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Incident At Indian Point

Source: Philip J. Imbrogno


Summary: In-depth report on the very dramatic sighting of a UFO by New York State Power Authority Police officers stationed at the Indian Point Nuclear reactor in Buchanan, New York. The guards at the Indian point complex had a close encounter with a UFO that has been appearing in the Hudson Valley area of New York for the past six years.

Part I

The Indian Point nuclear reactor complex lies on the shore of the Hudson River in the town of Buchanan, New York in Westchester county. There are two reactor plants on the site each separated only by a fence. One site belongs to Consolidated Edison Electric company and the other is operated by the New York Power Authority (NYPA). The two plants have always been controversial and area residents have tried to shut down operations at both plants for the past ten years. At present, the only reactor in operation is site Number 3 of the NYPA. It is here that an incredible incident with an object that was not of this world would take place.

Security at the Indian point complex is very good and they have been trained to handle all types of incidents from meltdown to terrorists. The security guards at the NYPA site are all ex-police officers with a great deal of training. But all their training would not prepare them for what would take place on July 24, 1984. It was on this date that they would have a close encounter with Hudson valley UFO.

The first time I heard about the sighting over the reactor was on September 2, 1984, about a month and a half after it happened. I was doing a radio talk show called "The Edge of Reality" on WNBC in New York. After the show I received dozens of calls, and one caller identified himself as a guard at Indian Point. I had heard that there had been a sighting there but could not get any information because of the tight security at the plant. The caller told me that he had been on duty on that night of July 24, 1984 and at about 10:15 P.M a giant UFO hovered over reactor number three no more than 300 feet above the exhaust tower for fifteen minutes.

This was exciting information because that same night, at 10:00 Bob Pozzuoli of Brewster New York videotaped the Hudson Valley UFO, a videotape that still remains unidentified to this day. Brewster is located about twenty miles east of Indian Point and there is no doubt that it was the same object because it was reported by hundreds of people in all the towns between Brewster and Buchanan.

The caller went on to tell me that the event was so shocking that the commander was ready to give orders to shoot the UFO down. He then told me that the object was at least 900 feet from end to end and was also witnessed by eleven other guards at the NYPA complex and about a dozen security guards at the adjacent Consolidated Edison plant.

Since the callers job is at risk I can not give his name so I will refer to him at Jeff. I had asked Jeff to meet with me to get the entire story. He told me that he would have to first get clearance from his supervisor. On September 5 I received a call from Jeff informing me that his supervisor cleared me to come to the plant and interview the guards involved. I was told that a camera and tape recorder would not be allowed on the complex site for security reasons, I agreed to the terms. The interview was set for September 7th in the afternoon. Everything looked fine and I was quite excited about the information that I was going to obtain, then all hell broke loose.

Twenty-four hours before the meeting Jeff called me and told me that the meeting was off and I would not be allowed on the plant. Orders came from state headquaters forbidding any of the guards to talk with me about the UFO sighting. Little did I know that on the same day of the call the entire complex underwent a security shakeup by the Nuclear Reglatory Commission(NRC) and other government agencies who I found out later were Military and belonging to some special military force that is responsible for security of government istallations in the area.

I also found out that although the Indian Point complex is operated by the NYPA and provides some of the power for the New York City Subway system, it is also operated by federal government personnel and provides power for a number of secret government bases and operations in the Connectciut - New York area. One such place is an NSA satellite tracking station located in Sandyhook Connecticut.

The cancelled interview with the guards was very disappointing. The airspace above Indian Point is restricted and no aircraft of any kind is allowed to fly over the reactors without the proper clearance. Something huge had definitely invaded the reactor's security zone and although I knew something about the incident, I had none of the details that Jeff and his fellow guards could give me.

Many other people in the area also reported seeing the UFO over the plant. Police in Pekskill New York which is the town just south of Indian point said they received quite a few calls that evening. Sgt Hoffman of the Peekskill Police Department went out to invesigate and saw a giant UFO with over a dozen white lights in a V formation slowly move toward the Indian Point power plant. Sgt Hoffman a trained observer admits that he never saw anything like it before in his life. Although I had many other witnesses who saw the UFO from outside the plant I still needed to find out what went on inside the security area of the reactor during the sighting. The only way that I was going to really find out is to talk to the people on duty that night. Something extraordinary must have taken place for them to quickly deny me to interview the guards, and what was the purpose of the security shakeup?

