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UFO Sighting Report


September, 5,


Palm Harbor, Florida, United States


September 5th I witnesses a plasma looking craft with glowing "windows" along the side, turning and moving like a snake, the craft on the 6th came in like a huge comet and then instantly turned into a huge fractal of a photon with 7 points of light, each accompanied by a smaller round craft.

Date Reported:

1/27/2017 11:38:11 AM

Sighting Time: 

10:15 PM



No. of Witnesses: 



10 minutes

Appearance / Description of Object(s)

The first craft was like a plasma energy. Moving around the craft in colors of blue, green, orange and yellow. It was approximately 1/2 mile long, cylinder shaped, and possible 1/4 mile wide. Running down the middle of the craft I could see 7 huge circle glowing in a dim white, portals/windows. The second craft came in like a huge comet about to hit the planet, with lightening speed it then transformed into what could only be compared to a fractal of a photon, with triangles intersecting, with a point of glowing light at each intersection. It appeared as if stars where just moving across the sky. The craft was the largest I have seen in my 45 years of watching the skies. It was atleast 5 miles wide and 7 miles high. Taking up the sky's view, as it was only about 1/2 mile from where I was standing. The 3rd craft was much smaller, round in shape, the whole thing was glowing and appeared to have 2 extensions coming off the back, both glowing the same dim white color.

Size of Object(s)

Both the cylinder (1/2 miles long and 1/4 mile wide) and star craft (5 miles wide, 7 miles long) were bigger then if I had put my both hands up to gauge the size. The smaller craft was maybe 4 fingers (50-100 ft round shape)

Description of Area / Surroundings

It was on in the community I live in, there are tall trees and mobile homes in the area. There is McDill Air-force base in the Tampa Bay area.

Full Description & Details

About 10:15 pm-est, Standing outside having a smoke, I was walking along the front sidewalk. When all of a sudden a plasmic looking craft came in from the north, with colors of blue, green, orange, yellow, moving around the craft in a circular motion. The craft was Huge! It was long like a cylinder, with glowing circular "windows" visible from the side. The movement was that like a snake or a dragon.

The first one came in and I had the thought, what the hell is that? Within 30 seconds a second craft came slinking in in another beautiful array of colors.

I made a call to my sister to let her know what I was witnessing, that call lasted 4-5 minutes. Right after we concluded the call, yet another craft flew in, same colors and movement. As soon as that craft moved out of sight, a smaller craft came into view. It was round, with what looked like small extensions coming off the back end?

The next night on the 6th, I was standing ready with my camera, just in case. And man oh man, I was not disappointed. A huge light appeared, this looked like a comet magnified 1000 fold! Was moving in at a very high rate of speed, and then turned into something that resembled a inside out pyramid, with triangles extending within triangles. Each tip had a point of light emitting from it. The huge craft, in my view could have been 5 miles wide and 7 miles in length. It moved across the sky in clear view. It took up the view of the horizon.

Again the smaller craft came in just after and moved in the same pattern.

I had the camera on it, as it looked like it was moving over I19, headed south. Alas the video did not show anything, as it was dark.

Can sighting be explained as any conventional man-made or natural object?


Views on UFOs, before and after sighting

My first sighting was over 45 yrs ago, I believed in them then and now.

Other Comments

I have been seeing UFO's since a young child, however my first sighting was a UFO coming out of a hanger on the Army based we lived on at the time BUT I have never seen these types of UFO's!

Reported Sighting? 


Reported To: 



Sheri Fox

Your Location: 

Palm Harbor, Florida, USA



Image Submitted by Witness:

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Comments about the image(s):

This is not an actual picture, it is a drawing of the craft seen September 6th, created by me.

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