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Exopolitics: A Decade of Contact - PART TWO

Alfred Lambremont Webre, JD, MEd

original source |  fair use notice

Summary: How humanity is ultimately governed by Universal law, which operates much like other natural and governmental laws on Earth. How politics and government do not stop at Earth’s edge. How our position in interplanetary society is determined by what human society as a whole does on Earth – all politics are local, global, and then universal. How a planetary security system based on militarization and war effectively cuts us off from Universal society. How a progressive planetary society sets the stage for political reintegration into Universe society.

A Treatise

PART TWO – Universe Politics

By Alfred Lambremont Webre, JD, MEd

Copyright © 2000-2001
Alfred Lambremont Webre
All Rights Reserved


Books by Alfred Lambremont Webre

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(Tokyo: Ugaku Sha 1975)
The Levesque Cases, (Ontario: PSP Books, 1990)
Earth Changes: A Spiritual Approach, (Universebooks.com, 2000)
Recovery: A Personal Journey, (Universebooks.com, 2000)



Caveat Lector

PART ONE Turning the Universe Upside Down

Chapter One - Introduction to Exopolitics
Chapter Two - The Infancy of Exopolitics
Chapter Three - A User's Guide to Life
Chapter Four - The Garden of Eden Hypothesis
Chapter Five - Spiritual and Material Reality
Chapter Six - The UFO Phenomenon
Chapter Seven - The Information War
Chapter Eight - The Planetary Rebellion and Its Causes
Chapter Nine - A Universe Career
Chapter Ten - Understanding Universe Organization
Chapter Eleven - Universe Politics and the Decade of Contact
Chapter Twelve - Can We Heal?
Chapter Thirteen - The End of the Oligarchy
Chapter Fourteen - Reversing the Quarantine
Chapter Fifteen - Reaching Out to Interstellar Society
Chapter Sixteen - The Rebirth of Universe Consciousness
Chapter Seventeen - Toward A Decade of Contact
Chapter Eighteen - The end of terrestrial politics?

PART TWO — Universe Politics

Chapter Nineteen - Universe politics is like all human politics
Chapter Twenty - “Universe Politics does not stop at Earth’s edge”
Chapter Twenty One - “Exopolitics: Humans Are As Humans Do”


Caveat lector: Our human civilization is at the very beginnings of its era of Universe consciousness. Any factual errors in descriptions of the structure of a Universe government and of the dynamics of Universe politics, while they may be intuitively well grounded, are the sole responsibility of the author.


PART TWO – Universe Politics

How humanity is ultimately governed by Universal law, which operates much like other natural and governmental laws on Earth. How politics and government do not stop at Earth’s edge. How our position in interplanetary society is determined by what human society as a whole does on Earth – all politics are local, global, and then universal. How a planetary security system based on militarization and war effectively cuts us off from Universal society. How a progressive planetary society sets the stage for political reintegration into Universe society.


Chapter Nineteen

Exopolitics: Universe politics is like all human politics.

Exopolitics - like human politics - is a social food fight. In the case of Universe politics on Earth, however, the food fight is one-sided. As a politically captive population, we humans are officially oblivious to the governing process of Universe society. Unofficially, of course, somewhere between a quarter and a half of the human race intuit that Earth is in a dynamic with extraterrestrial civilizations.

Innate awareness of a larger Universe society is part of our human makeup, our species evolution. Social forms in the Universe are holographic reflections of the Universe as a whole. Government and political structures on Earth are reflections, holographic fragments of larger forms in Universe society.

One of the remarkable qualities of Universe government is that its patterns and structure are holographic projections of the whole. The governmental structure of the Universe as a whole is projected in governmental and political structures of a constituent part, like planet Earth.

The legacy of Earth's planetary isolation and quarantine differs, however, from a planet whose evolution has followed a more regular, overtly Universal path. Earth's governmental forms both reflect the quarantine period, and are fundamental holographic fragments of the Universe ideal.

Earth is a life-experiment planet under the jurisdiction of Universe society. Earth's heritage as a life-experiment planet is the reason why both human intuition and our sacred religious traditions contain so many partial truths about Universe reality. Earth’s political forms have their holographic, essential origin in exopolitics, the political forms of Universe society.

Universe society’s governmental and political forms are deeply embedded in the design of Earth’s governmental structures.

"As above so below" is a fundamental axiom of exopolitical evolution. That Earth does not openly participate in Universe politics is ironic. Humans are uniquely adaptive when it comes to politics. Witness our survival, for example, in the political twists and turns of the Twentieth century, let alone the entire planetary quarantine. As we achieve critical mass in human Universe awareness, it will seem like the human community has always intuitively known that we are part of a larger, structured whole.

Exopolitics’ principles are straightforward. The basics of Universe politics are easily understood, even when applied to a quarantined planet like Earth’s with an irregular political history.

