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Top Physical Trace Cases - Cases of High Strangeness - A Preliminary List

Ted Phillips, Center for Physical TraceResearch

original source |  fair use notice

Summary: The following is a preliminary list of High Strangeness cases involving physical traces associated with UFO sightings. It is not complete and will be added to as additional reports are received. These cases represent some of the high strangeness trace/landing events from a database of over 4,000 such events.

Report 4/15/1930 Largentiere, France: multiple witness, cone-shaped, lands very close, projects beams, traces.
Report 8/??/1933 Nipawin, Sask., 0700: multiple witness, disc with 6 legs, occupants, 30 minutes, traces.
Report 2/5/1934 Malselv, Norway: multiple witness, humanoids, footprints, traces.
Report 12/25/45 Newland, MO: multiple witness, 2 minutes, house damage, traces.
Report 7/11/46 Njurunda, Sweden: multiple witness, sphere, human effects, 7 ft crater liquid traces.
Report 4/24/50 Varese, Italy: multiple witness, humanoids, human effects, metal fragments, four circular imprints, burns.
Report 1952 Lamonte, MO: multiple witness, 16 ft dehydrated ring.
Report 8/27/52 Lumberton, NC, 0030: 5 witnesses, blue-white object 30 ft away, 30 ft diameter, depressed traces.
Report 11/??/53 Gjersjoen Bridge,Norway: multiple witness, human effects, EM, traces.
Report 6/21/54 Ridgeway, Ont.: multiple witness, round 50 ft object, EM, dehydrated ring.
Report 9/10/54 Quarouble, France, 2230: multiple witness, animal reaction, area heated to high temperature, imprints.
Report 9/24/54 Becar, France: multiple witness, humanoids, traces.
Report 9/24/54 Ussel, France, 2300: multiple witness, 5 minutes, tree damage, traces.
Report 9/27/54 Premanon, France, 2050: multiple witness, disc, humanoids, traces.
Report 10/2/54 Benet, France, 2130: 2 discs, 5 minutes, oily traces.
Report 10/3/54 Montmoreau, France 2250: multiple witness, oval object, traces.
Report 10/4/54 Montceau, France: multiple witness, disc, 10 minutes, traces.
Report 10/10/54 Donjon, France 1830: multiple witness, fired at glowing object, metal traces.
Report 10/14/54 Meral, France: orange disc landed, humanoid, 10 minutes, luminescent steam, layer of white, sticky substance at site.
Report 10/20/54 Lusigny Forest, France 1830: 6m ovoid, intense heat, rain falling, steam, area dehydrated.
Report 11/5/54 La Roche-Brenil, France: multiple witness, orange object lands, humanoids, human effects, 12 ft ring, ash-like appearance.
Report 12/12/54 Campinas, Brazil: multiple witness, 3 objects, liquid dropped from one object, like a silvery rain, brilliant glowing stain.
Report 8/??/55 Cayerer, France 2200: multiple witness, egg-shaped object, humanoids metal traces.
Report 8/21/55 Kelly-Hopkinsville, KY 2030: multiple witness, humanoids, luminous traces.
Report 11/2/55 Williston, FL 2220: multiple witness, disc, humanoids, human effects, traces.
Report Fall, 1956: Bethel, CT: multiple witness, ring of burnt grass 18 ft in diameter, traces of nickel & chromium.
Report 5/10/57 Beaucourt, France 2250: multiple witness, 8 minutes, humanoids, traces.
Report 11/4/57 Fort Itaipu, Brazil: multiple witness, EM, radiation, burns.
Report 10/??/58 Stroudsburg, PA 1900: multiple witness, disc, beam, traces.
Report 10/??/59 Mariannelund, Sweden 1855: multiple witness, disc, EM, humanoid, gray-white substance found at site.
Report 12/9/60 Carignen, France 2030: multiple witness, glowing 14 ft object, animal reaction, humanoid, dehydrated ring.
Report 10/21/63 Trancas, Argentina 1900: multiple witnesses, disc on ground several minutes, animal reaction, EM effects, humanoids, numerous traces.
Report 04/24/64 Socorro, NM 1745: daylight, egg-shaped object with four structured legs, primary witness, several confirming witnesses, humanoids, burns, imprints.
Report 07/01/65 Valensole, France 0530: daylight landing, single witness, humanoids, human effects, dehydration and imprints + central shaft hole.
Report 09/15/65 Silverton, South Africa 0000: multiple police, road landing, traces.
Report 01/19/66 Tully, Australia 0900: daylight sighting, single witness, 30 ft trace.
Report 05/??/66 Whiteman Air Force Base, MO: multiple witness, daylight landing in wooded area, humanoid, tree damage, burnt traces, imprints.
Report 11/22/66 Roaring River State Park, MO 1000: multiple witness, daylight, photographs of object ascending 300 ft away, tree damage, multiple traces.
Report 3/20/67 Tuscumbia, MO 0630: daylight landing, single witness, animal reaction, occupants and object 15 ft away, central shaft, traces.
Report 3/21/67 New Baden, IL 0200: multiple witness, landing, Air Force investigation, imprints, human effects, very odd liquid.
Report 5/20/67 Falcon Lake, Canada : single witness, daylight, 0 ft away from object, human effects, traces.
Report 07/13/69 Van Horne, Iowa 2300: multiple witness, disc, 40 ft circular area- dehydrated in soybean field.
Report 08/30/70 Itatiaia, Brazil 2145: multiple witness, 35 ft away, shots fired at object, light beam, severe human effects, dehydrated circular trace.
Report 11/02/71 Delphos, KS 1900: single primary witness, 4 confirming witnesses, 40 ft away, several minutes, human effects, animal effects, 8 ft glowing ring + tree damage.
Report 06/26/72 Fort Beufort, South Africa 0800: multiple witness, long duration event, daylight, imprints.
Report 08/17/72 Norton Sound, Alaska 0000: multiple witness, long duration landing, Air Force investigation, traces.
Report 9/14/72 Houston, MO 2000: multiple witness, two events, animal reaction, EM effects, scorched oval+3 imprints+tree damage.
Report 06/28/73 Columbia, MO 0100: multiple witness, animal reaction, human reaction, EM effects, close approach, 35 minutes, tree damage, imprints.
Report 09/0174 Langenburg, Sask. 1100: single witness, daylight, 15 ft away, 5 objects, animal reaction, human reaction, 5 rings.
Report 10/08/78 Jenkins, MO 0700: multiple (7) witness, two objects, one on ground two hours, 180 ft away, traces.
Report 12/29/80 Piney Woods, Texas 2100: multiple witness, object close over road, heat, possible radiation effects.
Report 01/08/81 Trans en Provence, France 1700: single witness, small disc lands briefly, 8 ft ring at site.
Report 01/20/88 Mundrabilla, Australia: multiple witnesses, multiple confirming witnesses, object attempted to lift car, witness touched base of object, damage to car + traces.
Report 10/01/95 Piacabucu River, Brazil 2300: multiple witness, luminous object, 5 m circular site + four 10 cm x 15 cm imprints, 1.5 cm deep.

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