I decided to try to put a little pressure on the supervisors at the plant. In the past several months I developed a good working relationship with NBC news in New York City. They gave the UFO sightings in the Hudson Valley top priority and I knew they would be very interested to hear about the close encounter at Indian Point. I informed the manager at Indian point that I was going to go to the TV news stations with the story unless I was allowed to speak to the officers.

After about an hour on the phone the manager finally agreed to let us talk to the guards."We really would like to keep the entire incident quiet" the manager said. " The reactor is highly controversial and we know that the opponets against nuclear power in the area will use the sighting to their advantage. They might claim that our security people are a risk because they reported a flying saucer".

I wondered if this was the real reason. After all, the plants security was violated and it seemed that they had no power at all to stop the intruder that appeared over their airspace. Although we now had permission to talk with the guards, there were stipulations. A security person would have to be present or informed on the content of the questions. They would permit one meeting only and it could not be anywhere on the reactor site. I also agreed not to release any information about the sighting over the reactor for at least thirty days after the interview.

The interview took place on September 12 in Peekskill, New York at a local restaurant, at about 10:00pm. With me during the interview was UFO researcher Fred Dennis, Fairfield Connecticut police Lt. George Lesnick and Citizens Against UFO Secrecy(CAUS) attorney Peter Gersten. Six of the guards showed up and because of the lateness of the hour, we were only able to talk in depth with three at that time.

Jeff told me that he had been working at Indian Point security for about two years and before that he was a New York State Tropper. As we talked I asked about the July 24th sighting and Jeff said that that was the second sighting date. "Second I asked." Jeff told me that the first sighting of the UFO was on July 14 at about 10:15 at night. Jeff said that he was on outside patrol at Indian Point Number Three when he saw a series of lights approaching the plant from the distance. I asked Jeff what he meant by "number three" Jeff said that there were three reactors at the NYPA plant and that two were shut down and the only reactor in operation was number three. Because of this security is always "beefed up" at that site.

Jeff continued to describe how the lights continued to approach. He described the lights as being white with a yellow hue and about a quarter of a mile away and moving very slow in his direction. Being close to the Consolidated Edison plant he looked and saw ten of their security people also looking at the lights. Jeff then got on his radio and called some of the other guards from his area to come and look at the lights. Jeff knew this was something strange and wanted someone to come and assist him if he needed help since the object was still heading directly toward the plant. Jeff told me that two other guards responded to his call. As the two other guards joined Jeff the object stopped and hovered about about a quarter mile from the outer perimeter of the plant. Jeff described the object as ten lights arranged in a boomerang pattern. The object continued to hover for ten minutes, they could not make out any shape behind the lights. Jeff told me that the lights were very bright and from its apparent size in the sky he estimated that it was at least 300 feet from each end light on the boomerang pattern.

As they watched the object they noticed a dark mass behind the lights. They thought this was very strange, since the lights were so bright they should have made the body behind this object much more visible. The object then started to move toward Peekskill at such a slow speed they estimated it was no more than twenty miles an hour. Jeff and the other two guards(who were also present at the meeting) had no doubt that what they were seeing was not any aircraft or formation of aircraft, helicopters or anything else they ever saw in their life.

Jeff said that at the time of the sighting the wind was gusting up to 35 miles an hour. If this was a blimp or formation of small aircraft it could have never hovered for ten minutes. "This thing was unaffected by the wind he said" He also heard no sound at all. During the sighting they tried to identify the aircraft by checking local and military air traffic, but all proved negative. Jeff also said that they saw no familar naigation lights which aircraft are required to carry.

As they continued to watch the object move away they saw it turn to the southeast. "As it turned" Jeff said, "It turned like it was lying on a wheel, it rotated. It made a sharp ninety-degree turn and moved away very slowly."

I then asked Jeff about the July 24th sighting. Jeff said he first heard about the UFO being seen again by a call on his radio. Another security guard was talking to the inside desk how those lights were coming close to the plant. At that time five guards including two supervisors responded to the call and saw the lights, Jeff was with them. Jeff told me" It approached from the same direction as the June 14th sighting, but this time the lights were changing color. First they would all turn yellow, then white and then they all turned blue. There were about fifteen lights this time all arranged in a semi-circle with a red one flashing in the back. It was a nice clear night and as the object approached the plant it blocked out the stars. The night sky in that area is heavily light poluted and you could see a dark mass against the brighter night sky. The object came right over the plant and there was no sound at all. I got to within 500 feet from it. It looked like an icecream cone with the lights in a half circle in the front and a red one in its tail. You could see the solid body it covered up the entire sky and was the size of at least three football fields. At this time it was directly over our heads, and we were looking up at it. It was moving very slowly and I could keep up with it at a slow walk, so it must have been going slower than ten miles an hour. No aircraft could stay airborne moving at that slow speed."