Human politics and government on Earth are structured after politics and government in the Universe. Human beings and human society are evolutionary descendants of Universe society. Universe scientists genetically seeded us. The early concepts of government were established on Earth under the guidance of Universe colonizers. We humans are much closer to Universe politics than our millennia of isolation from Universe society might suggest.

Exopolitics - Universe politics - is a structured process by which the evolutionary and social needs of life-bearing planets are mediated and determined. There are at least two sides to Earth’s extraterrestrial politics: the needs of Universe society, and the needs of our unique, quarantined planet. Earth’s exopolitics are elementary and simplistic, because humans are largely oblivious of our isolation in a highly governed Universe.

Earth’s exopolitics are those of an intelligent civilization that is only now becoming conscious of its potential role in the larger Universe. A growing Universe consciousness on Earth means that an exopolitical process is beginning to unfold as well. Humanity is moving toward liberating itself from a quarantined isolation imposed from above. We are deconstructing the narrow social and institutional blinders that have kept us in isolation from inter-stellar society. You and I are witnessing the beginnings of a Universe "process of liberation" of planet Earth.


Chapter Twenty

"Universe Politics does not stop at Earth’s edge"

An open mind is the best Universe navigation tool at this stage in Earth’s development. Politics and government do not stop at Earth’s edge. Exopolitics pervades the Universe. Universe governance is based upon rational principles. Universe society extends throughout known inter-stellar dimensions that, as well as to Universe dimensions our civilization has yet to discover.

Universe governance is based on a fundamental principle: that spiritual and material dimensions in the Universe are a single reality. Spiritual reality is actually more "real" than material reality. Advanced extraterrestrial civilizations are based on acknowledging the unity of spirit and the material. Universe governance is based on the principle that the spiritual and material aspects of planetary evolution are intertwined, and seeks common evolutionary goals.

Universe society extends throughout the entire cosmos. Its basic unit of organization is the life-bearing planet. Universe society continuously monitors intelligent civilizations on life-bearing planets. At a certain stage of a life-bearing planet, its intelligent civilization becomes part of Universe governance. This is how Earth's early civilization originally became part of Universe society.

Consider one very rough but useful analogy. As a member of Universe society, our planet may be comparable to a town or city within a state or province inside a nation here on Earth. Of course, there are huge differences in this analogy. Governmental jurisdictions on Earth do not necessarily follow the lines of nature. Many Earthly borders and boundaries between counties, provinces, states, or nations, for example, cut across the natural lines of rivers, mountain systems, and ecosystems. Likewise, governmental systems of planets do not necessarily follow the physical structure of inter-stellar space.

Life-bearing planets in inter-stellar space form part of a vast, dynamic interdimensional federation, structured around organic quadrants of Universe creation, and composed of vibrant, varied exopolitical networks. Inter-stellar society is generally built around locally contiguous networks of life bearing planets. Local networks of planets are entry-level building blocks for a decentralized exopolitical structure. Universe society operates across multi-dimensional realities, and includes many differing forms of Universe civilizations - both "spiritual" and "material".

Advanced multidimensional civilizations actually cultivate the myriad galaxies, stars, and planetary systems of the physical Universe. Responsibility for conscious evolution of the Universe is decentralized. Ancient multidimensional civilizations consciously evolve the Universe through advanced, scientific interventions in natural evolutionary processes. These interdimensional, "spiritual" societies create and cultivate intelligent civilizations such as our own. Humanity itself in turn has the potential to evolve into an advanced, multidimensional society. "Ye are Gods in the making," is one adage expressing this evolutionary truth.

Universe society plans and develops basic networks of life-experiment planets in contiguous quadrants of outer space. Life-experiment specialists develop these planetary networks over long aeons of time. Life-bearing planets are formally incorporated into Universe governance networks as their intelligent civilizations mature. Once a single planetary network reaches the limits of manageable size, a new life-planet system is started for an inter-stellar region.

Two fundamental principles of Universe governance form a paradox. One the one hand, the Universe is consciously evolved by decentralized, advanced civilizations. The principle of decentralized exopolitical evolution governs the development of intelligent civilizations in the Universe. On the other hand, Source maintains ultimate centralized creation over all reality.

Thus, creation of the Universe is both centralized in One Source, and decentralized in many multidimensional civilizations.

There is a deeper, dimensional structure to the Universe. We humans are used to thinking of a physical Universe composed of such natural basic building blocks as solar systems and galaxies. Universe government cuts across such natural phenomena as solar systems and galaxies, and extends beyond the inter-stellar space we visually see. The Universe is a living, evolving entity, composed of many dimensions and realities. Universe society functions beyond physical inter-stellar space, and throughout the multiplicity of Universe realties and dimensions.

As holographic fragments of a living Universe, we humans are ourselves multi-dimensional beings. Humans exist in overlapping dimensions. Our physical bodies and our spiritual souls function together, but in radically different dimensions of the Universe. Think of Earth and its planetary network as our "body politic", and our network capital as our "planetary soul."

