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First report submitted to UFOEvidence.org on 9-2004

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Summary: The craft was no higher than 60 feet above us. It was metallic shiny solid and shaped as those you see in movies. It had a upper dome with windows around it.

Date: 1978
Location: Santa Clarita Valley, California, United States

Summary: The craft was no higher than 60 feet above us. It was metallic shiny solid and shaped as those you see in movies. It had a upper dome with windows around it.

Date Reported: 9/2/2004

Full Description & Details

I have read most UFO reports and encounters but none compare to the experience my wife and I had in the Santa Clarita Valley.

This happened in 1978 but it is something you cannot easily forget and led to me reading and researching all I can find on the subject.

We are not at shy about speaking about it. We were lucky to see what we saw and openly speak about it.

I only wish that we could go through a hypnosis to repeat the experience. Perhaps you can help us on this.

It was a warm summer Friday night and I was standing on the upper deck of the swimming pool, brushing the sides with a long pole and brush attached to it. The pool lights were on. Our kids, were planning to swim the next morning and I wanted the pool clean. My wife and kids were watching television approximately 40 feet from were I stood. It was around 9:30 PM.

As I moved my hands upwards to grab the upper end of the pole something caught my vision. It was a craft approaching at a low altitude perhaps a block away. It had lights on the front portion that clearly did not look like a helicopter. We were used to seeing Sheriff helicopters patrolling over our neighborhood, often flying low or hovering over our pool area to get glances of my wife and her friends laying out. We often waved them off using one finger.

I kept looking at the approaching craft and then realized it was not a helicopter but something very different. I ran to our back door and yelled at my wife and kids to come and see what I was seeing. Only my wife got out and by that time the craft was right above our pool area stationed there. It seemed as if it floated and had a slight wobble as if it were caught in a slight wind.

The craft was no higher than 60 feet above us. It was metallic shiny solid and shaped as those you see in movies. It had a upper dome with windows around it. The body was one solid piece, no obvious connectors. It had ski like device in the upper front but not centered, so it may have been some form of docking device because it was too far forward. I later tried to draw the angles and design of the ski like device and was unsuccessful. I remember that it was a very strange angle and design.

The craft had a window jut bellow the front leading edge of the saucer shape. That window was at least 4 X 8 feet long. We could see bluish/orange glow inside but no occupants. The center of the craft was concave and two rectangular shaped objects were inside the concave area. The height of the craft was the equivalent of a 1 1/2 story house and with a total diameter of approximately 75-80 feet.

The craft tilted forward and downwards and we could see the upper section and could tell the light on top was not reflecting from out swimming pool lights but that it came from crafts skin since there were no other visible lights other than those in the very front or leading edge of saucer shape. I think this is why people report seeing glowing crafts.

My wife, Gloria, kept repeating "oh my god" over and over. I was fixated on details and design. I have to admit that I was somewhat scared but almost frozen staring at something that was not supposed to be there. Like seeing a Greyhound Bus floating over your pool.

The craft was over our house for approximately 30-45 seconds. Afterwards it resumed moving Southeast at about 30-40 MPH and at the same altitude. It never made a sound. I jumped on a 6 foot wall to continue seeing for approximately 3-4 miles.

I told my wife not to speak to go inside draw what she could and then compare notes.

My background includes a Certificate in Group Propulsion Systems. I attended Northrop Institute of Technology planning to be an Aeronautical Engineer but then switched to business. I served as an executive in several Fortune 500 computer companies and was cofounder of two companies. One of my companies had substantial clients in Europe including Kuwait Petroleum International retail operations, Bell South, and software joint ventures in India. I consider myself a serious person who takes this subject very seriously.

I am fully convinced that world governments, including ours, knows very well of the presence of extra-terrestrial visitors to our planet but are afraid to share this with the public.

You may print my name but not my e-mail or phone number:

Name: Ed Towers

Article ID: 1036


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