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Physiological Effects

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UFO-Related Human Physiological Effects

John F. Schuessler, Journal of Scientific Investigation

A significant number of UFO reports contain information suggesting that human physiological and psychological damage, animal reactions, and physical trace effects are caused by the UFO encounter. If this assertion is true, then we have an opportunity to provide the "proof" of reality sought by most researchers if we properly amass and utilize the results of the investigations. Important to researchers is the availability of historical data in a conveniently usable form. This document provides the first edition of a subset of the overall database - a catalog of UFO-related human physiological effects.

other articles & documents

Effects of UFOs Upon People (PDF) PDF Document

James McCampbell

Discussion of the physical and physiological effects of UFOs on people, and physical symptoms and perceptions experienced by people in association with a UFO sighting. According to the author, 'All observed effects of UFOs, except purely mechanical processes and artifacts, carry implications of electromagnetic and gravitational fields in their vicinity'.

Eye and Skin Irritation in UFO Reports

Mark Cashman, The Temporal Doorway

A number of UFO cases contain reference to apparently related physical symptoms regarding the eyes and skin. This article attempts to relate known information about similar physical reactions from the medical literature to the UFO effects. While specific cases are referenced in this document, the collection of the relevant information about possible physical effect sources in one place is also an important objective of this paper.

Odors from UFOs: Deducing Odorant Chemistry and Causation from Available Data - Preliminary Report PDF Document

A.F. Rullan

Some UFO reports document the presence of odors. While the number of UFO odor reports is small, odor detection and recognition provides some information that could help solve the UFO mystery. Odorants, if released or created by the UFO, could provide information about their chemistry and possibly about the energy generated to produce them. Odors have not been considered physical evidence of the UFO presence because odors do not leave a trace. Nevertheless, odor detection implies that a chemical change took place in the environment that was significant enough to be detected.

Physical Evidence Related to UFO Reports (Sturrock Panel): Physiological Effects on Witnesses

Peter Sturrock / Sturrock Panel Report / Physical Evidence Related to UFO Reports

UFO reports sometimes include references to physiological effects on witnesses. These effects can range from mild temporary sensations to long-term injuries.  R

Ufology: Physiological Effects

James McCampbell, Ufology, Ch 6

Effects of UFOs upon the principal sensory organs have been explored elsewhere. It was found, in brief, that the visual experience involved images of metallic vehicles, including various structural details, which were sometimes surrounded by vivid displays in brilliant colors or dazzling halos. A study of their noises disclosed several distinct types and suggested the artificial stimulation of auditory sensations within the head. Finally, several unique odors noticed in the vicinity of UFOs were traced to specific chemical compounds that are formed in the atmosphere under the stimulus of radiant energy that is emitted by UFOs. Reception of signals by the eyes, ears, and nose have been accounted for, yet there remains a variety of ways in which the body responds to UFOs at short range.