Jeff said that he and the other guards watched it for about twenty minutes and all the time they were in radio contact with security headquarters inside the plant.

Jeff said that out of the three reactors only one was in operation and the UFO picked that one to hover and then fly over. He also said that the object was very low, no more than 300 feet above the exhaust tower, that would place it about 700 feet above the ground. "Our supervisor got worried when it flew over the working reactor", Jeff said. "This thing got to within thirty feet of reactor number three"

As with the first sighting, the winds were gusting. A check with the Westchester County Airport showed that the winds during the July 24th sighting gusted at 40 miles an hour.

"We were standing there with our mouths open", Jeff said " We were in awe of it!. If the thing stayed over us, the order was already given to get ready to shoot it down. We had shotguns and were waiting for the final word to fire upon it"

Another guard who we shall call Robert was on duty inside, watching the TV monitors at the security console that allows him to point the surveillance cameras at all parts of the plant. Robert told me that he pointed a camera that was located on a ninety-five foot pole at the object. When the object came on the screen he and the supervisor were shocked. Robert told me." I saw eight bright lights in a V shape, very wide in the shape of almost a half circle. The lights were very bright, at least as bright as the landing lights on a large jet. My supervisor and I panned the camera up and down, and the object was very large, bigger than a football field".

Robert said that the object was so huge that he had to pan the camera 180 degrees to see the entire UFO! He said that there was no doubt that it was one solid structure and I had it on the camera for fifteen minutes. Still shaken by the event Robert concluded by saying " I was trying to find some logical explanation for this. Whatever it was, it was larger than a C-5A which is the largest aircraft in the world and has a wingspan of 212 feet. If this thing were placed alongside this aircraft the C-5A would look like a toy. It seemed very brazen and just sat there in the sky for my camera, it acted like it didn't care who saw it".

Another guard who I shall refer to as Mike told me" There was this series of lights in a boomerang pattern, and behind the lights was this dark structure, and there were these things on the bottom of the object that looked like hollow spheres of some sort. They looked like portals that could open up and rockets or something could fly out of there. These portals were so large that you could fit a car in them easily. I got a good look at it, it was very low. It was so close to us that I actually got scared looking at it."

I then asked Jeff if the incident was reported, he told me that they did file a report and were ready to take action, but then the object moved away toward the Hudson and picked up speed and was gone. I was told at the time that plant operations were in no way affected. The interview ended at this time.

As we walked to our cars outside Jeff offered to take me over to the plant and sneak me on to show me where he saw the object. I was ready to go, but turned down the offer because of the sound advice of Fred Dennis. Fred was worried that if I was caught charges could be brought against me and Jeff could lose his job. Before we parted Jeff told me that he was very interested in finding out what he saw and would "Keep on searching for answers".

On the way home Fred and I talked about what we were told. We both agreed that they seemed a little worried about relating the story and very uneased. We were to learn later that a security supervisor was several tables away listening to the entire conversation. Also there was no doubt in our mind that the guards were debriefed about their sighting and were told what they could tell us and could not tell us.

One week latter Jeff gave me a call and said that he would like to meet with me again. There was a number of things which he was not a liberty to talk about at the time. He said that much more happened during the July 24th sighting and he has to meet with me.

The second meeting with Jeff took place on October 4th at a place called the By Pass Diner in Peekskill, New York. This time Jeff was in civilian clothes. He insisted that he not be tape recorded and proceeded to fill in the gaps of the Close Encounter over Reactor number Three at Indian Point.


Incident At Indian Point

Part II

By. Philip J. Imbrogno

In the first part of this article I presented a very dramatic sighting of a UFO by New York State Power Authority Police officers stationed at the Indian Point Nuclear reactor in Buchanan, New York. The guards at the Indian point complex had a close encounter with a UFO that has been appearing in the Hudson Valley area of New York for the past six years.These sightings are documented in my book NIGHT SIEGE THE HUDSON VALLEY UFO SIGHTINGS, (Ballantine Books 1987).

