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UFO Sighting Report


March, 22, 1973


Omaha, Nebraska, United States


Huge boomerang shaped aircraft, flying very low, very slow above treetops and streetlights. Metallic, like aluminum foil, streetlights reflected up on it, no sound, saw only underside as it passed over us, looked somewhat pinkish from reflected street lights. We saw some red lights on the underside of it.

Date Reported:

4/30/2016 2:55:01 PM

Sighting Time: 




No. of Witnesses: 



About one and ahalf minutes.

Appearance / Description of Object(s)

It looked like a large plane, wing expanse, with no fuselage, just the wings in a huge boomerang shape . It was made of very shiny metallic material. It was so shiny that we could see the streetlights reflected up on it. The streetlights were sort of pink, so it flecked pinkish in color. It had some red lights on it, of its own, too.

Size of Object(s)

My arms in front of me, straight out from shoulders, approximating the size for measure on a wooden yardstick, I say 11 inches, as it passed over the School about a half a block away.

Description of Area / Surroundings

Residential area, with a school, playground and light commercial area nearby. Large water reservoir about four blocks to the S-E,. Offutt Air Force Base about twenty miles to the Southeast.

Full Description & Details

It was a Thursday night, on March 22, 1973. I had gotten home from an evening class at the University, watched the 10:00pm News with my mother. Dad was in bed, asleep.

The weather was very mild that night so my mother said why don't we have some tea on the front porch before she goes to bed. So, at about 10:40 we took our seats on the porch to talk and enjoy our tea. Mom was to my right, so my chair was setting slightly curved to the West, Mom's chair was more curved to the East, almost facing me. My neighbor girl and her boyfriend were sitting in his car, in front of our house, facing West. They were facing West, looking out the cars' windshield.

Suddenly I noticed my Mom was staring at something past me, above and past me! She said ''Look, SOMETHING is falling!'' I turned to see what was ''falling'' in the East, where she was staring. I expected to see a big tree branch breaking off of an old Maple tree, and instead saw a HUGE boomerang shaped aircraft moving slowly in an E-S-E direction, over the school at the top of our hill. We screamed, thinking that it was going to crash on the school.

I ran off the porch and up the hill, followed by my neighbor girl and her boyfriend. They had seen it move from West to East over our block, over his car. They also thought that it was going to crash in our neighborhood!

Before it disappeared over the top of the school, heading S-E, I could see the reflections of the street, the next block over, on the underside of it.! I could see the streetlights reflected up on it, it was so shiny metallic, and so low over our houses, but NO SOUND !

We got to the next block and expected to see some cars going east or west on that street, as it is a busier street, there wasn't one car to be seen anywhere! We wanted to be able to ask someone: 'did you see THAT?' There was no one to ask. How strange, we thought. Also, there was no sounds of a crash nearby, no fireball, nothing that would have accompanied a crash from such a large aircraft.

The three of us walked back to my house, decided that I would call the TV news stations, and Offutt Air Force Base, and see if there were others reporting it. My neighbor and her B-F would go in to her house, talk to her mother to find out if she had heard anything on her police scanner radio, about it.

I called Offutt Air first, some man, Airman, maybe, that I talked to, said that they might have had a few calls.? I think that one of the TV stations said the same thing, but from what I can remember, there was never any public mention of it. It was especially strange as it was such a warm, beautiful night for late March, in Nebraska. Everything was so quiet and still, that night.

Prior to that night...I had never had any interest, whatsoever in aliens, UFO's, ''flying saucers,'', or the likes of this type of thing. I think that I may have changed from total skeptic to questioning believer after that.

Years later the Air Force came out with that black Delta Wing fighter, that was somewhat like that, but still not the same as what we saw on March 22, 1973, a very quiet, mild, Thursday, Spring night in Omaha, Nebraska.

Can sighting be explained as any conventional man-made or natural object?

NOT hardly!

Witness Background

I have BFA in Art from the University of Nebraska at Omaha, 1971. I have taught Art, painting, done some commercial artwork, and worked seven years for the U.S. Post Office. Also worked for Oriental Trading company. I still do my own art. I may soon try to do a drawing or painting of what we saw that night.

Views on UFOs, before and after sighting

Never believed in UFO's, flying ''saucers'', hated anything 'science fiction'. Afterwards I starting looking up other such sightings, or paying attention to it when I would hear of it on the news.

Other Comments

I have never seen anything like it, before or after. I am glad that I wasn't alone when I saw it. We had a dog then, she was in the house, I don't remember her barking, though. It wasn't what I expected to see ''falling''! I have never done a drawing or painting of what we saw, but I am thinking about it now, as I am back living in that house from many years ago.

Reported Sighting? 


Reported To: 

Offutt AFB, KMTV News


Bobbi Baltzer Jacobo

Your Location: 

Omaha, Nebraska USA

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