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Michael Hesemann

Michael Hesemann

is a historian, internationally published author, award winning documentarist, science writer and investigative journalist.

Born in Düsseldorf/Germany, he studied History and Cultural Anthropology at Göttingen University in Germany. He lives in Düsseldorf and Rome.

From 1979-2000 he published and edited the “Magazine 2000”, Europe's largest magazine on mysteries of the past and presence, which came out in German and Czech language with a print-run of 100.000 copies.

His books are international bestsellers, published in 16 countries with a total print run of over a million copies. Hesemann produced several award-winning documentaries, which are distributed in 14 countries, and worked as an advisor for TV stations and programmes in the US (including ‘The X-FILES’, ‘SIGHTINGS’, ‘ENCOUNTERS’, for Paramount, Disney, The Fox Network and others), UK (Channel 4, MTV), Japan (NTV), Mexico (Televisa, TV Azteca), Germany (ARD, RTL, SAT 1, PRO SIEBEN, KABEL 1, TV NRW), Poland (TVN) , Italy (Rai Due) and the Vatican (TelePace).

He is an Associate Member of the prestigious “Society for Scientific Exploration”, the “World Explorer Club” and the “Israel Exploration Society”. He received the Honorary Membership of the Italian C.U.N. and was honored with the Hungarian “Colman VonKeviczky Medal” for his research on Extraterrestrial Intelligences and the UFO Phenomenon. He lectured on international conferences in 25 countries and at over 30 universities, at the Vatican Lateran University, the Pontificial University LUMSA, both in Rome, and on invitation by the Ministries of Culture and Transportation of the Republic of San Marino, the Human Potential Society, the Humanist Society at the United Nations and the United Nations Recreational Council. As a journalist, he is accredited at the Holy See Press Office.

Hesemann was the first western researcher who published the KGB Files on “Anomalous Aerial Phenomena”, officially released to him. He is the principal investigator of the Carlos Diaz case in Mexico and one of the main investigators of the Billy Meier case in Switzerland, the British and international cropcircle-phenomenon (on which he wrote three books) and the Fatima Secret, for which he received international attention. He uncovered the truth on the controversial alleged Roswell Autopsy Footage and exposed international fraud cases like the alleged Lesotho Crash of 1995 or the “Adrain-Case” in Miami, Florida.

For his research, he travelled over 700.000 miles and visited 44 countries of all five continents. He managed to interview the Bedouin discoverer of the Dead Sea scrolls on camera just a year before he passed away and documented the hidden story behind the archaeological discovery of the 20th century. He interviewed US astronauts Gordon Cooper and Edgar Mitchell, several Russian cosmonauts and Ex-Generals as well as high-ranking prelates of the Roman Catholic Church.

With official permission from the Vatican, Hesemann investigated the history of the alleged relic of the inscription of the cross of Jesus, hidden in Rome for nearly 1700 years. It was dated by seven Israeli experts for comparative palaeography -the established method to date inscriptions- into the 1st century, indicating its authenticity.

On December 17, 1998, Hesemann was personally received by H.H. Pope John Paul II to present the results of his study on this important relic. Later, in a letter written by his personal secretary, John Paul II expressed Hesemann his “admiration and appreciation for your laborious research”. Hesemann's conclusions were later confirmed by the work of Prof. Maria-Luisa Rigato of the Pontificial University Gregoriana in Rome and Prof. Carsten Peter Thiede of the Universities of Basle (Switzerland) and Beer-Sheva (Israel).

His subsequent book “Titulus Crucis” (The Jesus-Title) became a bestseller in Germany and Italy, published by the most respected Catholic publishing houses of both countries, Herder (1999) and San Paolo (2000). The relic, now exhibited in the Basilica di Santa Croce, became one of the major pilgrim's attractions during the Holy Year 2000.

Hesemann delivered the German language reading in the Easter Night Vigil 1999, the last of the 20th century, presided by the Pope, in St. Peter's Basilica in Rome. He was personally invited to participate in the opening and closing of the “Holy Year 2000” and followed Pope John Paul II on his trips to the Holy Land and Fatima/Portugal. He followed the publication of the Third Secret of Fatima and personally interviewed several high ranking curia members including Archbishop Bertone, Secretary General of the Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith, one of the Vatican's major Departments.

Hesemann's latest research covered the history of the Holy Grail, the Chalice of the Last Supper, which he claims he has located in a chapel in Spain. He continues his studies on Christian Relics, Marian Apparitions, Miracles, Historical Topics, Extraterrestrial Life and the UFO Phenomenon. On his latest research, he reports regularly under “Current News” on this website.

Hesemann is a regular guest on several radio shows in the US and Mexico, including “DREAMLAND” with Whitley Strieber, the “21st CENTURY SHOW” with Bob Hieronymus, the “HILLY ROSE”-Show and, in Mexico, “TERCER MILLENNIO” with Jaime Maussan.

His Books:

In German

Findet der Weltuntergang statt (The Doomsday Chronicles), 1984
Unser Gott ist die Erde (The Aztec Heritage), 1988
UFOs: Die Beweise (UFOs: The Evidence), 1989
UFOs: Die Kontakte (UFOs: The Contacts), 1990
Botschaft aus dem Kosmos (The Cosmic Connections), 1992
Geheimsache UFO (UFOs: A Secret History), 1994
UFOs: Neue Beweise (UFOs: New Evidence), 1994
Jenseits von Roswell (Beyond Roswell), 1996
Kornkreise (Cropcircles), 1996
UFOs ueber Deutschland (UFOs over Germany), 1997
Geheimsache Fatima (The Fatima Secret), 1997
Die kommende Weltkrise (The Coming World Crisis), 1998
Die Jesus-Tafel (The Jesus-Title), 1999
Die stummen Zeugen von Golgatha (The Silent Witnesses of Golgatha), 2000
Das Fatima-Geheimnis (The Fatima Secret - Revised Version), 2002
Die Kornkreis-Chroniken (The Cropcircle Chronicles), 2002
UFOs: Besucher aus dem All (UFOs: Visitors from Space - a Picture Book), 2002
Die Entdeckung des Grals (The Discovery of the Grail), 2002
In English

The Cosmic Connections, 1994
Beyond Roswell (with Philip Mantle), 1997
UFOs: The Secret History, 1999
The Fatima Secret, 2000

His Videos:

Mystery of the Crop Circles, 1991
UFOs: The Secret Evidence, 1992
UFOs and Area 51: Secrets of the Black World, 1994
UFOs: The Contacts, 1996
UFOs: The Footage Archives, part 1-5, 1998-2000
UFO Abductions: A Global Phenomenon, 1998
Ships of Light, part 1-2, 2000-2001
The Face of Christ, 2002




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