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UFOs In Malaysia

Ahmad Jamaludin, The Unopened Files, No. 1, September 1996 ( UK )

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Summary: The Malaysian population has rarely paid attention to UFO reports, but an increasing number of strange happenings, coupled with popular TV series like the X-Files, has resulted in an upsurge of interest in the UFO phenomenon.

Ahmad Jamaludin

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The Malaysian population has rarely paid attention to UFO reports, but an increasing number of strange happenings, coupled with popular TV series like the X-Files, has resulted in an upsurge of interest in the UFO phenomenon.

When strange lights were observed near Sepang throughout September and October of 1995, people from all walks of life came in their hundreds to visit the small sleepy village of Kg. Tanjung Sepat Darat, which appeared to be at the hub of things. Unfortunately, as the crowds grew, so the UFOs appeared less and less willing to put on an aerial display for their benefit.

Long before the term "flying saucers" was coined in 1947, mysterious sightings had been recorded in these parts. One quiet night in June 1908, a strange wheel of light was seen in the sea by the crew of a Danish ship plying in the waters of the Straits of Malacca. That same month, strange bright lights were seen streaking across the skies over nearby Indochina.

Only when UFOs began to appear in broad daylight in the early 50s, did the subject receive serious attention by the media. At Port Kelang in the state of Selangor, a cigar-shaped object UFO was sighted by numerous witnesses flying high against a blue sky. The Royal Air Force, responsible for air defence at that time, acknowledged they had no aircraft airborne in the area. All over the countryside, solitary UFOs appeared in the shape of cigars, rockets, discs or spheres. Some were seen to perform aerobatics, while others just flew at extremely high altitude. Interestingly, there has not been one single report of a cigar-shaped UFO since that period reported in Malaysia. Encounters with "little people" or "entities" can be found in legend and folklore of most countries, and Malaysia is no different.

There have been many reports of such happenings with strange tiny entities down the years, but a definite link between these small creatures and the UFO subject only came about in 1969. A small silver-coloured UFO was seen to land on a primary school field in Johor Baru. The witnesses were all school children and claimed that the humanoid-type creatures which came out of the craft were only seven inches tall. If people find that hard to swallow, the following year saw a sudden increase in this type of encounter, but witnesses described the entities as only three inches tall!

To date there have been over 50 such incidents reported in Malaysia, and while school children have formed the bulk of testimony accrued, adults too have seen them.

That year, 1970, saw Malaysia experience its first UFO "wave" – peaking between August and September. Then in 1979, our country shared another "wave" along with the Philippines.

In August 1984, witnesses had several frightening encounters with what were described as "large, bald headed humanoids". These were two and-a-half-feet tall, and spotted in the jungles of Hulu Langat in the state of Selangor. In one case, a terrified witness saw a ball of light descend and land on an open clearing. Several entities then exited the craft, stood huddled in a group around it, and "chatted" to one another in a bird-like sound. Shortly after, they returned to their craft which took off quite smartly.

Two years later, another UFO came down near Kerteh in the state of Terengganu. A single humanoid alighted from the craft and walked in a field, as if looking for something. The two and-a-half feet tall entity then stepped back into the object which proceeded to rise steadily skywards before disappearing from view. Later, some footprints were found in the soft ground. In 1995, a farmer fell ill after reportedly encountering two humanoids with red glowing eyes and big ears.

Stationary bright lights, glowing balls, "splitting" UFOs, black aeroform bodies with multi-coloured lights, daylight discs – all have put in appearances here in Malaysia. Some have been recorded on photographs, while others have left visible burn marks on the ground. We have even had animals stampeded and terrified by these visitors, but no recorded mutilations.

I can offer two important observations to emerge from my country about this enigma:

  • Most, if not all of the objects and entities reported were extremely small when compaed with encounters in the West.
  • To date, there has not been one single Malaysian who has claimed to have been abducted. Why this should be is probably part of an even greater mystery, but it’s something to ponder.
Our search for knowledge has been made much easier with the creation of UFO research in Asia (UFORIA), which was officially formed on 17 December 1995 in Kuala Lumpur, our capital city. UFO enthusiasts from around the country can now finally work together as a team in pursuit of answers, and I trust you will find the accompanying photographs of interest. ( Photos not available here).

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