Like body and soul of the human being, networks of Universe government co-exist in radically different dimensions of the Universe. The principle of over-lapping multi-dimensionality applies as well to the design of Universe governmental exopolitical. Universe society has its government capitals, much as the capitals of Earth's governmental systems. The capital of Earth's planetary network is located within another Universe dimension, invisible to our current human science.

Earth’s political systems are built around geographical "capitals" where the interactive business of governments takes place, in judicial, legislative and executive forums. By contrast, the "capitals" of our interplanetary networks are located within dimensions of the Universe that Earth has yet to discover. Planetary network capitals are located within older, more evolved dimensions of the Universe than the planets – like Earth - it oversees. The Universe itself evolves, including the multiplicity of its inner, more advanced dimensions, as well as the familiar dimension of "outer space."

Our interplanetary capital is more "spiritual" in nature than its member planets, such as Earth. Our planetary capital is located within a more spiritual dimension than interstellar space we know. Our capital carries out government and politics by means of advanced Universe technologies of dimensionality and reflectivity.

We planets are in a "virtual reality." The location of our network capital is "virtual," or in some more advanced dimensional reality, which our fragmentary religious traditions may call "Heaven". The capital's virtual "location" in another dimension facilitates its overseeing both the physical and spiritual evolution of life-bearing planets in its jurisdiction.

We must be fearless in letting go of erroneous concepts embedded in our science and religious traditions if we are to understand how the Universe evolves intelligent life. We carry unnecessary emotional and conceptual baggage as to how life-bearing planets are grown and organized. Think of the Universe as vast growing Mind, endlessly creating from its center Source; yet decentralized in its architecture and operations.

As individuals, we are actually part of that Universal mind. The ultimate Source of the Universe is a person inside the Universe (as each of us is). The Source is the evolving Universe itself as well. A living, holographic fragment of Source is within each of our Souls. These are all aspects of the Source (known as God).

As we more fully evolve, we may actually come to meet Source, face to face, within a dimensional world at the center of the known Universe. This very real, dimensional location is known in our religious traditions as "Paradise," or the center of "Heaven." Our current human science does not have the tools to understand or perceive this ultimate Universe dimension.

The Universe is the most imaginative thriller known. The exquisite design of the intelligent Universe centers on the growth of our individual Souls. The soul is our non-temporal navigator through the myriad dimensions of the Universe.

You can think of our planet Earth and the whole system of life-bearing planets as a hothouse for growing souls. One goal of Source is to share its Universe with beings who can themselves evolve eventually into Source-like beings. In a word, the facts of science and the concepts of religion really do merge as we evolve in this Universe we inhabit.

There are perceptual barriers and doorways to humanity’s acquiring its next level of Universe knowledge. We will not be able to "see" the structure of Universe society, our life-bearing planet neighbors, until we are ready. We cannot rush this process of our reintegration into Universe society. But we can create the conditions and social permission on Earth for our civilization and Universe society to interact in a shared reality. Admission to interplanetary society may require that we openly acknowledge Earth as an isolated planetary member.

To use another metaphor, we on Earth are in a mystery school. The mystery school is the Universe itself. Our human history and evolution is actually an unfolding tour, so deeply guided as to be beyond the comprehension of our mortal intellects. The goal of this mystery tour is our growth as non-temporal beings. The Source creates this Universe mystery school, and guides us through stages of planetary evolution.

Earth's mystery school is designed to prevent the human community from venturing outward into the Universe without first becoming aware of its intelligent and moral order. To integrate with Universe society, we need transform ourselves to be open citizens of Universe society. Without this transformation, our community would not even become aware that it is in a populated and ordered intelligent Universe. Earth would remain within our planetary isolation, an evolutionary cul-de-sac.

Federal systems of government here on Earth reflect the design of Universe government. Under a decentralized federal system, a hierarchy of federal governments controls local governments. The design of federal governments on Earth is actually a holographic reflection of Universe-based governments. Local networks of life-bearing planets are under the jurisdiction of "federal" Universe capitals, located deeper within dimensions of the Universe which humanity cannot presently perceive.

From their more evolved, spiritual dimensions, these federal Universe capitals oversee vast interplanetary federations. Government on these Universe capitals is analogous to the primitive governmental forms we know on Earth. The legislative, judicial and executive functions we know of Earth all are holographically derived from the design of Universe government. Earth's governmental forms are flawed because of the heritage of our planetary quarantine. Our governments are primitive because humanity is a very, very young intelligent species in the Universe.

Think of Universe capitals as being analogous to provincial or state capitals on Earth. Basic legislative, executive, and judicial powers are exercised on Universe capitals, as they are at provincial and state capitals on Earth. Universe capitals serve as interdimensional legislatures, where the laws and statutes of Universe society are formulated, debated, politicked, and enacted.

The Universe executive branch is analogous to a state governor or provincial premier. A Universe executive establishes its seat of governmental authority at these interdimensional capitals. The executive functions of Universe government include overseeing the development and evolution of the life-bearing planets, and keeping the peace of Universe society.

