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DISCLOSURE: The Ultimate Terrestrial Imperative

Victor Viggiani, INTERNATIONAL META-PHYSICAL AND SCIENTIFIC SYMPOSIUM in Brisbane Australia in August 2003

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Summary: It is the intention of this discussion to illustrate that the process of Disclosure is the fundamental objective of UFO research and investigation. Based on this overwhelming mass of evidential material both within the UFO research community as well as within the sequestered data residing in government archives, Disclosure is the ultimate terrestrial imperative for the human race as we discover ourselves, the universe and those who share it with us. The question remains: are we ready for it?

By Victor Viggiani
Copyright © V. Viggiani May 2003

An ever larger and growing critical mass of documentation continues to accumulate attesting to the existence and authenticity of UFOs and the presence of Extraterrestrial life on our planet. This is the position taken by well-established and pro-active investigative and research groups in Canada, Europe, Australia and the United States. In fact one organization has challenged the international community by issuing a petition that will be presented to the United Nations requesting serious consideration be given to the investigation and release of secrecy surrounding the world-wide phenomenon of UFOs and Extraterrestrial presence. The process by which this objective is to be achieved is known as Disclosure. \

It is the intention of this discussion to illustrate that the process of Disclosure is the fundamental objective of UFO research and investigation. Based on this overwhelming mass of evidential material both within the UFO research community as well as within the sequestered data residing in government archives, Disclosure is the ultimate terrestrial imperative for the human race as we discover ourselves, the universe and those who share it with us. The question remains: are we ready for it?


Many UFO researchers take the position that any continued debate about whether or not UFOs actually exist has become redundant if not pointless.

The question: Are UFOs real?" has become superfluous. Researchers in field of UFOs have long since concluded that the crafts which regularly frequent Earth’s airspace are a worldwide phenomenon in need of serious examination. Surveys continue to indicate that over 75% of the North American public believe Extraterrestrial life exists and that the crafts they use have visited Earth. In the recent Canadian UFO Survey a staggering 10% percent of all North Americans report to have actually seen a UFO. This is a staggering number of terrestrial observations, especially when airline pilots, police officers and astronauts, regularly witness many of these sightings.

In spite of this data, science, the electronic media, journalists and government authorities continue to ignore what to many appears inarguably obvious. In contrast, much less reliable data in common weather prediction is streamed daily to the public… it is considered virtual gospel; yet, if ten percent, i.e. millions of the North Americans, see a UFO it is an illusion. A crude example yes, but the point is made.

How can such a gap between perception and reality continue to exist? Especially considering that American military officials are on record as having spoken openly about early UFO occurrences to the press and the American public.

As this discussion proceeds, answers to this question and several other questions surrounding the enigmatic nature of UFOs and the impending process of Disclosure will be put forward for your consideration.


This gap between perception and reality has been skillfully filled with mendacity, half-truths and exo-political arrogance. Initially, it is essential to understand that the long and disquieting history of a 50 year old political and military cover-up concerning UFOs and Extraterrestrials has created a dismissive mind-set in virtually the entire terrestrial population. As mentioned above, US military officials are on record as having spoken openly about UFO occurrences to the press and the American public in the late 1940’s and 1950’s on a regular basis. This changed rather abruptly once American national security agencies took over the flow of information about UFOs from the Air Force and its special projects. This public relations coupe will be addressed briefly below.

It should be added that other national security agencies, military bureaucracies such as those in Britain, Russia, Mexico, Canada and France followed the lead of America. These countries also continue to obfuscate information concerning UFOs in a loosely coordinated manner. This tempts the curious mind to speculate about why other countries, without a similar clandestine history of mendacity towards UFO and ET matters, would be so eagerly disinterested in pursuing the truth.

The second idea to consider when attempting to find out how the gap between reality and perception associated with the UFO/ET question has become so conspicuous is to understand how American security agencies and ex-government officials have skillfully sanitized, eliminated and ostensibly re-written segments of history. In order to eradicate bona fide documentation from military records about UFOs and evidence of the presence of Extraterrestrials on the planet, public perception of UFOs has been manipulated by the use of ridicule and derision of anything related to UFOs and ET intelligence. A subject that could have otherwise become a commonly accepted notion given the reality of what happens in our skies virtually everyday has been denigrated to a myth and Hollywood Sci-Fi. Purging the subject of UFOs and Extraterrestrial contact from public consciousness, classified documents and essentially from any legitimate historical dialectic while replacing it with spurious and illusory myth must indeed be identified as the single most skillful act of deceit in human history.