The sighting of the UFO from the reactor area took place on July 24th 1984 at about 10:20.PM. The sighting took place on the same night the UFO was video taped in Brewster, New York which is located about twenty miles east of Buchanan. This video tape was looked at twice by scientists from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California and the image on the video still remains unidentified to this day. The entire Indian point sighting was brought to my attention when one of the guards at the plant contacted me. To protect his identity I refer to him as "Jeff". Had it not been for Jeff coming forward with his story, the entire incredible sighting at Indian Point would have never been known. The Indian Point incident is the first case where a UFO was confirmed being over a Nuclear Reactor.

My first meeting with Jeff (as reported in the last issue of UFO Universe) covered the basic facts of a truly amazing encounter by 12 guards at the reactor complex with a UFO that was reported to have hovered 300 feet above reactor number three for fifteen minutes. The UFO according to several of the officers was at least 900 feet from end to end.

The second meeting with Jeff was at his request, since at the first meeting he was relactant to get into any details. I agreed to meet with him on October 4th 1984, at 11:00 Pm at a place called the By- Pass Diner in Peekskill, New York. Jeff showed up on time and was in civilan clothes. He insisted that he not be taped recorded and proceeded to fill in the gaps in the information that he gave me at our previous meeting. Jeff focused in on the July 24th sighting, since this was the date that the UFO caused a near panic at the reactor complex. With me at this second meeting was Fred Dennis, a seasoned UFO investigator and close friend.

The July 24th 1984 encounter was more incredible than we first thought. As the object approached the east gate of the reactor complex the sensors that detect movement shut down and the entire alarm system failed. At this time Jeff radioed for assistance and several other officers left their posts and joined him at the east end of the plant to watch the object approach. Inside the security console the computer that controls all security and communications shut down. The cameras were still however functioning and we know for sure that the object was video taped. To this day , however the New York Power Authority (NYPA), and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), deny that any such tape or recordings exist.

The UFO continued to approach and hovered above reactor number three, the only reactor operational at the time. The commander at the plant took the proper action and the guards were armed with shot guns and given the order to fire upon the UFO if it did not move away from the plant. Although the entire plants security was alerted and the officers were well armed they felt helpless and were afarid to fire upon the object because its size overwhelmed them. The object was reported to have been the size of three football fields and its bright white lights glared out the entire sky.

One female officer was on a nearby plant building and started to draw her weapon, but put it away when she realized that her hand gun would have no effect on an object of that size. At least 12 guards were called to the scene all armed a ready for the final order to open fire upon the UFO.

The commander of security then called Camp Smith, an New York National Guard base located north of Peekskill, New York and requested air support to shoot down the intruder. The commander also requested identification of the object, but no agency that was contacted could identify the intruder. I am not sure if the communication o Camp Smith was done by phone or radio. I was informed that most security communications are done by computer to computer, but since the computer was down radio or phone must have been used. As the helicopter left the Camp, the object moved away from the plant. It was as if who ever was in the giant UFO knew and moved away to avoid a confrontation.

I am not sure if the helicopter pilots ever saw the UFO. I do have some unconfirmed sightings from Peekskill residents who saw a helicopter following the UFO. he helicopter was observed in bincoulars by one Peekskill resident Vietnam Veteran who said it was a "gunship" similar to the "choppers" used in the war.

The UFO then picked up speed and was soon lost in the North West section of the sky, somewhere over the Hudson River. At the time of the sighting, hundreds of Peekskill residents were calling police reporting the UFO. I talked with a number of residents who saw the object move away from the Nuclear power plant. Their description of the object are identical to what the guards Indian Point saw over the reactor.

The next day the commander called in all the guards involved and informed them that "Nothing Happened". They were all ordered to forget the entire incident. All radio communications that night were taped, but according to the plant supervisor the tapes no longer exist. I was informed that they only keep the tapes for a short time, then they erase them and use them over. I talked with several people who work in security, one of them for another nuclear plant. I was told by this security expert that the tapes are kept if an incident took place. I was also told that all the security cameras at a Nuclear plant use video tape, and that the tape is turned on if an incident takes place. Yet, the NYPA denies using any video during the UFO incident.