Think of Universe executives as highly advanced god-beings with powers of Universe creation, and authority over quadrants of Universe reality. Traditional Earth religions often refer to Universe executives as the "gods" or "God."
Universe courts are located throughout the various federal levels of Universe
government, dispensing justice under public and private Universal law. Among the many issues that these courts adjudicate, for example, are orders for the isolation or quarantine of errant planets, such as Earth.

Earth is now in political isolation, and does not participate directly in Universe government. In effect we have defaulted on our Universe privileges, including that of self-government. The more advanced and evolved civilizations tend to be more involved in Universe governance.

As a civilization advances in spiritual evolution, it also advances in governmental power and authority within the Universe. This connection between spiritual and political power is a phenomenon of Universal law and planetary evolution. An advanced civilization possesses a sense of cosmic responsibility, and can oversee the creation and development of new intelligent planetary life. Our human community has been isolated from our cosmic heritage. Our re-joining Universe society can help us reacquire our cosmic responsibilities. A cosmic sense in turn feeds our evolution as a community of spiritual beings

Politics, then, does not stop at Earth’s edge. In fact, it appears that the higher we proceed within the Universe community, the more comprehensive is the scope of Universe exopolitics. Consider the political dynamics operating at the Universe capital overseeing our planetary isolation. We can surmise that powerful Universe forces support our reintegration into interplanetary society.

Earth's quarantine is the result of an extended governance process, analogous to a traumatic international political and governmental process on Earth – World War II, as an example. The specific conditions of our planetary isolation are contained in legislative statutes, executive regulations, and judicial case decisions of Universe government. Our emerging from planetary quarantine is as much dictated by Universe government, as was our original isolation.

Universal law is the blueprint for politics, government, and law on Earth. Universe justice and law are embedded in the deeper design of Earth’s governmental structures. Earth's governmental forms -– legislative, executive, and judicial – have the potential to guide Earth into integration with Universe society. Earth's governments need only be openly oriented toward Universe integration.

The initiatives of Universe government in turn impact us here on Earth. Our predisposition to re-integrate Earth into inter-planetary society grows, even as we may are unaware of the forces supporting our Universe reunion. Universe government guides us from its multiple dimensions, through the barriers and obstacles to our inter-planetary reunion.

Universe government extends inward to spiritual dimensions that are even more evolved than interplanetary capitals. At the more advanced capitals of Universe government, creation and government merge. Universe executives here take on the creative functions -–literally – of "gods". These advanced Executive beings can bring entire new physical quadrants of the Universe into being. They establish governance processes, and develop these new, organic quadrants of space. Universe Executives oversee the development of this new reality over billions of years, and cultivate entire systems of life-bearing planets.

The inner structure of the Universe may well created and overseen by evolving "God-beings". Human science does not yet know these secrets, but fragments of secret knowledge about the inner structure survive in human religions.

Christianity, for example, holds that Jesus of Nazareth was a human incarnation of a "Son of God". The historical Jesus could well have been the human incarnation of the Universe Son of God that created the local quadrant of the Universe we inhabit. Human incarnations by Universe god-beings may be a key part of the cosmic drama of the quarantine of Earth.

Human history appears to be a spiritual drama at its deepest level. Many of the historical spiritual leaders of Earth may well carry out important functions in resolving our spiritual isolation in Universe society. The fact that a Creator Son of our local Universe could have chosen Earth for his planetary incarnation makes Earth a unique spiritual theatre.

Universe politics plays out on multiple levels here on Earth. Some exopolitical issues are so profound their resolution requires direct intervention by the Creator-Son of God of our local Universe quadrant. More routine issues of exopolitics are resolved through the decentralized authority of Universe legislation, judicial decisions, or executive enforcement.

Earth's exopolitics are unusual in the Universe. Our status as an isolated planet is officially unknown to us. Yet our reintegration into Universe society depends on our becoming collectively aware of our isolation. To end our isolation, a critical mass of us must be aware that Earth is part of a populated, advanced, organized interplanetary society. Human beliefs about extraterrestrial reality must expand beyond its present limits. Our next planetary frontier consists of a critical mass of humanity becoming collectively aware, and openly part of Universe society.

The evolution, development, and government of the Universe are decentralized. However, a single, common Source maintains the vastness of the outer worlds of inhabited space and the inner dimensions of Universe governance and creation. That original Source is a Being called God, Dios, Dieux, Allah and more in sacred religious traditions.

God is the ultimate political being in the Universe. The complexity of God is such that we can hardly comprehend God’s multiplicity. At the transcendent level, God is the Universe as it evolves. At a more immanent level, a personal being God resides at the most central administrative capital within the entire Universe.

This exopolitical capital is known in some human religious concepts as "Paradise". This central Paradise is – scientifically – the ultimate source of all life, intelligence, and spirit that exists. Given the correct spiritual circumstances, each of us could come face to face with the personal God at this central Paradise. A holographic particle of God resides within the intelligent, spiritual beings of the Universe. This is what makes the human soul divine.