Thirdly, to close this gap between perception and reality, it is suggested that the public Disclosure of the UFO/ET question is not only unavoidable but will soon become an inevitable decision by government officials. Public Disclosure must be immediate and complete because there is the strong possibility the privileged few officials who have control over and access to this priceless information may destroy or some how alter it further for their purposes.

This egregious act and the continued embargo of the truth about what is occurring in the sky above us is no longer a viable option. In short, the time has long since passed to continue accepting the official dismissive attitude about the most pressing issue ever to face planet Earth.


The time has well and truly long since passed for the Earth’s scientific community and serious journalism to begin addressing the credibility gap between perception and reality inherent in the UFO/ET question. The process of Disclosure will be energized when science and journalism openly recognize that the competently documented evidence accumulated by the UFO research community is worthy of legitimate discourse. It will soon be publicly palatable to consider the innumerable legitimate sightings of UFOs throughout North America, South America, Austral-Asia and Europe as neither aberrations, hallucinations, psycho-pathology, meteors, flocks of geese, ice crystals, weather balloons nor man made hoaxes but as bona fide experiences worthy of genuine investigation.

As the process of recognizing the previous statement coalesces and becomes self-evident to media and governments, Disclosure looms ever closer each day.


Given the huge amount of available data which has yet to be explored by the mainstream media about the Extraterrestrial presence here on the planet, it bears repeating that to engage in any debate concerning the ‘reality question of UFO’ will only have us fall back into the same ‘cover-up trap’ cunningly established in the 1950’s and 60’s by American military personnel. The North American military and exo-government officials ensure this cover-up is well maintained to hold the truth in bondage.

The term exo-government used here refers to a highly select and surreptitious assemblage of men who operate beyond congressional and even presidential over-sight. They are not elected officials, however they possess and wield immense power, influence and a specified undisclosed and self-serving geo-political motivation to obfuscate and otherwise control de facto information concerning the history and current knowledge of contact with Extraterrestrial civilizations. Precisely what their motivation is is unclear. Whatever their motivations may be, this powerful hegemony has done a highly efficient job over the years of hiding and obstructing the truth about UFO/ET presence not only from the public but also from sitting Presidents and the US Congress.

As evidenced by the largely concealed nature of UFO investigation, not only has the history of American government involvement been carefully guarded, history has been conveniently re-written to alter or otherwise adjust public opinion to consider UFOs with ridicule and as nonsense. Clearly the preponderance of evidence points in an entirely different direction.

This form of re-constructivism has set the stage for the US Congress, the Senate, senior advisors to high ranking political and military officials in the United States and around the world to operate on the premise that UFOs and any form of ET contact is nothing but a fabrication without substance or credibility.

Nothing could be farther from the truth.

Since only a highly select few are fully apprised of the essential features of the cover-up’s true facade, even the most senior officials without a “need to know” security clearance, are unaware of the true nature of the smokescreen.

One has only to look at the history of UFO/ET concealment to understand the level of systemic and systematic subterfuge at work here. Examining the long line of purposely-inept UFO investigation initiatives and illusory government projects established in the 1950’s and 1960’s by US military and security agencies plainly demonstrates how these cleverly orchestrated efforts actually did more to hide the truth than to flush it out. These “false front”, special projects were designed to fabricate prosaic explanations of the hundreds of well-documented UFO sightings which were being constantly submitted by military pilots, naval photographic experts and other credible witnesses. Irrespective of the information itself, any self-respecting journalist or judicial official who would want to examine the conspicuous subterfuge that took place during the 1940’s, 50’s and 60’s would have easily unearthed a matrix of deceit beyond belief or imagination. Quite clever actually; a democratically disguised scheme designed to proffer lies and obscure the truth.

