In what I am quite sure was the early Fall of 1980 I was working a midnight shift. It was a very quite night and at about 1:30 AM I was conducting building checks near the intersection of RT 238 and RT 98. As I pulled out from one of the businesses onto RT 98 I began to turn north and at that time I noticed what I thought was an airliner with its landing lights on. I figured it was on approach to Buffalo airport. As I started north the first two things that struck me as strange was: the landing light looked very white/bright. Most lighting at that time was incandescent and had a slightly yellowish hue, secondly the aircraft appeared to be standing still. I attributed this to possibly the plane was heading directly towards my direction and that fact that I was moving. As I got closer the aircraft I noticed smaller colored lights one at each corner of the craft and I don’t remember the color or if they were blinking but I remember they didn’t look normal and about this time I had about reached the point where the craft was. I was fairly close to it as I was only about 500 ft in the air and only about 70 feet off the highway. At this time as I was passing by I could see a solid black triangle shaped craft. The white light was in the center belly of the craft and it clearly looked to be absolutely stationary. I drove about 100 yards beyond the craft and pulled into a parking lot of a business at Rt 98 and Prospect St at the north edge of the Village and I shut off the patrol car and got out to have a look. It was an extremely quiet night and absolutely no wind. I watched the craft hover absolutely stationary without so much as slightest movement up or down. It was not making any sound. Under these conditions I would have even heard the whirr of a prop even if an electric motor were turning but there was no audible sound what so ever. I watched this craft just stand there motionless and silent for what seemed like a long time but was probably just under a minute. I contemplated shining the car mounted spotlight at it to see if I could see any detail but as I wasn’t sure what this thing was I decided not to. All of a sudden the craft moved very slowly sideways and became concealed by trees. I took a different route to get to a high position on Rt 354 to see if I could see this thing again but that was the last I saw of it. Interestingly, towards the end of the shift at about 6 AM I heard a report on WHAM 1180 that there were other reported sightings of this craft north of Attica. One was in Barre Center, NY along RT 98 and then along RT 5 about a mile east of the City of Batavia. Their descriptions were identical to mine. I never said anything about this except to some close family members and in the back of my mind I figured it was some unknown military craft from the Niagara Falls Air Force Base. When I retired from Batavia PD in 2014 a reporter whom I knew well asked me if I had ever seen anything odd while working night shifts. This got me thinking about that night in 1980 and I started reading about similar incidents and it has me curious as to what that was that I saw.

Can sighting be explained as any conventional man-made or natural object?

The only other explanation would be some sort of unknown military craft. Possibly some lighter than air craft but I doubt it.

Witness Background

36 year veteran police officer. Most of that time spent in criminal investigations

Views on UFOs, before and after sighting

open minded about it. Less skeptical since what I saw.

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Batavia, NY



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