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Crop Circles: The Greatest Mystery of Modern Times
Lucy Pringle

In this extraordinary study, Lucy Pringle brings together her stunning aerial photographs with her many years of intensive research investigating a phenomenon which continues to baffle scientists throughout the world.

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The Greatest Mystery of Modern Times
Reviewer: Dr. E. H. Haselhoff (see more about me) from Eindhoven, NB Netherlands

Lucy Pringle has become world famous as a talented and prolific crop circle photographer, and her continuous involvement in the crop circle phenomenon made the appearance of this book a logical thing to happen. The fact that a mainstream publisher (HarperCollins) contacted Pringle and asked her to create this book, says a lot!

This hardcover book is well made, full of artistic photographs (as one would expect), and gives a very complete impression of the crop circle phenomenon, ranging from eye-witness accounts of circles forming, to scientific research and the paranormal. Many anecdotes give the book a personal touch, and make it pleasant to read.

The die-hard skeptics, however, will find a few handles to grasp. The many reports about 'anomalies' (failure of photographic equipment, effects on animals and human emotions, unpleasant physical effects etc.) will be immediately explained away as "coincidence" or "just imagination" by many. I would agree with them that "extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence". On the other hand, I know by personal experience that strange things do happen inside crop circles, but you should be very careful in formulating this to the large public, if you want to be taken seriously. I also believe that the man-made circles should not be discounted. People do make crop circles, and although this is only a small aspect of the crop circle phenomenon in its entirety, the fact should not be dismissed the way Pringle does.

All in all, I recommend this book as an excellent introduction to, indeed, the Greatest Mystery of Modern Times...


Spellbinding Stories
Reviewer: Simeon Hein (see more about me) from Boulder, CO United States

Lucy Pringle's Crop Circles is a unique collection of stories and anecdotes about peoples' strange experiences with crop formations. Anyone reading this book cannot escape the conclusion that crop circles are a mysterious phenomenon that create nonordinary perceptions and energy effects.

There are wonderful accounts of people who witness the spontaneous creation of these crop patterns, very similar to those told by researcher Colin Andrews. Anyone who thinks that crop cirles are merely exotic designs in the field needs to read this book.

Pringle discounts the idea, unfairly in my view, that humans might be involved in making many of these patterns. Nonetheless, the book demonstrates that crop circles are truly weird phenomena, not easily explained away.

(Simeon Hein is the author of Opening Minds: A Journey of Extraordinary Encounters, Crop Circles, and Resonance (Mount Baldy Press, 2002).)