Those who are currently in the business of maintaining the silence are very fortunate. They and those in powerful positions of privilege before them have successfully relegated the UFO phenomenon to an outlandish and weird urban legend, incredulous in meaning and suspect by its very nature. They have carefully constructed an icon of disbelief, an archetypal construct of absurdity, surgically imbued with idiocy, certainly within science, and almost irrevocably within popular media and social discourse.

Oddly enough however, things used to be very different. An examination of very specific evidence available in the huge data of research will help illustrate how government and military involvement in acknowledging UFOs as real was in fact the norm for a significant portion of American and Canadian history. The American Air Force is actually on record as saying that UFOs are real and that they are intelligently controlled.

Researchers and authors have been successful in unlatching the vaults of UFO secrecy covering the last 50 years showing documented proof of this exists within government archives. Make no mistake, governmental documentation of actual UFO sightings exists and is fully acknowledged by preceding government agencies. This documentation resides in journals, letters, memos, press statements, military pilot reports and eyewitness accounts rife with data in government archives. This documentation illustrates that the US government and associated military and security agencies like the CIA, FBI, NSA (National Security Administration), the Air Force and Navy were once fully aware and in charge of cataloguing, tracking and publicly disseminating information about UFO sightings.

A review of the recent CIA release of 278 classified documents would be a good place to start for the interested reader. This release of classified documents by the CIA could be considered as miniscule movement towards a process of Disclosure if it were not so pathetic in its approach.


The fine work of many UFO researchers over the years has set the stage for the next step in the evolution of Disclosure. These diligent researchers, journalists and authors will continue to collect data, uproot information and remain active in the pursuit of the truth. However it is now the media’s turn to focus unrelenting attention on this issue. Just as they did with Watergate in the 1970’s, the Contra Scandal of the Reagan era and as they are now with global terrorism, the media must now centre itself on the UFO/ET question.

The media has a pivotal role to play in unveiling UFO information. It will be a major force in generating public awareness. More significantly, the mainstream media will soon learn what most UFO researchers have known for decades.

Not only will the media be instrumental in uncovering UFO/ETI secrecy, they will discover that advanced technologies and exotic alternate energy resources are available to displace the planet’s reliance on fossil fuels.

These key issues in the media’s investigation will do two things. First it will facilitate the commencement of a new generation of global journalism and planetary renewal. Secondly it will provide the foundational incentive necessary for the public to become energized in the Disclosure movement. In essence, responsible journalism will breach the boundaries of common human enquiry and render apparent the face of secrecy and denial about the ET question.

What will this process look like?


(Moving the world with information)

UFO Disclosure could represent the most dramatic form of social change ever experienced in the modern era. Change of this magnitude can be potentially turbulent. Generally, social orders in most global communities do not adapt well to rapid, unanticipated and diverse change that supplants previously entrenched and well-established belief systems.

An excellent example of this can be found during the 16th century. A value system based upon a belief structure that does not include intervention by non-Earth life forms is much like the value system during the days of Galileo.

The value system and belief structure of that era entwined religion and science with little distinction between the two. The Earth was sacrosanct as the centre of the known universe. Information to the contrary was inadmissible in both science and religion. Even if such a concept were to have been considered by anyone, powerful authorities forbade its public expression. However once the common citizen began to consider the new information through the spoken and written word, the inert glacier of public awareness began moving toward the door of the status quo, knocking it ajar. Galileo’s discoveries about the cosmos moved planet Earth from its perch as the centre of the universe. Earth was relegated to being the third ball of mud from the Sun. Galileo had moved the world with information.

In a similar way, information about ETI contact will move the consciousness of all humanity. It is almost unimaginable for most in our society to acknowledge or accept that we on Earth have been visited by one or more Extraterrestrial civilizations. The fact that this is all so unimaginable makes its acceptance that much more dramatic. As we have discussed earlier the mythology of UFOs and Extraterrestrial Intelligence is firmly entrenched within our social consciousness. Its acceptance would ostensibly represent one of, if not the most spectacular shifts of reality in Western culture’s belief system.

