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Ancient Astronauts

articles & documents

Ancient Artwork: A Spiritual Quest to Comprehend


Classic silvery discs, emanating beams of light are seen in many famous Renaissance Era paintings. Athough not always obvious, the resemblance is uncanny.

Ancient Nuclear Weapons? Another Aspect of the Ancient Indian Astronaut Connection

Colin Mulligan

Is it really possible that the ancient Indians had the capacity to deploy devastating nuclear weapons against their enemies? R

Australian Aboriginal Culture and Possible Ufo Connections

Bill Chalker

The legends and lore of the indigenous aborigines also provides material suggestive of interactions with anomalous aerial phenomena. Of course, in speculation about such data, it should be realised that the accounts are of historical and anthropological nature and therefore care should be taken not to interpolate too much into them.  R

The Pyramids: Are They Really Egyptian?

Dennis Balthaser

The Great Pyramid of Giza has intrigued us for centuries with such questions as, “do the pyramids have mystical powers”, “were they actually built as tombs for Pharaohs”, and the most intriguing question often raised is, “who actually built the pyramids”?  R

UFO Existence From the Past

Dennis Balthaser, 5/01/01

For many of us that research this subject of Ufology, most of that research has only been accomplished during the past 20 some years. Based on other information available however, it appears that UFOs have existed in one form or another for many more years than that, and I will present some of that information in this editorial.  R

Ufologist Involved in the Great Pyramids of Giza Research

Dennis Balthaser, 9/09/02

Many of you might wonder how a Ufologist would fit in with the research being done by The Great Pyramid of Giza Research Association. In this editorial I will share a limited amount of the research that has been done by a few members of the advisory board over the years and give a few of my own theories.  R

UFOs in History: Images of Ancient UFOs

UFOs at Close Sight

A collection of representations of ufos before photography existed. These images might disturb the skeptics who argue that ufos started to be reported only recently and are due to science fiction imagery.

websites & organizations

Ancient UFOs - Images from Historical Artwork

XFacts Research

Website on ancient UFOs and UFOs in historical artwork. Includes many images with descriptions of historical artwork possibly depicting UFOs.