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General Books on UFOs

San Diego UFO Information

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  1. Clark, Jerome -*High Strangeness:UFO's from 1960 to 1979
  2. Clark, Jerome -*The UFO Book, Encyclopedia of the Extrasterrestrial
    Visible Ink
  3. Davenport, Marc ---Visitors from Time
    Wild Flower Press
  4. Fawcett, L. -UFO Coverup (formerly "Clear Intent")
    Simon & Schuster
  5. Fowler, Raymond, ---UFOS: Interplanetary Visitors
  6. Fuller, John ---Aliens in the Skies
    Putnam, Berkley
  7. Fuller, John ---Incident at Exeter
    Putnam, Berkley
  8. Gillmor, D. ---* Scientific Study of Unidentified Flying Objects
  9. Good, Timothy ---Above Top Secret
    Sidgwick and Jackson, Morrow
  10. Hall, Richard ---Uninvited Guests
    Aurora Press
  11. Hynek, J. Allen ---*The UFO Experience
    Regnery, Ballantine
  12. Jacobs, David -*The UFO Controversy in America
    New American Library
  13. Lorenzen, Coral & Jim ---UFO's: The whole story
  14. Lorenzen, Coral & Jim ---Encounters with UFO Occupants
  15. McCampbell, James ---*Ufology
    Jaymac, Celestial Arts
  16. Moore, W. & Berlitz, C. ---The Roswell Incident
    Grossett and Dunlap
  17. Randle,K ---The Truth about the UFO Crash at Roswell
    Evans, 1994
  18. Ruppelt, E --*The Report on Unidentified Flying Objects
    Doubleday, Ace
  19. Rutledge, Harley ---Project Identification
  20. Sagan, C. & Page, T. ---*UFO's: A Scientific Debate
  21. Story, Ronald ---The Encyclopedia of UFO's
  22. Vallee, Jacques ---Anatomy of a Phenomenon
    Regnery, Ace
  23. Vallee, Jacques ---Challenge to Science
    Regnery, Ace
  24. Vallee, Jacques ---*Dimensions
    Contemporary Books
  25. Vallee, Jacques ---Confrontations
  26. Vasquez, John and Holms, Bruce Stephen ---Incident at Fort Benning
    Timeless Voyager Press

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