Although many questions can be asked about the process of Disclosure, three primary questions can be used to bring the process of Disclosure into better focus:

1. How will the citizenry, governments and institutions of Earth handle Disclosure?

2. What implications will contact with advanced Extraterrestrial technology have on our planet’s civilization?

3. And ultimately, which mind-set will science, journalists and the media at large assume:

a) There is no credence to the data concerning the proposition that Extraterrestrials have visited and continue to visit Earth,

b) The opposite is true?

These questions broach the issue of profound social, political and attitudinal change. A complete alteration of consciousness and human perception.

When the unimaginable takes place, then, takes on a real shape, social structures as well as individuals come under great stress. This has been dramatically illustrated by the tragic events of September 11, 2001. Abject horror and disbelief gripped the world as never before. There is not a person on the planet, availed of a media source, who has not been touched by the sight of the collapsing twin towers. These horrendous events and the ubiquitous shock continue to impact upon individuals and society on a global level.

Events of such consequence and immediacy create social change of unprecedented magnitude. World economies, concern for personal safety and political power structures twist and turn in unexpected directions. People begin to think differently about the things they once felt were immutable.

The singular and on-going process of events associated with Disclosure about Extraterrestrial contact, though not rife with the same repulsion, may well carry with it a similar potential of disbelief and the capacity to unsettle many in our midst. Preparation for and a wise understanding of how this information will penetrate the social order are crucial prerequisites to the success of uncovering this apocalyptic information.

As reluctant as this author is to admit, the very same media complex that has a propensity to deliver to us a steady diet of mundane and re-cycled issues daily will have the portentous responsibility of being the initial change agent in the process of UFO/ETI Disclosure.

Today, even with all of its faults and shortcomings, no other form of social discourse has the potential to create social change and public awareness better than the modern electronic and print media. Its ubiquitous presence and pervasive incursion into life around the entire planet is unparalleled. As well, the resolute journalist’s ability to elbow her way into any series of events and unravel even the most intricate details is unrivalled.

The media journalist may well be the foremost vehicle that begins a wider public movement that confronts the UFO issue.

The media will become the larger instrument in exposing the concealed information about ETI contact and will begin to raise public awareness through a widespread and coherent media campaign. This campaign will be characterised by a non-confrontational attitude among those in the press towards the authorities. Eventually journalists will come to regard the efforts of UFO researchers not simply as clever, pre-occupied enthusiasts, but as essential partners, crucial to the public debate about this issue.

What will it take to ignite the media’s interest in this issue? At least five major levels of penetration should occur.

First, this issue will need to be taken seriously. Exposure brought about by unrelenting journalistic energy in the electronic and print media will inspire other journalists, judicial officials and legislators to examine evidence about how exo-government agents and military have conducted a clever cover-up for over fifty years. Serious examination will reveal to the public and judicial system how literally billions of dollars have been isolated from Congressional control in America and re-directed to so-called black budget operations. Journalists will extricate information about how many of these black budget operations have a direct bearing on and the suppression of technologies relating to Extraterrestrial innovations that could very well revolutionize and enhance the quality of life on the planet.

The North American press will uncover the massive plans to weaponize space to the detriment of the planet and expose how other countries have openly discussed UFO issues for years.

Having journalists expose the secrecy, gravity and significance of Extraterrestrial contact will be only the preliminary steps in creating a threshold of interest among the public. The media’s expertise in fabricating public whim, desires and interest will now be put to the ultimate test by truly informing and educating its clientele.

The evidence about UFO/ET contact will be examined and subsequently take the form of factual proof in a public forum. Evidence will translate into proof. This will create the level of credibility necessary to move Disclosure into its next phase.

The second phase of Disclosure will be open public discourse. This discourse will coalesce once public interest merges with collective public discernment of how very critical the issue is. The impact of the evidential material provided by researchers will animate public discussion of the issue. We will witness a public forum of active social discourse about UFOs and ET contact. Not “just like in the movies” but in real terms. The public will be able to hear, see and talk about the information surrounding this issue. The many investigative television journals network news agencies and the print media will assist this discourse. Mainstream consumers of information will get a glimpse of what has been so sadly ignored for over 50 years.