Fred and I met with Jeff for about one hour and thirty minutes that night. As we walked out to our cars Jeff told us that he would keep in touch and give us any new information that might come up. We did not know at the time that security at the plant was already covering up the incident and we would never hear from Jeff again.

Fred and I began to drive back to Greenwich Connecticut taking route 9 through Ossining, New York. The time was about one in the morning and we were both pretty tired, but still excited about the story we were just told. After all, these were well trained ex-New York State Cops. There was no doubt that they saw something that was not of coventional origin. But what was it? How could something the size of three football fields fly over three counties, hover over a nuclear reactor for fifteen minutes, then disappear without a trace? How could the entire event take place without sometype of military involvement? These were questions that we could not answer,but it seemed clear that the military had no power over the mysterious visitor that night.

We continued to drive, the night was clear and chilly. I looked toward the south and saw a number of flashing lights about forty five degrees from us. The lights flashed in sequence and were very bright. I said to Fred" What's that", Fred replied "THAT'S IT!. Fred Stopped the car and I turned around to look for the binoculars in the back seat. I could not find the binoculars so I turned around once again to see the lights. We saw about five lights that were mostly white in color, but seemed to have a slight lime green tinge to them. As we watched the lights, ( which were in the shape of a half circle) turned on their side like a ferris wheel and rolled toward the west. We lost the object behind some trees, so we moved the car to clear the trees. When we did the lights could not be found, they were gone. It was like they never existed, they just vanished!

There was no doubt that the lights were connected some some solid object. We heard no noise and although this object was large,, it seemed very thin. Also we never really saw any dark structure connecting the lights. I thought I may have seen a dark mass behind the lights when I first saw them, but I can't say for sure. How strange, this was our first sighting of the Hudson Valley UFO and it took us quite by surprise. We never expected to see anything. In the past the UFO always appeared between eight and ten PM, we only had one or two other cases of sightings later than midnite. Also, was it just a coincidence that the object appeared to us after our interview with Jeff? Although we only saw this object for about thirty seconds it was enough to keep us excited for weeks. I can see why Jeff and his fellow officers were awed by this object.

I filed a number of Freedom of Information Act requests (FOIA) with the Nuclear Requlatory Commission. The response from them indicated that they had no record of the event taking place. I also filed an FOIA with Indian Point. I was informed by the manager of the plant that the NYPA is not subject to the Freedom of Information Act. I was also told that no information on the incident would be released because it could possibly jeopardize plant security.

On October 29th 1984 Fred and I were once again in the Westchester area doing some follow up research. At 9:00 I called my home to see if there were any messages, indeed there were many. It seems that there were UFO sightings over Westchester and Putnam county that night. Most of the calls came from local residents and local police from Westchester towns. All the reports were similar a giant well lite object the size of a football field sporting multicolored lights. One call came from radio station WVIP in Mt. Kisco New York. The local newsperson video taped the object that night. I then called the station and went over to see it since we were only about twenty minutes from there.

Fred and I arrived at the station and wwere greeted by veteranNewsman Gerry Culliton. Mr. Cullition told me that at about 8:15 they started to get calls about a UFO heading toward the direction of the station. He then hooked up a portable VCR camera and went outside and saw a series of bright lights approaching the station from the east. The lights passed at about a thirty degree angle from the station. The lights then turned and went to the northwest.

He then began playing the video tape for us, it showed a series of lights that were flashing. The tape was interesting but not as good as the video taken in Brewster, New York on July 24, 1984. As we watched the tape Mr. Culliton asked me if I would do a special news report for the station concerning the recent UFO sightings. I did the story and also mentioned the sightings at Indian Point that took place several months before. The story was aired that night and several times during the following day.

The next day (October 30th) I received a call from the Reporter Dispatch, a local Westchester county newspaper. The reporter called me to get more information about the Indian Point sightings. He had already called the Reactor plant and talked with the spokesman a Mr. Carl Patrick. The reporter informed me that Mr. Patrick confirmed the sighting of a UFO by security guards on duty at the Indian Point complex 3. The reporter then did a story which came out the next day. When I picked up the paper I was shocked to see the headline on the front page "DID ALIENS BUZZ INDIAN POINT". I had wished they would have played it down a little since neither I or the guards at Indian Point claimed that the UFO was an alien spaceship.

