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UFO Researcher : Brit Elders

Brit Elders

Leading UFO researchers and documentary film makers Lee and Brit Elders have worked on many in-depth investigations, including the Billy Meier photographs/contact case in Switzerland, and the waves of UFO sightings in Mexico which began in 1991.

The Elders were the original and primary investigators, along with Col. Wendelle Stevens (Ret.), of the extensive ET contacts and UFO photographs of Eduard "Billy" Meier. Their investigation led to a two-volume investigative report, two full-color large-format photo books, and four volumes of "contact notes" recorded by Billy Meier (all published by Wendelle Stevens).

Brit and Lee Elders, in collaboration with Mexican investigative journalist Jaime Maussan, have produced a series of three videos on the Mexican sightings:
- Messengers of Destiny: Prophecies - UFOs - Earth Changes
- Masters of the Stars: The OVNIs of Mexico
- Voyagers of the Sixth Sun: UFOs and the Destiny of Mexico

The Elders have written two books on UFOs, and produced seven video tapes, and they have helped to produce numerous TV programs.


"…Famous UFO Researchers, Lee & Brit Elders, [are] renowned for their years of research, analysis, and documentation of hundreds of the Mexico City UFO sightings which began with the solar eclipse in 1991. The Elders have now acquired over 5,000 individual videotapes of these craft taken mostly by Mexicans in and near Mexico City. They have also consulted and worked on many other videos, films, and still photographs of UFOs from around the world." (Rense.com)

"[Brit and Lee Elders] have deservedly earned great fame and respect as the key chroniclers of the massive and continuing waves of UFO sightings in Mexico which began during the 1991 solar eclipse as ancient Mayan and Aztec legends had predicted. The Elder's three videos showing but a few hundreds of the thousands of Mexican sightings are landmarks in UFO research." (Liz Edwards)


"Stories from the Skies": An Interview With Britt and Lee Elders
Conducted by Richard Rodgers, newageinfo.com

Over the years, UFO buffs have come to know and trust the keen eyes and clear reporting of the sharpest investigating team in the international field, Britt and Lee Elders. They have spent countless hours researching sightings, tracking down witnesses, interviewing experts, examining evidence and traveling the world. As a result, we have the benefit of examining their catalog of books and videos and making up our own minds regarding this intriguing question. Down to earth about this unearthly topic, they are always a pleasure to speak with, and willingly share their thoughts and interests with us.

RR It's wonderful to speak with you again. I first heard about you through reading "Light Years", the book about UFO contactee Billy Meir. That was a few years ago, and I am delighted to learn what you've been doing recently. Would you care to tell us about the work you do with "Genesis III", and how it has developed over the years?

LE "Genesis III" started because of the Billy Meir investigation, basically. We had spent close to a hundred thousand dollars investigating that contactee case through our other company, "Intercept", and we needed something to offset the expenses. We thought, if we put the material out there for people to see and make their own judgments and decisions about it, in the form of books and videos, then they can have the same knowledge that we have , and at the same time it would help us finance our investigations.

RR So, it helps inform the public and provides you with a way to continue your investigations as well.

BE Most definitely, because when we release a video tape, the sales of that video tape go right into the next investigation.

RR It's great that you're doing this, because few people know the worldwide scope of the UFO phenomenon. Fewer still have an awareness of the possible historic influences by interstellar visitors. Do you see an increase in worldwide UFO activity, or merely more media attention?

LE We see a lot more activity worldwide. As far as the UFO phenomenon is concerned, there are hot spots all over the world right now. It seems to be increasing. Mexico, of course, has been ongoing since 1991, with sightings still going on today. There seems to be more awareness coming into the subject matter because of shows like "Sightings" and "Unsolved Mysteries" who carry these kinds of programs, and even mainstream books. I think that more and more people are discovering the phenomenon, and wanting to learn more.

The problem with wanting to learn more is where do you find these videos, how do you find this information? So many mainstream outlets simply do not carry these titles anymore. We hope that this new media of computer technology will allow people from their own homes to be able to obtain information and get caught up with the latest of what's happening worldwide, and learn where to obtain the best videos available. So, I think this is a new frontier for the type of work we do. At least, we're looking at it that way.

RR Excellent. Of course, at the onset we can offer printed text, but ideally one can download sound and film clips, and eventually place orders over the Internet to obtain these kind s of videos. It would be great to be able to access data on the hottest sightings of the last six months that mainstream media has ignored or covered up.

LE That's right, sightings are going on all over the world. It's not limited to Groom Lake, Sight 51, or Mexico ; it's a worldwide global phenomenon that really needs to be looked at very closely.

RR This is a unique area of study in which we find experts who could disqualify themselves by admitting personal involvement, and at the same time, authoritative texts written by ordinary people who have had extraordinary experiences. You seem to blend the best qualities of rational skepticism with the enthusiasm of true believers. How does this play our in your lives and work? How do you dance that fine line?