Media has, to its discredit, always had room for UFOs. However only the most gross and trivial forms of exposure have been put forward. Grotesque science fiction movies, minor local news clips about weird lights bopping around in the sky or silly feature articles about inane “saucers heads” selling T-shirts represent the ultimate investigative prowess of media thus far. Even the scant few quality TV documentaries on public television about UFO sightings have all been welcome but never taken seriously.

This position will change dramatically during the intense and possibly divergent transaction of public discourse. The media will launch relentless enquiries about the nature of Extraterrestrial contact and the protracted informational embargo on the truth by government and military officials. The concealment and misdirection of huge financial resources conducted by military and exo-government agencies will undoubtedly wet the public’s appetite to know more about UFOs.

Once the media undertake a serious review of this issue, the endless carousel of daily issues manufactured for public consumption will cease. The zeal to produce mundane stories about labour strife, political jousting or the consumer price index will be replaced by incisive and predatory journalism bent on discovering the truth about actual sightings, government aviation cover-ups, crashed Extraterrestrial crafts and a host of related UFO phenomena.

An appetite to consume the truth will replace the public’s desire to gorge itself on superfluous information. The pernicious cycle of quasi-news that once unabatedly deadened the public=s probative instincts will come to an end and be replaced by an awaken citizenry.

The third aspect to Disclosure will unfold once public debate about UFO/ETI contact supplants other social issues in a specified and constant manner. TV and radio network sleuths will dexterously assemble the necessary questions to be put to governmental leaders, national security agencies and military personnel. In many ways other social issues and global challenges will be viewed through the new lens of Extraterrestrial contact.

Furthermore, journalists will see for themselves the enormous impact ET contact will have on society and our technology within a newly manifest potential of stability for the planet. There will be no reason why any intelligent or lucid investigation of the ET question should or can be repressed. One day very soon the agenda of tribal meetings among G-8 leaders will include, perhaps exclusively, the issue of Extraterrestrial contact. We will discuss this further when we analyse the impact ET contact could have on the planet.

Caution must be exercised at this point.

As the process unfolds it will be difficult for the media to stay away from falling into the trap of accusatory and confrontational journalism. The effects of such confrontation may well be the alienation of innocent government officials who have been kept in the dark for generations. This may result in a further entrenchment of denial and defensiveness by government to hide facts even more deeply. Quite possibly the capacity of the government to rule and maintain order could be compromised by such attacks by the press.

This must be avoided at all costs.

During the rude awakening of elected representatives and other political officials, we will need an alert and responsive government more than ever before. The search for the truth sometimes has its casualties. Government must not be one of them.

Fourthly, in the process of preparing for this event there will be a voluntary Disclosure effort by government and the military officials. Unprecedented and voluntary decisions to hold legislative hearings will be made. These legislative hearings will look at the past and set the stage to plan contact initiatives with advanced civilizations. Hearings will serve as the accepted apolitical vehicle to uncover enormous volumes of data about UFOs and ETI contact. It will be the signal to all government agencies and the rest of the international community that a posture of concealment has ended and that this posture is to be transformed radically into open dialogue and authentic initiatives surrounding formal contact.

Emanating from these hearings will be a thorough examination of all government secrecy policies. A movement towards open and formal contact protocols will take place to delineate, interpret and act upon current activities of Extraterrestrials. These protocols will examine the nature of subsequent contact and co-operation with Extraterrestrial civilizations.

New concepts such as Interspecies Ethics and Meta Law will emerge and will define protocols to guide how we conduct ourselves during the contact process. The emergence of these protocols may have to consider several contingencies:

-These civilizations may not wish to reveal themselves publicly at this point.

-The extreme complexity of contact with an array of friendly, competing or inhospitable species with different interests may well emerge.

-Which international body will deal with these complexities?

-Since it is possible that covert alien contact has already been made with one or more geo-political factions on Earth, what ‘a priori’ conditions exist concerning a global public knowledge of Extraterrestrial presence?

Despite these contingencies, it will be imperative for legislators to create partnerships and political coalitions to conduct open and properly constituted Disclosure hearings at the highest level to expose and examine all aspects of secrecy in a forthright and deliberate manner.

