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The Kecksburg UFO: Stan Gordon and Leslie Kean

SCI FI.com

original source |  fair use notice

Summary: Transcript of SCI FI channel interview with Stan Gordon and Leslie Kean, researchers of the Kecksburg UFO incident.

ChatMod: Hi everybody, thanks for joining us. I'm Ben Trumble for SCIFI. Tonight we're pleased to welcome Stan Gordon and Leslie Kean both profiled in our new special SCI FI Declassified. Our guests are authorities on the Kecksburg Incident.

ChatMod: Brief word about the drill. This is a moderated chat -- please send your questions for our guest to ChatMod, as private messages. (To send a private message, either double-click on ChatMod or type "/msg ChatMod" on the command line - only without the quotes.)...Then hit Enter (or Return on a Mac.)

ChatMod: Tell us about Kecksburg. What happened there?

StanLeslie: On Dec 9th 1965 multiple witnesses saw a flaming object in the sky

StanLeslie: It moved over Westmorland County then turned south over Laurelville, then went northeast to Kecksburg and came down in a controlled manner

StanLeslie: In a relatively short time the military moved in and closed the area down

StanLeslie: Reports from Pittsburgh were not allowed into the woods

StanLeslie: Other individuals say NASA was there

StanLeslie: The official word was there was a search, a meteor, and nothing was found

StanLeslie: But people in the community say a military truck hauled something away

StanLeslie: And some people in the woods saw a large disk like object in the woods

StanLeslie: Now we know the object went to Wright-Patterson

ChatMod: taxyman> to : with the short time frame between "crash " and military showing up do you think they governmanet was in contact with the craft

StanLeslie: S:

StanLeslie: We think they were tracking them on radar

StanLeslie: And Projecy Moondust, the quick response teams ready to grab Soviet space hardware may have been alerted prior to the crash

StanLeslie: That doesn't mean they were all Moondust

StanLeslie: Moondust may have notified other agencies

ChatMod: to : Could you give us descriptions of what the craft that people saw in the woods? I have heard that it was acorned shape.

StanLeslie: Large. metallic, acorn shaped

StanLeslie: An off-gold color

StanLeslie: No signs of hatches, rivets, etc

StanLeslie: The diameter was 8-10ft

StanLeslie: The bumper area had raised up marking that looked like pictographs

ChatMod: to : Is there any evidense from the townsfolk, like debri?

StanLeslie: Lexlie -- Nobody saved a piece

StanLeslie: But on the show tonight SCI FI has a professor explaining the obvious tree damage and such that does prove something large crashed there. It's in the trees.

StanLeslie: In terms of physical evidence, John Murphy a reporter took photograhs but his film was taken from as he left the scene

StanLeslie: And those photographs are part of what we would like to obtain from the government

ChatMod: to : I was sitting on the side of the bank on the Griffy Hill in Kecksburg on that afternnon in 1965 and the object passed about 150 yard in fornt of me and just abovee the tree line. It was not a falling rock or a fireball when I saw, but a clear view of the object and it was a constructed object and it was defnately a controlled objet. Thanks you, thank you for trying to help solve the mystery!

StanLeslie: Stan: If I've never talked to you can you contact me. My # is 724 838 7768

ChatMod: to : Could you please tell us about the latest news that NASA Is about to release 36 pages of information about Kecksburg? If the info is not satisfactory, will you continue the lawsuit?

StanLeslie: Leslie: We announced on Tuesday that we are on the verge of taking NASA to court

StanLeslie: We won an appeal on them and they haven't been forthcoming

StanLeslie: The very next day they told us they are sending documents

StanLeslie: We have no idea if they are the documents we want

StanLeslie: Check the website next week

StanLeslie: Our request letter is on the website.

StanLeslie: The only agency that has ever released documents is the Air Force in conjunction with Blue Book. The Air Force floated the meteor theory

ChatMod: How does Kecksburg differ from Roswell in terms of official response?

StanLeslie: Leslie: There are a few official Roswell documents, but generally the government hasn't released anything honest on either

StanLeslie: But Kecksburg is "clean" in terms of fewer dishonest witnesses

StanLeslie: Stan: Few of the Kecksburg witnesses have ever talked with anyone

StanLeslie: That's why I've been so lucky to interview them

StanLeslie: Credible witnesses

StanLeslie: School teachers, cops

StanLeslie: Firemen

StanLeslie: And there are so many littl;e details that they all seem to share

StanLeslie: The credibility gap in Kecksburg is narrow

StanLeslie: The majority of witnesses don't even know each other.

ChatMod: to : If there were obviously fire trucks, police officers, military, and other people at the scene how is it possible for them to deny that something significant happened?

StanLeslie: Stan: They don't deny an "event"

StanLeslie: It was all over the papers

StanLeslie: Even the military search

StanLeslie: Leslie: So how can it be that the military denies it now

StanLeslie: But our business isn't to ask why they cover up, it's to demand the evidence

StanLeslie: Obviously it was something very sensitive.

ChatMod: Will your investigation demand access to the actual physical craft if they are forced to admit that an object was found?

StanLeslie: We would certainly make a request if they ever admitted an object was found

StanLeslie: Stan: Or if they said it was something Soviet or American and let us see the craft we'd be please3d to look at it

ChatMod: sib> to : so the question - why do you think nasa will provide something real?

StanLeslie: Leslie: You can't think along those lines

StanLeslie: The law says they are obligated to release information

StanLeslie: What's different about this request is we have the money and resources to fight in the courts for the real documents

StanLeslie: That's why we have expectations

StanLeslie: And we've had great media coverage

StanLeslie: Stan: And you can all help us by signing the petition. Showing the level of interest could help the GAO to investigvate

StanLeslie: signpetition.com

ChatMod: to : Have you tried petitioning the federal senators and representatives for help in disclosing information, especially the ones representing PA and the local region?

StanLeslie: Stan: That's what the petition is about

StanLeslie: Request one of the PA Reps to request a GAO investigation

StanLeslie: The GAO has access and credibility. They have the power to get access to information that others can't touch

ChatMod: Do you know of other cases similar to Kecksburg?

StanLeslie: Leslie: What's extraordinary about Kecksburg are the number opf witnesses, the object on the ground, etc. It may be the best documented

ChatMod: I know you guys have to leave us

StanLeslie: Stan: As far as crash retrieval cases go, there are many other reports, but generally in isolated places and we have little information

StanLeslie: Stan: If anybody out there has Kecksburg information, do contact us

StanLeslie: We don't need to sue your vame

StanLeslie: We lost Leslie. Good night

ChatMod: We'll open the floor now

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