The principles of the Universe politics ultimately govern our politics on Earth. Earth's political institutions - flawed by our quarantine - are based on Universe politics. It may surprise you that an advanced and complex Universe would be governed by political institutions analogous to those here on Earth. Universe politics seem far away from Earthly stereotypes of troubled religious institutions and corrupt politics. Advanced justice, laws, courts, legislatures, governmental executives exist out in the vastness of the Universe. Universe government is the source for all human political institutions, as they struggle out of our Universe isolation.

No wonder human science lack to tools for developing insight into intelligent life in the Universe. Exobiology, the study of the possibility of extraterrestrial life, is our contemporary tool for studying extraterrestrial life. The focus of exobiology is the microorganism, a fundamental building block of life. Exobiology in its present form seeks to establish the conditions of microorganismic alien life. It studies specialized planetary conditions to discover if conditions for primitive life forms has arisen.

If the microorganism approach of contemporary human exobiology were it only one of many exobiology’s specialties, it would be scientifically reasonable. Contemporary exobiology could not itself discover the advanced intelligent civilizations that form Universe society. Exobiology has no concepts for understanding how a more advanced civilization would approach a lower intelligent civilization, like Earth.

Our scientific establishment has a deep seated, antagonistic bias against the existence of more advanced civilizations in Earth’s environment. Clearly the paradigms of exobiology must be transformed if we humans are to integrate into larger Universe society.

Expand exobiology to include the study of advanced civilizations in the Universe, and their relation to Earth. The scientific enemies of Universe society have had their historical day and failed. Physicist Enrico Fermi in 1939 stated his paradox– if Universe civilizations exist why have they not visited Earth? Fermi’s approach has a double bankruptcy. Universe civilizations have not appeared "officially" precisely because the Earth is in legal quarantine. However, Universe civilizations are in daily, profound and permanent contact with Earth’s ecology, overseeing our planet and its evolution, and raising the consciousness of the collective human mind.

Universe civilizations do not visit Earth episodically. They are a permanent part of Earth’s ecology. Earth is a life-experiment project of Universe society, and is under Universe politics and governance. Our interplanetary capital is Earth's closest level of Universe government. Like local governments on Earth, local planetary capitals focus on broad issues of planetary welfare, as well as on biological and spiritual status of intelligent life.

Earth is a life-experiment planet, and homo sapiens is a life-experiment species. Universe scientists, who continue to monitor biologic and evolutionary conditions on Earth, biologically engineer humans to some degree. Intervention in human evolution takes place under minimal interference rules for life-bearing planets. Monitoring facilitates Universe society's control of the decentralized processes of planetary evolutionary.

These twin evolutionary principles – planetary non-intervention and planetary over-control – may seem mutually contradictory and paradoxical. This apparent contradiction can be resolved through different Universe standards. Overcontrol of evolution is activated when the very existence of a desired evolutionary end is threatened.

We exist in a Universe that is simultaneously "physical" and "spiritual", and there is no fundamental contradiction between the two. The "physical" aspects of the Universe are its newer, less real creations, and the Universe’s spiritual aspects are its older, more real dimensions. Spiritual and physical are along a spectrum of creation, consciousness, and energy. It is misleading to describe Universe government as an interplanetary federation, and not include government's dimensional, spiritual aspects of government.

Higher Universe levels of government are responsible for the unification and stabilization of the vast systems of life-bearing planets under their jurisdiction. Planetary unification includes integration of life-bearing planets into interplanetary society. Planetary stabilization relates to the relative social, political and spiritual status of a life-bearing planet such as Earth. Planetary stability is of high concern in the case of quarantined planets such as Earth.

The turmoil experienced on quarantined planets such as Earth conceals an inner truth. Universe governance closely monitors social and evolutionary conditions on life-bearing planets. The precise conditions triggering a planetary intervention may be very difficult for us to discern. We do not know with certainty why have Earth’s quarantine has been allowed to continue for so long, with its historical legacy of poverty, war, ignorance, disease, human suffering.

Obviously there is more to know, as the perspective of higher Universe government extends over epochs lasting billions of years and more. Universe government is a deep mystery at this stage, as are its interventions into a quarantined planet. Oversight of a quarantined planet such as Earth is challenging, as the Universe administration must remain officially invisible.

Consciousness communication circuits are one of these mechanisms by which Universe society acts invisibly on Earth. Circuits of Universe consciousness can communicate desired cosmic insights, information, and inspiration to key individuals and society at large on a quarantined planet. For example, Universe consciousness circuits may be used to cultivate planetary attitudes where "poverty" and "war" are unacceptable as social conditions.

