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The UFO Phenomenon in China

Salvador Freixedo, Inexplicata (2000)

original source |  fair use notice

Summary: As was the case in Russia following Perestroika and Glasnost, there is a similar process underfoot in China since that country's opening to the West: more information has been known about this country's UFO activity over the past two years than for the past fifty.

As was the case in Russia following Perestroika and Glasnost, there is a similar process underfoot in China since that country's opening to the West: more information has been known about this country's UFO activity over the past two years than for the past fifty. While writing openly about such a sensitive subject is still not possible, the fact is that the number of publications and influential persons discussing the subject candidily is on the rise.

Sightings of strange objects over Beijing have been the strongest motivator of public interest in China and have to some degree forced official interest in the subject. One afternoon in 1965, the eight million inhabitants of the Chinese capital witnessed two shiny discoidal objects fly over the city. Military authorities were alarmed to see their airspace invaded by a device resembling a luminous red balloon issuing rhythmic red flashes. The orb flew over the capital city at a prodigious speed before making a sudden stop and remaining motionless for a spell. It then resumed its trajectory, vanishing into the horizon. After this second incursion, public conjectures died down, since everyone agreed that the objects must surely be espionage devices belonging to another country. To quell these rumors, the goverenment was forced to admit that it had created a UFO Study Group. Aside from the Beijing sightings, other events were taking place in a variety of provinces. Due to a lack of photographs, which were virtually nonexistent in a land where cameras were until recently considered "a bourgeois object worthy of decadent societies," there exist a number of drawings which show the numerous sightings which ahve occured in that locale.

While the barriers which separate us from China are even greater than those which separated us from the USSR, there is always someone willing to cross them: in this event, the person in question is Moon Wai, whose activity is aimed at making Chinese ufologica better known in the West. He was born in Canton in 1928 and currently resides in Oakland (California) where he has adopted the name of Paul Dong.

Here are some cases:

Autumn 1947. When Long Guangda was twelve years old, he managed to see, in the company of his father, a spiral shaped object moving through the air and issuing an orange glow.

July 25, 1957. Five workers at the Huangshi blast furnace witnessed a glowing discoidal object which crossed the sky slowly at five o'clock in the morning.

July 1977. Mr. Lu Jiaju, an employee of the Puxing tank farm, was the astonished witness to a circular object composed of concentric rings, oscillating slowly over the facility.

August 1977. Wang Zen witnessed a strange object along with many others while waiting in a theatre queue. "It issued light smoke rings toward the ground and rotated very slowly."

October 23, 1977. Taken from Liu Qinchuan's written report: "We saw an object spinning like a ball in mid-air and moving at considerable speed. Everyone was looking at it."

Fall 1978. Xiao Ying, of Yuanlong, Jianxi Province, told authorities the following: "While walking with my family along a mountain near my home, we saw a huge disk shaped object which passed right over us, spinning and giving off a bluish glow."

October 1978. Several dozen military pilots and hundreds of employees at Gansu airport were surprised by the sudden appearance of an inmense cylindrical object over an open-air theatre, flying over their heads at a low altitude. A powerful beam of light shot out of its bow and a similar one issued from its stern.

December 1979. On the Lanxi highway, Zeijiang Province, Wang Jianming and Wang Dingyuan, driving separate trucks, ran into two diminutive beings iluminated by a cone of ligth. When one of the drivers got out of his vehicle, wielding an iron bar and willing to confront the entities, these suddenly vanished and the cone of light dissappeared.

June 1980. Zao Baovez and several professors at the Electronics Institute on the outskirts of Beijing witnessed an object some ten meters in diameter, which left a small wake and travelled at the speed of an airplane.

July 30, 1980. Several students at Nanking's Yanjiajing Institute witnessed a triangular object that emitted a blue light and travelled silently.

August 26, 1980. The crew of the cargo ship "Quin Fen" saw an unusual celestial phenomenon while cruising the China Sea east of the port of Lian Yun Gang.

September 9, 1980. Luo Xuezhi, political secretary at a Diesel engine plant in Hunan focused his binoculars on a cilindrical object while enjoying an outdoor theatre presentation. "All present turned their heads to look at it," he said. It emitted powerful beams of light at either end, much like the object seen at another open-air presentation in 1978.

February 19, 1981. A cyclist from Hang Zou (Zeijan province) saw a noisy and strange object in a canyon adjacent to some mining works. The sound was also heard by the residents of a nearby village who were unable to see the source of the din.

July 24, 1981. Hundreds of thousands of onlookers witnessed an enormous luminous spiral which crossed the skies of several provinces.

October 12, 1981. This object was seen by two grade school instructors in the Ya district (Guadong). It flew silently at the speed of an airliner at issued multicolored rays.

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