Gerry Culliton from WVIP radio was also doing his own investigation into the sightings over Indian Point. Gerry is an excellent newsperson and will dig and dig until he gets the facts on a story. Gerry gave me a call to tell me what he found out.Although the conversation was about thiry minutes long, I edited out much of the material and included the important facts.

Gerry: We released the story and got a good number of calls from newspapers and the people at Indian Point.

Phil: My concern is not to get anybody in trouble.

Gerry: we didn't release any of the guards names. Indian point admitted to the sightings to me. I called Carl Patrick at Indian Point and I talked to him. He told me yes, there definitely were sightings. He said that the State Police did an investigation and arrested four Cessna pilots.

Phil: I heard that story. I called the New York State Police and nobody was arrested.

Gerry: I know that's what I told them, I checked on it. I asked him if they made out and incident report and I asked for a copy. He told me " Yes, we did, but the report is not available and all security measures have been taken to protect our own security" I then said," OK can you tell me if they fired upon the thing?" he said, and I quote, "I can not confirm or deny that the guards fired upon it, but they did what was necessary to protect the plant".

Phil: I think this story has gone out of being just another UFO story. It seems its a matter of an unkown object violating the security of a nuclear reactor.

Gerry: The newspaper seems to be more interested in a story about Indian Points security rather than the UFO sighting.

Several hours after the article appeared in the Westchester paper I received a call from the cheif of security from the New York Power Authority in New York City. This person informed me that they were well aware of my second meeeting with Jeff and that I was told information that was vital to Indian Point security. They also knew that I was planning to write a book about the Hudson Valley sightings(now published) and because of security reasons I was going to be forced to not mention anything about the Indian Point sightings.

In the following days I got several more calls from the NYPA and this time they wanted me to come to a hearing in New York city. They wanted to know everything I was told about the incident. At the time I was working closely with John G. Fuller ( author of Incident at Exeter and the Interrupted Journey,the story of Barney and Betty Hill) John had written a book about the dangers of nuclear reactors and was very experienced with their security people since they tried to block his book. John told me to release all the facts about the sightings and to ignore their threats. I did both. The Indian point sightings were exposed nation wide for the first time in the TV show "INTO THE UNKOWN" I never heard from the the NYPA after that.

As the months went by I began to make some contacts with a number of employees at Indian Point. I was told that since the sighting government people came on a regular basis to the plant. I was also told that sophisticated electronic and optical equipment was placed on the roof of the largest building at the reactor site. The equipment was being operated by government agents and staffed twenty four hours a day.

I was still hoping to get something on record, a document, tape recording ect. Something to prove some of the stories I was being told. I later found out that the Nuclear Regulatory Commission came in the day after the sighting and cleaned out the file cabients and took all audio and video tapes. These documents and tapes must have been turned over to another agency, since the NRC and Indian point claim they have no documents of anykind concerning the July 24th 1984 UFO encounter.

I continued to gather information from my informers. I found out that reactor number three had a crack in its casing which the plant officials were trying to keep hidden from the public. According to my information the crack appeared after the July 24th encounter. This crack was later confirmed in 1988 when New York TV news stations carried a story about the reactor casing being cracked and "small" amounts of radioactive steam being released. It seems that my contacts did have accurate information and to this day I am still getting information about the UFO incident and I now have more faith in my informers.

I was also told of a power drain which the military and NRC were very concerned about. It seems that somewhere along the line, power was being drained off. The feeling was that the power drain was actually power being stolen, but by who. One of my contacts who works in the high security area overheard a conversation between an Airforce Colonel and a number of plain clothes government agents (agency unkown) and plant managers. Although most of the conversation was in whispers,my informer was able to determine that it did concern the power drain. The Colonel then yelled as if in anger to the other men, and this was heard very clear by my contact: " I don't care if they are from outer space shoot them"

Over the past several years I have seen most of the details of the Indian Point UFO encounter confirmed. In 1987 I spoke at the first Omega Communications UFO conference in North Haven, Connecticut. After my talk I was approached by a gentleman who was heavily involved in the creation and supervising of security at nuclear reactor plants in the State of Connecticut. He told me that he read the chapter about Indian Point in NIGHT SIEGE and they he knew all the guards and people involved and that he talked with them. He then said "Phil, everything you said in the book was correct, you were right on target". He later told me that a great deal more took place than what was covered in the book, but he really could not talk about it.

I will continue to investigate the Indian Point sightings. Hopefully, someday soon I will have documents to tell the entire story.

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