There are stages to the development of life-bearing planets. Earth is about to reach that evolutionary stage where war and poverty are abolished. In Earth’s case, conflict resolution techniques and free energy production technology would abolish war and poverty globally, were Earth to be openly re-integrated with Universe society. The technology of "free energy" leads to a demise of the petroleum and nuclear civilization and the elite power structure that enforces and benefits from it. Open integration with Universe society enforces the universal disarmament and the end of war as legally sanctioned conflict.

If human civilization does not acquire mass access to cosmic energy sources, Earth's petroleum and nuclear-based power structure of Earth may endure. The top 250 families and individuals of Earth own more wealth than the bottom 2.5 billion persons do. One formula for maintaining Earth’s isolation consists of increasing the obscene concentration of power and wealth, while keeping humankind ignorant about Universe society. Our ultimate liberation will largely depend on how exopolitics can free our institutions from the grip of these plutocracies.

The highest levels of Universe government are most concerned with the spiritual evolution of interstellar space, its vast networks of life-bearing planets, and its myriad civilizations of intelligent, spiritual beings. Earth has been the subject of special scrutiny within the higher Universe realms. In our history as a planet, we have been quarantined primarily for spiritual reasons. Hence, we are an unusual and fairly well-known life-experiment planet within Universe society. Earth is metaphorically the Galapagos Islands of spiritual evolution, because the species of Souls we produce are greatly affected by our isolation.

Parascience now confirms the existence of such energy entities as the human aura, spirit, and soul. Our physical bodies are nestled within an energy complex known as an aura, with cosmic energy gates known as chakras, from their sacred religious name. Our biological bodies eventually die. However, our non-temporal Souls survive and evolve in an eternal Universe adventure. After bodily death, evolving human souls inhabit the more real, spiritual dimensions of Universe reality. Humans are of an evolutionary class of intelligent beings, as are much of the civilizations of vast networks of inhabited planets.

The governmental structure of Universe society is both relatively simple, yet complex enough to deal with the multiplicity of dimensions and issues that come before it. Universe government’s judicial function is far-flung, and with multiple levels of jurisdiction. Evolving beings from intelligent civilizations can become judges in Universe courts that extend throughout its dimensions. These courts deal with important issues such as the readmission of isolated planets, and governmental crimes by high Executives within the Universe. Evolving souls like us can be part of Universe legislative bodies, and set standards for life bearing planets.

Because of our history of planetary isolation, human souls from Earth may be temporarily underrepresented in the current structure of Universe government. Once we overtly reintegrate with Universe society, these channels of participation will be more readily open to us. Beneath this governmental structure lies a profound order.

Our human culture is such that we expect a useful career will be limited to a human single life span of 65-80 years. In fact, our Universe careers are limitless, and the opportunities for growth, evolution, and service both profound and multiple. Bodily death on this planet is scientifically but a transition to a more real and fulfilling level of Universe reality. Our corrupted knowledge – the product of our planetary isolation - has treated death and the afterlife with fear and superstition.

"As above, so below" is a useful metaphor in understanding the structure of Universe society. Despite our isolation, the basic design of Universe structures – the "above" reality – is still mirrored here on Earth, the "below" reality. The basic underlying designs of Universe society are present, on every life-bearing planet. Planetary reality is indelibly interconnected, through inter-dimensional space, and inward to the common Source of the evolving Universe we inhabit.

Interplanetary governance is reflected in the science fiction stereotypes of our literature, films, television shows, and popular culture. Some popular literature and films capture the spirit of multi-dimensional Universe society more readily than others. Culture, music, films, literature, art are important modalities for raising Universe awareness on Earth.

Universe society maintains an operating network of communication, diplomacy, and culture among its integrated planets. Interplanetary networks are subject to a complex of Universe laws, regulation, and enforcement. Everything from interplanetary travel, to the requirements for interplanetary regulation are set out by federation-network rules. Earth's international laws, and its institutions, treaties, and regulations governing everything from diplomacy to air flight are a mirror-reflection of these Universe rules.

Universe government is particularly concerned with reintegrating isolated planets like Earth, as planetary quarantines. Isolated planets may lack a planetary governmental, political, and social infrastructure necessary to participation in interplanetary society. Very often the planetary stages of global integration cannot be rushed. Reintegration of isolated planets may come in lengthy stages.

Earth is part of an ancient, epochal community of life-bearing planets. Our planetary community has a far-flung network of communication and interplanetary representation. Planetary self-government and its members are as diverse as Universal reality itself.

. Patience may be one of the key evolutionary qualities of intelligent beings incarnating on isolated worlds like Earth. Think of the individual pain experienced in the last century: global wars, totalitarian dictators, genocide, and political and social oppression. This is the evolutionary baseline Earth has endured as a consequence of planetary rebellion.

We have had to endure the evils of ignorance, disease, poverty, war, and oppression over the course of our isolation from the community of planets. During this isolation, the planetary rebellion has come to a final, long-suffering conclusion. The rebellion is the source of many of the mythical fragments in Earthly religious traditions.

