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The best UFO books in english (Hilary Evans, Dennis Stacy)

Anomalia Foundation, Spain - Taken from Hillary Evans and Dennis Stacy, taken from their book UFOs 1947-1997: Fifty Years of Flying Saucers

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Summary: by Hillary Evans and Dennis Stacy, taken from their book UFOs 1947-1997: Fifty Years of Flying Saucers, John Brown Publishing, London, 1997

by Hillary Evans and Dennis Stacy, taken from their book UFOs 1947-1997: Fifty Years of Flying Saucers, John Brown Publishing, London, 1997)

1. General surveys, histories, reference:

BROOKESMITH, Peter: UFO: the Complete Sightings Catalogue, 1995.
CLARK, Jerome: The UFO Encyclopedia (3 vols.), 1990-1996.
CONDON & GILLMOR (eds.): The Scientific Study of Unidentified Flying Objects, 1969.
EVANS, Hillary & SPENCER, John (eds.): UFOs 1947-1987, 1987.
FAWCETT, Lawrence & GREENWOOD, Barry J.: Clear Intent: the Goverment Coverup of the UFO Experience, 1984.
FLAMMONDE, Paris: The Age of Flying Saucers, 1971.
FULLER, Curtis G. (ed.): Proceedings of the First International UFO Congress, 1980.
GROSS, Loren: UFOs, a history, 1974 and on-going.
HALL, Richard (ed.): The UFO Evidence, 1964.
HENDRY, Allan: The UFO Handbook, 1979.
HYNEK, J. Allen: The UFO Experience, 1972.
JACOBS, David Michael: The UFO Controversy in America, 1975.
LORE Jr., Gordon I.R. & DENEAULT Jr., Harold H.: Mysteries of the Skies, 1968.
MENZEL, Donald H. & BOYD, Lyle G.: The World of Flying Saucers, 1963.
RANDLES, Jenny & WARRINGTON, Peter: UFOs, a British Viewpoint, 1979.
RUPPELT, Edward J.: The Report on Unidentified Flying Objects, 1956.
SACHS, Margaret: The UFO Encyclopedia, 1980.
SAGAN, Carl & PAGE, Thornton: UFOs, a Scientific Debate, 1972.
STORY, Ronald D.(ed.): The Encyclopedia of UFOs, 1980.
STORY, Ronald D.: UFOs and the Limits of Science, 1981.
VALLÉE, Jacques & VALLÉE, Janine: Anatomy of a phenomenon, 1965.
VALLÉE, Jacques: Challenge to Science: the UFO Enigma, 1966.

2. Specific cases or groups of cases:

CHALKER, Bill: The OZ files, 1996.
DAVIS, Isabel & BLOECHER, Ted: Close Encounter at Kelly and Others of 1955, 1978.
DRUFFEL, Ann & ROGO, Scott: The Tujunga Canyon Contacts, 1980.
FESTINGER, RIECKEN & SCHACHTER: When Prophecy Fails, 1956.
FULLER, John G.: Incident at Exeter, 1966.
HAINES, Richard F.: Advanced Aerial Devices Reported During the Korean War, 1990.
HAINES, Richard F.: Project Delta: a Study of Multiple UFOs, 1994.
HOBANA, Ion & Weverbergh, Julien: UFOs from Behind the Iron Curtain, 1972.
LONG, Greg: Examining the Earthlight Theory, 1990.
RUTLEDGE, Harley D.: Project Identification, 1981.
SALISBURY, Frank F.: The Utah UFO Display, 1974.
UTRECHT, Win van & VELDT, Fritz van der: Unidentified Aerial Object Photographed Near Zwischbergen, Switzerland, on July 26 1975, 1994.
WEBB, Walter N.: Encounter at Buff Ledge, 1994.

