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  • April, 2003 - Camp Pendleton, California, United States

    Me and about 40 other Marines witnessed a small rounded pyramid type ufo taking off on marine corps base camp pendleton in california, while i was in Marine combat training, out in "the field".

  • July, 1970 - Bhakkar, Punjab, Pakistan

    I saw a strange silver saucer in the air, spinning and traversing along the surface of earth at an altitude of about 100 meters. It kept traversing at same altitude at a speed of about 100 Kilo meters an hour and gradually disappeared after about 30 seconds.

  • June, 2005 - Fort Mill, South Carolina, United States

    Three large clear "tubes" dropped down from the sky on major highway and remained there, motionless for several minutes.

  • March, 18, 2012 - Estero/Ft Myers, FL area, Florida, United States

    Two rather bright objects in the northern sky at 10PM, one farther away and somewhat dimmer. The objects were about 10,000 feet above the ground. Each object had 3 bright lights horizontally without a beam. There was a reflection and refracted light like a rainbow around the 3 lights on both objects. We watched with binoculars and eventually the objects moved slowly northward and disappeared.

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