The "Devil" may have been an historical Universe official who rebelled against the Universe administration, and set in motion the isolation imposed on Earth. Other Universe government representatives were ejected from the "Garden of Eden," as, depicted in the "Adam and Eve" mythology. Historically, the Garden of Eden may have been a base for the re-establishment of Universe government on Earth. Religious mythology that the "Devil" derailed Universe representatives Adam and Eve may be a fragmentary depiction of a true Universe civil war.

For a time after the rebellion, forces of the extraterrestrial ruler known as "the Devil" took over Earth’s administrative government. Our planetary rebellion is the historical source for themes of good and evil, God and Devil that appear throughout our religious traditions. Much of Earth’s religious heritage – Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Jewish, and Moslem – comes from the legacy of this spiritual war.

Earth’s religions are ultimately right about the structure Universe politics. God – the Source origin of all reality - in fact rules the Universe through government. Politics and government in Universe society are decentralized, and yet ultimately proceed from one original Source - God.

Universe self-government is a hologram. The whole of the Universe government appears in its every part. Very roughly speaking, the legislative pattern of Universe government can be seen in Earth's legislatures, even corrupted as they are from the rebellion. The executive function of Universe government is reflected in Earth's political structures. Concepts such as "the divine right of monarchy;" "the emperor as divinity personified" are cultural leftovers from some distant human memory of the divine aspects of Universe government.

Our science fiction novels, films and television series have made interplanetary federation familiar to us. We can readily understand how an interplanetary federation might work. Likewise we can understand the concept of a Universe judiciary. Universe courts decide disputes among planets such as liabilities for accidents or crimes in interplanetary jurisdictions.

Universe courts and legislatures are the holographic models for legislatures and courts on Earth. We can understand them because evolving humans are included as judges and legislators. Universe judges include evolving Souls from diverse planets in the interplanetary federation. There is nothing strange or faith-based about human judges and legislators.

The executive function of Universe government is mysterious. The rulers of the Universe are Gods – beings with the power of creation who have earned the right to create and oversee their own quadrants of Universe reality. There is a different between acknowledging Gods in the Universe, and acknowledging the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations.

Science stereotypically rejects the possibility that God exists. The existence of interplanetary legislatures might be a subject for scientific, empirical research. The existence of God and Sons of God – the factual creators and rulers of the Universe – is the subject of religious disagreement, scientific controversy, and of popular confusion.

We humans intimately participate in the executive governance of the Universe, through inner spiritual circuits. Each level of Universe government is under the oversight of an advanced God-being, with ultimate authority over all planetary governments, local universe creations, and the evolving Universe itself.

Each of us has a holographic entity of God within us, as does each of spiritual entity in the Universe. In each of us you will find the whole (God), and in the whole (God) you will find the part (we humans). We humans can influence events in the Universe through conscious spiritual acts. This is not metaphor, but actual reality.

Earth has been long disconnected from Universe government. Reintegration with Universe society will bring us in contact with the network of fellow planets. Integration will also reconnect Earth to cosmic circuits of divinity, to a higher plane of conscious perception, to the divine aspects of Universe structure and government. This process of reintegration is gradual, and in stages. It is, however, a reclaiming of our original blueprint as divinely connected evolving beings.


Chapter Twenty One

"Exopolitics: Humans Are As Humans Do"

Earth has been long absent from open participation in the community of life-bearing planets. We lack interplanetary capabilities, ranging from adequate Universe awareness, to the advanced technologies for interplanetary communication, travel, diplomacy, and commerce. War is the principal mode for conflict resolution, as well as the resource and industrial base of our petroleum-nuclear civilization.

Military-intelligence behemoths consume a disproportionate percentage of national wealth. They corrupt our politics, economies and societies. Hidden new military technologies, based on electromagnetic pulse energy and others, are now deployed for unspeakable environmental warfare, and mind control operations against Earth’s populations.

Universe politics on Earth are a legacy from our original isolation. This legacy explains the persistence of evil, oppression, deceit, duplicity, and conflict in human politics and political arrangements. The planetary rebellion has left us with a legacy of unethical political cunning.

Base cunning underlies the political decision to cover-up ongoing approaches by extraterrestrial civilizations over the last fifty years. Patterns of our original planetary quarantine continue even unto the present. The original rebellion – think of it as a Civil War of outer space – continues to be fought by covert forces, hidden in networks of the military-industrial establishments, governmental-political establishments, and the more selfish of Earth’s plutocracies.

If we call these military-intelligence forces were acting unconsciously, there might be grounds to forgive them the destruction they are causing. Yet the evidence shows that the information war against Universe society is quite deliberate. Or, we might forgive the military-intelligence forces if they are sincere in a mistaken belief that extraterrestrial civilizations intend to destroy human society. Yet, the evidence shows that Universe civilizations are signaling their positive role.

Earth’s integration into interplanetary society depends on how we ourselves act. All politics are local, global, and ultimately universal. Human greed, avarice, violence, arrogance, emptiness can impact on our relationships with Universe society. A regressive human society can lengthen our isolation within the Universe.