3. Individual viewpoints:

CAMPBELL, Steuart: The UFO Mystery Solved, 1994.
CLARK, Jerome & COLEMAN, Loren: The Unidentified, 1975.
JUNG, C.G.: Flying Saucers, 1959.
KEEL, John A.: UFOS: Operation Trojan Horse, 1970.
KEYHOE, Donald: The Flying Saucers are Real, 1950.
KLASS, Philip J.: UFOs Identified, 1968.
KLASS, Philip J.: UFOs Explained, 1974.
KLASS, Philip J.: UFOs: the Public Deceived, 1983.
McCAMPBELL, James M.: Ufology, 1973.
THOMPSON, Keith: Aliens and Angels: UFOs and the Mythic Imagination, 1991.
VALLÉE, Jacques: Passport to Magonia, 1969.
VALLÉE, Jacques: Forbidden Science, 1992.

4. Aspects:

BORD, Janet & Colin: Life Beyond Planet Earth?, 1991.
BOWEN, Charles (ed.): The Humanoids, 1969.
BOWEN, Charles (ed.): Encounter Cases from Flying Saucer Review, 1977.
CLARKE, David & ROBERTS, Andy: Phantoms of the Sky, 1990.
DEVEREUX, Paul: Earthlights, 1982.
GOOD, Timothy: Above Top Secret, 1987.
HAINES, Richard F. (ed.): UFO Phenomena and the Behavioural Scientist, 1979.
HAINES, Richard F. (ed.): Observing UFOs, 1980.
MORAVEC, Mark: PSIUFO Phenomena, 1981.
PERSINGER, Michael A. & LAFRENIÈRE, Gyslaine F.: Space-time Transients and Unusual Events, 1977.
RANDLES, Jenny & WARRINGTON, Peter: Science and the UFOs, 1985.
STEIGER, Brad (ed.): Project Blue Book, 1976.
STILLINGS, Dennis (ed.): Cyberbiological Studies of the Imaginal Component in the UFO Contact Experience, 1989.
VESCO, Renato: Intercept-But Don't Shoot, 1971.

5. The Abduction Phenomenon:

BRYAN, C.D.B.: Close Encounters of the Fourth Kind, 1995.
BULLARD, Thomas E.: UFO Abductions: the Measure of a Mystery (2 vols.), 1987.
FOWLER, Raymond E.: The Andreasson Affair, 1979.
FOWLER, Raymond E.: The Andreasson Affair Phase Two, 1982.
FULLER, John G.: The Interrupted Journey, 1966.
HICKSON, Charles & MENDEZ, William: UFO Contacts at Pascagoula, 1983.
HILL, Betty: A Common Sense Approach to UFOs, 1995.
HOPKINS, Budd: Missing Time, 1981.
HOPKINS, Budd: Intruders, 1987.
HOPKINS, Budd: Witnessed, 1996.
JACOBS, David M.: Secret Life, 1992.
KLASS, Philip J.: UFO Abductions, a Dangerous Game, 1988.
LORENZEN, Coral & Jim: Abducted! Confrontations with Beings from Outer Space, 1977.
PRITCHARD, David & MACK, John (eds.): Alien Discussions: Proceedings of the Abduction Study Conference, 1994.
RIMMER, John: The Evidence for Alien Abductions, 1984.
ROGO, D. Scott (ed.): UFO Abductions, 1980.
SCHNABEL, Jim: Dark White: Aliens, Abductions and the UFO Obsession, 1994.

6. On the Margin:

ADLER, Bill (ed.): Letters to the Air Force on UFOs, 1967.
CRAIG, Roy: UFOs: an Insider's View of the Official Quest for Evidence, 1995.
CURRAN, Douglas: In Advance of the Landing: Folk Concepts of Outer Space, 1985.
LESLIE, Desmond & ADAMSKI, George: Flying Saucers Have Landed, 1953.


other references:

International UFO Symposium Proceedings
MUFON Field Investigator's Manual.


purchasing sources / fuentes para su adquisición:

ARCTURUS BOOKS Inc., Mr. Bob Girard, 1443 SE Port St. Lucie Blvd. Florida 34952, USA. Fax: 07-1-561-337-1701. (Se le puede escribir en español)
SOURCEBOOK PROJECT, Mr. William Corliss, P.O. Box 107, Glen Arm, Maryland 21057, USA.
FUND FOR UFO RESEARCH, P.O. Box 277, Mount Rainier, Maryland 20712, USA.
PROMETHEUS BOOKS. 59 John Glenn Drive, Amherst, New York 14228-2197, USA.

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