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The 'Las Lomas' UFO - Part 2 of report on 1997 Mexico City video

Source: Daniel Munoz (translated by Scott Corrales, 2000)


Summary: This is the 2nd part of the full report by researcher Daniel Munoz, who investigated the case with Jaime Maussan.

Part II of Corrales' translation of the report of Daniel Munoz:

Thursday October 9 to Saturday October 11: Over the course of these three days, research on the August 6th UFO would be carried out in San Luis Potosi and in Phoenix, Arizona. However, the rest of the Third Milenio team would kick off negotiations aimed at making a live broadcast of our program from the site where the Las Lomas UFO was recorded. Back with Jim Dilettoso at Village Labs, which collaborates with the U.S. space program, the expert analyst certified that following a week of detailed analyses on the Las Lomas UFO images, he had reached the conclusion that it "definitely wasn't an object suspended from a helicopter by means of a cable." This was the theory that Jim had attempted to confirm or refute by analyzing the behavior of the object itself. In seeking out the centers of gravity during flight, Dilettoso became aware that the object did not follow the same logical patterns as a model suspended from above, together with the fact that no trace of threads or cables supporting the object had been found. Dilettoso would avail himself of this explanation of a model UFO suspended by a cable, and schematically explained how the object would have moved downward precisely at the moment in which the object suddenly begins moving from left to right. However, the video clearly shows that the object moved upwards, contrary to what should have indeed happened. Also, during the trip to Phoenix, Arizona, we interviewed Lee Elders and Scott Catamas, the latter being the producer for a UFO TV shown in the U.S. Both men highlighted the importance of this video for UFO research all over the world, and Catamas urged the authors of the video to step forward, even if anonymously, to make an integral contribution to what could well be the greatest single item of evidence of the UFO phenomenon in all history.

Sunday, October 12: Back in Mexico, we met at 5 p.m. at the Corporativo Reforma Laureles building from where we would broadcast the results of our investigation throughout the world through TELEVISA's airwaves. It is worth noting at this point that an air of expectation wafted about our company in regard to this video, which was being considered "the best and clearest to have been seen in a long time." Likewise, regular viewers of our program expressed similar feelings on the street, aboard taxicabs, in restaurants and over the phone. The video and the ensuing investigation had wakened the interest of the people who follow our show every week. For this reason, today's broadcast would feature a retelling of the events from the very beginning, the analyses preformed by Dilettoso in Phoenix, the presentation of other accounts, including the Lask Family, which would join us live during the transmission. Once more, we would urge viewers to join the investigation, and invite the video's authors to step forward once more to openly state that the evidence was real and that they had indeed witnessed something startling. Today's broadcast would have one of the highest ratings in Tercer Milenio's history.

Monday, October 23: Today we again received calls from our fellow researchers and friends from Spain, requesting more information about what was going on in Mexico regarding the August 6th UFO. During this call, we would learn that UFO skeptics and naysayers in Spain considered the video as "the trick that Mexican skeptics has prepared to ridicule the subject of UFOS and discredit its exponents in Mexico." Evidently, the research conducted by these groups was not complete, and definitely not beyond the comfort of their desks and computers plugged into the Internet.

Tuesday, October 14: A viewer and friend of Tercer Milenio who wished to remain anonymous placed a call to our offices, stating that "a new witness had seen the object in question and had even experienced discomfort as a result of prolonged exposure to the UFOelectromagnetic waves. We quickly set out to confirm the events and agreed to meet at Mexico City's Red Cross Hospital, where the witness was hospitalized. In speaking with the alleged victim's sister, we reached the conclusion that it wasn't related to the same sighting, but to a more recent one which had taken place on September 25, but within the same area of the city. We were even able to recognize the witness as one of the persons whom we had interviewed earlier regarding sightings in the area, which confirmed the truthfulness of the event. Mr. Mauricio Olvera, a resident of the Chamizal area, had experienced acute hydrocephaly, a congestion of fluid within the skull exerting pressure on the brain, causing hallucinations and blackouts. Upon interviewing the attending physician, who also requested anonymity, he stated that "Mexican medical science was unable to relate acute hydrocephaly to any type of intense electromagnetic source, since there had never been a case that could be analyzed and thus establish such a premise..." However, he did not reject the possibility, and that it would be unknown to our medical science. After the interview was over, we agreed to follow up on this case.