The Universe politics game on Earth is convoluted and covert. Major terrestrial secret networks knowingly keep Earth in the dark about our Universe heritage. These forces consciously keep humanity isolated from the rest of the Universe. Their war-like, destructive behavior is grossly immoral, hard to countenance. These major covert players are intentionally continuing the cycle of Universe isolation, in effect on Earth since our original planetary rebellion.

Is our generation – early 21st Century - the one to end this cycle of isolation? Perhaps. Whether our isolation is ended will all depend on the process of Universe politics. Integration into interplanetary society is interactive, and requires a motivated human race seeking entry into Universe society.

The challenges of Universe integration are daunting, starting with the destructive politics of planetary isolation. Since the mid-twentieth century, secret networks that span intelligence, military, and economic organizations, have waged a global information war to keep humankind in the dark about extraterrestrial contact. Their goal has been to maintain planetary secrecy about Universe society. Through this planetary secrecy, (1) they reinforce their illegitimate power over human society, (2) they prevent humanity from becoming politically conscious of its potential choice to join Universe society, and (3) they appropriate advanced Universe technologies and advantages for their power uses.

Universe politics is a process whose goal is the liberation of Earth from this captivity.
On the other side of the terrestrial military-industrial complex are the forces of Universe society, subtly awakening a critical mass of humankind to a Universe consciousness. Ultimately, this aware humanity may act as political counter-balance, allowing humanity to choose re-entry into Universe society.

There is a spiritual dimension to the process of exopolitics. "We are gods in the making" is a truth that well applies to the community of human souls, as they evolve spiritually over long Universe careers. Universe politics contain issues we would normally call "religious" or "spiritual. Religious traditions on Earth may in fact be historical accounts of occasions when "the gods" or representatives of extraterrestrial civilization visited Earth. As Earth opens to Universe society, we may come to experience that Universe civilizations are composed of evolving spiritual beings.

One extraterrestrial version of our Universe politics process holds that a Universe Son of God incarnated on Earth, as part of his existential evolution. His incarnation was an exopolitical stage in the reintegration of Earth into Universe society. If Earth is in fact an arena for God incarnations, we can speculate that the timing of Earth’s re-entry into open Universe politics may be part of some extended cosmic drama. The same advanced God-beings that imposed our quarantine may now be directing the Universe integration of the planet.

The Universe politics of the last fifty years may have been the "last gasp" of the forces of darkness, of the original planetary rebellion on Earth. Since the middle of the Twentieth century, a covert executive network has, for its own power, secretly controlled the management of Earth’s interactions with extraterrestrial civilizations. These executive networks have been in a state of active war against the Universe administration. As a result, humanity has been excluded from participating in its Universe heritage.

Universe politics is an historical and evolutionary spiral. In the same way that a militaristic plutocracy "caused" the original isolation of Earth, our current militaristic plutocracy is attempting to continue the quarantine and their ultimately illusory control over Earth’s civilization.

Well, let us expand this perspective. Suppose Universe society has been knowingly gaming with this militaristic plutocracy, with the goal of ultimately liberating humankind.

In the current phase of their "gaming" to bring humanity into Universe awareness, Universe governance pursues a dual track strategy. One track pursues raising humanity’s consciousness and political will to integrate with interplanetary society. This track is carried out mainly though large-scale psychological conditioning projects, like the UFO phenomenon.

A second track targets the forces blocking humanity’s Universe reentry. It seeks to "sucker-punch" the militaristic plutocracy opposing Earth’s re-entry. This strategy includes feeding the plutocracy a "poison pill" of lower level reverse-engineered Universe technology, meanwhile cutting it off from Universe consciousness circuits. Thus Universe governance pays back Earth’s counter-evolutionary forces with some of the disinformation and psychological operations these forces of darkness have been playing on humanity.

Psyops – psychological warfare – is the modality that this secret Earth force has used to keep mankind captive from the Universe society’s current wave of approach.
Progressive Universe politics are creative and resourceful. There is a human force attempting to mobilize humankind into integration with Universe society. They are a diverse, grassroots lobby for our collective future. This citizen’s lobby is a vanguard for our collective evolution.

We must involve our bodies politic in the process of achieving reunion with the Universe. A large part of the official deception and secrecy about Universe society is designed precisely to keep our body politic inert and apathetic about our interplanetary heritage. We need to activate Universe awareness, and break through to interaction with Universe society.

Breaking through to Universe society is about community politics. Integration with Universe society comes about when a critical mass of humanity achieves the political will to seek its Universe heritage. Our is a time to commit our individual beings, our awareness to our cosmic citizenship. Playing Universe politics is based on trusting our inner judgment and intuition. By activating our cosmic bodies politic, we can deconstruct terrestrial manipulation and deception about a positive future in interplanetary society.

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Alfred Lambremont Webre
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To be continued in EXOPOLITICS: PART THREE

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