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Findings of a Magnetic Signature in some Crop Circles

Colin Andrews - 18th August 2000

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Summary: An estimated 20% of crop circles show no evidence of being made by people, while 80% do. On Wednesday the 9th of August, I announced on national television and radio the outcome of an ongoing investigation into aspects of the crop circle mystery.

Colin Andrews

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A Formal Statement by
Colin Andrews

An estimated 20% of crop circles show no evidence of being made by people, while 80% do.

On Wednesday the 9th of August, I announced on national television and radio the outcome of an ongoing investigation into aspects of the crop circle mystery.

Four years ago I began measuring the EarthÎs magnetic field in and around crop circles. The project was initiated by on-going reports of anomalous magnetic phenomena such as spinning compass needles inside crop circles (witnessed by me amongst others during the 1980Îs), unusual failures of electronic equipment and radio frequency interference. The project enlarged findings of a German-based study conducted in the early 1990Îs.

The magnetometer survey included complex crop patterns as well as simple circles. Results showed a descriptive magnetic signature in a hand full of simple circles and basic geometric patterns. This signature consists of an increased magnetic reading which replicates the actual design of the crop pattern being measured, but occurs out of sync with the design by 3-5 degrees in a clockwise direction.

These findings may prove to be the basis of a natural mechanism involved in the creation of the formations or it may be a residual magnetic effect resulting from the creation of the crop circle. The model I have been developing, and will be collaborating on with further scientific input, is that the magnetic flux involved creates an electric current which effects the plants. The question of what causes the magnetic flux still remains.

A full technical paper of my findings and developing theory are being prepared.

The Level of Man Made Creations. For a number of years I have been aware of a growing level of man-made creations.

During the mid-1990Îs I was shown privileged information by a BBC journalist who had gone undercover for two years working closely with Dave Chorley and Doug Bowers in an effort to establish the truth behind their claims to be making crop circles. I was shown letters mailed by Doug & Dave where they drew the patterns that they planned to make in Hampshire and Wiltshire, along with the dates and places that they planned to make them. On the envelopes of some of the letters they sketched the planned design and placed the stamp over it, which was then date-stamped by the Royal Mail. Those patterns did appear, as had been proclaimed. Unknown to Doug and Dave, they were being filmed as they made the circles by the BBC journalist. In ensuing weeks, other hoaxers were tracked and their handy-work also filmed. I did not want to believe the evidence being handed me, as others now do not want to believe me. To satisfy my own need for honest research, I began my own investigation into human involvement. I would suggest that anyone who disagrees with my conclusion, investigates hoaxing themselves, rather than falling back on the argument that it canÎt be done by humans.

In 1997, I was given a video of a formation at OliverÎs Castle being made by balls of light. Although I wanted to believe it was real, things werenÎt adding up and I hired a private detective to unravel the loose ends. The investigation turned up irrefutable evidence that the video and the formation were hoaxes. Peter Sorensen, acting on his own information, came to the same conclusion. During 1999 I began another special project into people making crop circles. My research has included detective work, site inspections, physical evidence, aerial photography, personal experiences, information from media who have paid to have formations created for upcoming programs, and from undercover researchers.

My findings at this time are that ample evidence exists that an estimated 80% of crop circles are man-made. On the other hand, 20% revealed no evidence of human involvement. A handful of these 20% also displayed the newly discovered magnetic profile (all these were simple formations).

Some of the filmed evidence will be seen in an upcoming Channel Four production and a BBC documentary scheduled for early next year. The latter will also be shown on BBC2 and American TV.

It should be emphasized that NO EVIDENCE of human involvement could be found in 20% of the formations. All investigation has been done on crop circles in the UK and therefore, the results refer only to the situation in the UK.

Since making my announcement last week, a great deal of excitement and interest has been generated from scientists in several countries. I have already accepted an invitation to present my findings in Moscow next March.

Why did I make the announcement now? I have received criticism from the crop circle community for releasing this information before scientific input into my magnetic results. I did this to give the research community an opportunity to know about it and to provide feedback.

However, the primary reason for the announcement was due to the responsibility I feel for having been the largest worldwide voice spreading information for the past 17 years. The subject has been presented to and impacted governments, scientists, the British Royal Family, Indigenous people in many countries, individual seekers of truth and even religions. With this type of impact, truthfulness with self and others is paramount for all researchers.

Unfortunately, more and more there has been a tendency for researchers to promote all crop patterns as being genuine. I have evidence that this is false and I must provide it. The full article of evidence is being prepared for release in the fall. Anyone who disagrees is welcome to enter their own evidence into the debate. I would be very happy to say I am wrong.

I believe these findings will allow a breath of honest, fresh air to blow through this subject and will be appreciated by the public in return. The scientific community has already shown how much they appreciate an honest picture by the many e-mails and letters I have received from scientists around the world. We all should feel more comfortable exposing the man-made crop designs for what they are - hoaxes and/or works of art.

I have no axe to grind with anybody. I set out to research crop circles 17 years ago, this week has been a very exciting one revealing more directions to investigate with more interest than at any time in the past several years..

For those who have listened with an open mind, even if my views do not agree with yours - thank you.

Colin Andrews - 18th August 2000

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