LE Well, sometimes you have to wear two hats. You have to maintain that balance. We've always tried to do that. Our philosophy, or credo, is to only accept cases that contain hard evidence. Therefore, we can look at something scientifically. That way, we can stay grounded. It is difficult at times, because you do get caught up in the enthusiasm. When you see the type of film footage that we're getting now out of Mexico and other parts of the world, it leaves you breathless.

You do get enthused about it, and you want to learn more. But then again, you always have to come back to reality. Number one, these Visitors seem to be here on their own agenda, not ours. And, these events are totally unpredictable as to where they appear, or what may happen. So, you do have to remain grounded. Sometimes it's difficult.

BE One of the things that comes about when you are an investigator is that you have to look at things through an investigative viewpoint, which asks , can you prove it or disprove it? Then, you set that aside and look at it from a personal level, and you get to a point where you get very non-judgmental on anything. Everyone has their own truth to whatever experience they have had. It happened to them, it didn't happen to me. You get out of the way of your own judgment in cases like that, and you take the story for what it is. That's why we really focus on cases that have hard evidence .

RR And by that, we mean physical samples, radar sightings, photographs and the like?

BE That's right.

RR When we ask the questions that the public might pose, "Who are they?" "Where are they from?" "What do they want?" The response is complicated, for there seem to be a variety of crafts and an assortment of visitors with unknown agendas. From the broad perspective that you uniquely share, do any common themes or messages emerge? Or, does it just get more and more nebulous?

BE It is nebulous. The contactees that we've spoken with around the world, all carry the same theme; "We have be very cautious about what we're doing to the planet." They are often very concerned, and I understand that, because it would have to reflect through the Universe. Whatever we create here, that energy has to go out. If we self-destruct, what damage are we going to be doing throughout the Universe? We have to begin to look at it in terms that don't just encompass the Earth, or a small country or a city, but in Universal terms. We have to look at the consequences. That seems to be the key that is a thread through almost all of the information provided by UFO contactees.

RR It's almost as if we had an unknown neighbor next door who suddenly started banging away at the wall, saying "Quiet down in there!" The good news is, we're not alone. The challenging news is that we need to clean up our act because our errors will have an effect on someone else.

BE I really do believe that.

RR We've enjoyed previewing your videos on the 1991 Mexico City sightings. What was it about that event that brought together Mayan Prophecies, a Solar Eclipse, and mass sightings by the populace? Are these important times we live in when so many important influences all line up together?

BE I think that there is a key here that needs to be examined for more understanding. The Mayans in 755 AD left a prophecy in their Codex that there would be a total solar eclipse on July 11th, 1991. (This specific date was noted in the prophecy written so long ago.) It said that this eclipse would be the harbinger of two things; "Cosmic awareness through encounters with masters of the stars"; and "Earth Changes". It would be the death of Ignorance , and the Birth of a New Light.

You have to remember the Mayans were great mathematicians, very scholarly when it came to the movements in the heavens. So, on July 11th, during the total solar eclipse, a UFO appeared. Now, this was in Mexico City, as well as four nearby cities that also had sightings. This was before the eclipse, during, and after when the sun was back out in full force. So, the beginnings of the cosmic awareness with Masters of the Stars literally took place during the eclipse as the Maya had predicted.

There is a triggering mechanism there. The UFOs that are appearing in Mexico seem to have some kind of fascination with specific dates and times when people are outside, are relaxed and looking up. During military air parades on Mexico's Independence Day festivities, everyone's outside and watching these huge fly-bys staged with jets and helicopters. Lo and behold, for the past four years on these dates, there have been UFO's going in the same directions, or different directions that defy the ability of known aircraft. It's really phenomenal.

RR It's almost as if they were deliberately staging sightings during these prime opportunities to be seen. They seem to know that many video cameras will be trained on the skies , and the chances of their craft being captured on video tape are the greatest.

BE Exactly. They seem to have an overt attitude towards this, like "Please look at me!"

RR While watching your video productions of the events, I marveled at the reactions from the police, government officials, and thousands of people seeing these crafts on television and overhead. It was surprising to find everyone excited, delighted and hopeful. Why would the response be so different here? I can hardly imagine such a reaction in America.

LE None of us can imagine that, because first of all there has been so much dissinformation, and so much fear attached to the subject matter here, that I think that it could be a very confusing situation for a lot of people. In Mexico, they haven't been induced by fear as introduced by the Abduction horror stories. They haven't been occurring down there. And, American investigators have not come into Mexico, spreading that information yet. So, the people are still open to it. They are not frightened by it.

These Voyagers seem to be seeking recognition. I don't think they want to have any direct contact. I like your next door neighbor analogy. You know, once you know the neighbor's there, it's up to you to approach that person and either say "Hello, how are you?", or to run from them.. At this point and time, I think it's a "wait and see" situation.

RR There are going to be many folks who will be coming to this study for the first time. Perhaps they saw a book or television program, and are just beginning to approach this type of information. To me, this topic is fascinating and thrilling. To others, it may cause them to immediately shut down in fear. There is such a plethora of stories and sources , often presented in a sensational way. What would you suggest to someone first tip-toeing into this study? How can one retain their center of sanity while approaching this information in a way that is safe for them?