Wednesday, October 15 to Sunday, October 19: Over the course of these days, the LOS VIGILANTES group would gradually become a part of the investigation, trying to secure any clues that would lead us to uncovering the identity of the author of the August 6th video. On our part, we began to see how the controversy was growing on the Internet's web pages, where four images from the video had been presented on the Sightings radio and television program's site. The readers' opinion would be contradictory from the outset. There were those who believed that this was the best evidence yet, while another group stated that it was "too good to be real." However, this made it clear that it was truly an extraordinary piece of evidence.

Monday, October 20: On this day we headed out once more with Tercer Milenio's cameras toward the sighting area in an effort to contact new eyewitnesses to the event. Accompanied by our collaborator Pedro Ramirez, we had the fortune to find two children, Jesus and Luis Fernando Ocampo Chavez, ages 10 and 6 respectively, who had seen the object fly over the area while in the company of their brother Juan Carlos, 12. They were returning home from the store and going down the canyon where they live when they became aware of "a strange metallic object, round and grey, which spun and moved among the buildings." According to the children's account, the object "was trying to land on the buildings." We found it interesting to hear the children reply categorically that "the people who saw this large object should talk about what they saw...whatever it was they saw, they saw," they told us. Definitely, an extraordinary case. At the same time, Pedro Ramirez had headed to the Corporativo Laureles building to locate a person who allegedly knew the author of the video. However, despite not having found the person in question, he was able to find out that the penthouse offices from which the video had been shot had not been occupied until September 17, which complicated the hypothesis of the author being an employee of said company. On the other hand, the person in charge of the office space's preparation was Arq. Adolfo Gonzalez, who indirectly confirmed to us through his wife that "a UFO video had indeed been recorded from this building," another account which was added to the long list of persons involved in the case.

Tuesday, October 21 to Monday, October 27: As of this date, communication via telephone between Pedro Ramirez and the possible contacts to reach the video's author would be constant. Arq. Gonzalez disclosed that "the Tercer Milenio team already knew one of the young men with firsthand knowledge about the video." In fact, the person in question was young Emilio Osorio, whom after a long series of interviews both in person and over the phone, had disclosed more and more details regarding this story, as well as the identity of the author of the August 6th video, thus becoming an integral part of the investiagion. Pedro Ramirez would learn that the video's author was in fact an illegal alien from Central America-one of the main reasons for his refusal to become publicly known and vouch for the video's authenticity, since he feared deportation to his country of origin and shattering his hopes for creating a new life along with his family in Mexico. It was further learned that not only two young men had participated in the video-and whose voices can be perfectly identified in it-but also a woman, allegedly a coworker of the two young men in question. However, the woman's voice could not be heard on the copy of the video received by Tercer Milenio almost a month ago in its facilities. But it would be possible to hear her, according to Emilio Osorio, "in another part of the video that we didn't know about, and which nonetheless existed...the end of the video, which lasted approximately 15 seconds more, where it was possible to see the object appearing once again behind the "Royal Reforma" complex's buildings as it descends again, becoming hidden from the camera's viewfinder and from the witnesses who were taping it." According to the story told by Osorio to Pedro Ramirez, the video's author worked as a consultant, which made it necessary for him to travel constantly to different parts of the Republic, as well as a basic knowledge of video recording. However, none of his coworkers were willing to openly state their knowledge concerning the video. More specifically, they refused to accept that one of their coworkers may have been the author of the August 6th video. The conversations held with Emilio Osorio revealed that in fact, the name used in the letter attached to the video received at our offices was a pseudonym, and that the text described a real situation experienced by the video's authors---persons whose ages ranged between 25 and 30 years of age and who had shot the video using a Handycam camera employed in the course of their consulting work. Emilio Osorio also stated that the video had been copied with editing equipment in order to forward a copy to our offices. This could explain the reason why a fringe with the "Time Code", exclusive to professional video equipment, appears on the upper part of the video. Without a doubt, the information gleaned by Pedro Ramirez through this exceptional contact would dispel several mysteries on the video's author while opening a new line of inquiry within this UFO case.

Tuesday, October 28: On this day we received a series of blueprints for the sighting area on behalf of a civil engineer specializing in aerial photography. With them, and at the suggestions of a viewer, Mr. Gonzalo del Pozo Brambila, a Mechanical Engineer, we were able to establish a greater amount of details relative to the size and behavior of the Las Lomas UFO recorded on August 6th.

Wednesday, October 29: Our collaborator Pedro Ramirez continued to make contact by phone with Emilio Osorio in an effort to obtain precise information on the video's author, who continued to deny any possibility of contact to be interviewed. However, and in spite of having offered to respect his anonymity at all times, the search has been hitherto fruitless.

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