LE Well, each individual has their own level. We have close friends who, when the subject matter comes up, don't even want to discuss it. Some people are frightened by it, extremely so. You really can't dive into it overnight. You have to feel your way through it like a minefield, I guess. What is comfortable to you? You must find your own comfort zone, and that might take a lot of reading, it might take interviews with people who have been there, or lectures, or whatever.

BE I think another aspect is that you keep a healthy skepticism on everything. You approach it with an open mind, you don't believe everything you read or see, and you approach it from what is comfortable with you. If you do that, you're going to receive much more information.

RR A friend commented at a UFO study group meeting, "The two things we encourage in people attending these meetings are these; don't trust the UFO occupants, and don't trust your government!". (All laugh). What that turns us back to is our own reading from the solar plexus, or what resonates with us as truth. Depending on our own readout for this is not necessarily a bad thing.

BE You have to be comfortable in whatever it is you want to learn. You need a level of interest to inspire learning, and then you have to be in a position where you understand that these people who are having abductions , their experience is their story. When there is physical evidence in the way of photographs or videos, or metal samples or sound recordings, then you take it to a different level . You look at it from a standpoint of, can this be made on Earth? Is it something that has flight characteristics that defy physics as we understand it? You start analyzing it in a different phase of reality.

RR Is there anything that we haven't addressed that you would like to comment on ?

LE Well, right now our big concern is about Mexico, and what's been happening down there for five years. The media in this country simply will not cover the story. Our Mexican friends in Mexico ask us this question over and over. "Why won't your mainstream press cover this event? Our press covers it, our television covers it, it's front page news!"

When you shut down a whole city the size of Mexico City, because of six unidentified aircraft overhead at high noon, that's news. That should be news worldwide!

RR When did that happen, since we didn't read about it here?

LE This happened on January 1st, 1993, New Years Day. It was the beginning of what we call the Third Wave of the Mexico activity. It was just unbelievable what happened there. Anyone who's ever traveled to Mexico City knows that it's the world's largest city, and it's main avenue is a very busy street, and yet traffic was halted. People were out of their cars looking up, and we have forty minutes of video shot by a camera crew there. Yet, there was nothing in the newspapers in this country on this story. That bothers us, and it bothers the people in Mexico, they can't understand why.

RR This says alot about our supposed freedom of the press. We're supposed to be holding that flag up for the rest of the world to see!

LE That's true. And, they always remind us of this! These are our relatives in the south, they look to us as their big brother. They say, "We don't need a big military presence here, we have you next door. We admire you, we respect you, we want to be like you. But, what has happened to the freedom in your country?"

RR Demographically, our populace is growing older here in the US, where over half of Mexico's population is under twenty five. We must seem like the older, grouchier brother who needs to wake up to the reality of what is going on in the skies. Our younger brothers and sisters in Mexico are dancing in the streets while we're ignoring what is obviously going on!

LE That's quite literal, Richard, because they literally have parties on hilltops and rooftops, and wait for the UFO's to fly in. There's a completely different attitude in Mexico, and I would like to see it spread. I think it was here in the fifties, when people were interested in the topic, before everybody became intimidated about it with stories of abductions and things that are scary. But, that's not happening in Mexico, and people are very, very receptive and responsive to the fact that UFO's (or, "Ovnis" as they call them)are in their skies.

LE That's a very interesting point that Britt brought up. The mindset of the Mexican people, to us anyway, seems to resemble the mindset of this country in the 50's, 60's and 70's concerning the phenomena. Then, they were referred to as "Our Space Brothers".

RR Yes, remember those huge meetings in the California desert, at Great Rock? They had family picnics on the back of their station wagons! Bring the kids!

LE That's right, and that's where they are in Mexico today. In this country today, the Space Brother has been substituted with "Aliens".

RR The movie theaters are showing previews of "Independence Day", where a flying saucer blows up the White House. I cheered, and then everyone else in the theater laughed. This is America's recent take on the topic, and of course it promotes a lot of fear in the public.

LE Films like this are opening up more and more interest in media and television. We've had five calls from producers in the last three weeks , wanting more information on the subject matter, thinking about doing special programs on TV. It's a negative approach, but yet it's creating more interest in the subject matter. Again, that will offer people the chance to either go into the fear aspect, or go into the hopeful aspect of the story.

RR We're thankful for this opportunity to tell folks about all the good work you two have been doing over the years, and to let them know how they can keep in touch with your investigations. We'd like to get your help in creating more of a public forum for this topic, and make your videos available to a wider public.

LE We're excited about this, too, Richard, and we're here in Arizona in the woods, cheering you on.

RR Thanks to this technology, we're up in here in the Redwoods, and we can both get this information out there, wherever folks join us on the Internet. We look forward to hearing about your next investigation, and thank you both for your dedication. We'll be watching the skies!

NOTE: For further information on how to obtain videos from the Elders at "Genesis III", please .......




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