This openness will serve at least three purposes. Government will remain in tact and be free to come forward with information without fear of undue or harsh reaction from any quarter. Witnesses from all segments of the military, government, FBI, CIA and so on will enjoy amnesty to come forward. Finally, the public may sense, in a collective manner, that they are part of a covenant with their elected representatives.

These are indeed very high ideals and lofty goals; ones that, regardless of their apparent rectitude, are absolutely mandatory to propel change and simultaneously maintain social stability during a time of structural, systemic and social transformation. An apposite example of truth being stranger than fiction.

It is the hope of many within the UFO/ETI Disclosure movement that these open, government-initiated legislative hearings will hear both military and civilian witnesses. Many of these witnesses have already said openly in May of 2001, that they are willing and eager to provide testimony under oath about their role. This avalanche of eyewitness testimony during public legislative hearings will be the straw that will break the camel’s back.

The highest-ranking elected representatives, national security officials and military officers also must be called forward. They must be exposed to probative questioning of unprecedented thoroughness and held to a high level of political accountability in order to permit absolute scrutiny of all relevant information.

The identification of exo-government individuals who have inherited and continue to operate unmonitored programs is an absolute prerequisite of any legislative enquiry. Although it may not be necessary to assume a combative posture towards those responsible of hiding the truth, it may be necessary to offer amnesty to them in exchange for complete Disclosure of every scintilla of factual information in government archives, secret exo-government files or anywhere else that information is sequestered about UFO secrecy and Extraterrestrial contact. All relevant information must come forward. Nothing less than the truth will be acceptable. It is admittedly difficult to use the words treason and amnesty in the sentence when conciliatory attempts are made in order to get at the truth.

The fifth aspect in the groundwork for Disclosure will be the development a comprehensive International Disclosure Preparation Plan to identify proper Disclosure mechanisms within the legislative hearings. The plan should craft contingency plans to effectively identify and deal with the potential social, political and economic effects of ET Disclosure and Contact.

The medical profession, psychotherapeutic specialists, social workers and counsellors should be called upon to anticipate and develop ways of interpreting how individuals may react and then to identify methods of assistance for the public.

Economists, scientists, political scientists, law enforcement agencies and business leaders from the international arena must become involved in think tanks to speculate on the effects contact will have on the world’s economy, science and technology.

Some form of communication structure or formula should be established to enter into international, multilateral and peaceful dialogue and exchange with Extraterrestrials and their representatives.

Legal authorities and heads of government at an international level must gather to define parameters of dialogue with other civilizations from beyond Earth. They will need to develop the concept of Meta Law, which addresses the interaction among divergent sentient species. The preservation of the integrity, sovereignty and freedom of Earth inhabitants will be of the utmost significance.


It is clear many other forms of cultural, technological and scientific integration will be needed to establish trusting and peaceful relationships with civilizations which may be very similar to or radically different from our own. These, along with the inevitably inconceivable or unexpected contingencies of ET contact must be anticipated and addressed.

Needless to say it will be critical that a format be found to over-come our own petty differences during this period of global change. This may present an even greater challenge than dialoguing with alien civilizations.

Given the fact that Earth’s multitude of civilizations and belief systems are so complex, it will be critical to establish a global approach to contact and Disclosure. Whatever approach is subsequently taken to prepare for Disclosure, it may well be beyond our collective capacity to assume Disclosure and contact will unfold as we predict. Change of this magnitude in our belief structure will challenge humanity as never before. Every aspect of life and our place in the universe will change.

The question remains: are we ready for it?

Copyright © V.Viggiani

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BIO INFORMATION: Victor Viggiani B.A. M.Ed.

Victor Viggiani is a recently retired school Principal from Toronto Ontario Canada. Victor has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sociology and Psychology (York University Toronto Ontario Canada) and a Masters in Educational Administration and Curriculum Development (Brock University St. Catherines Ontario Canada).

Victor is also a College Supervisor at the Faculty of Education of Medaille College in Buffalo New York. Currently Victor is on a sabbatical and living in Canberra Australia.

Victor’s study of anomalous aerial phenomenon, research and analysis spans over 30 years. His experience involves UFO sightings report investigation, counselling work with individuals reporting anomalous experiences and journalism in the field of ETI Disclosure issues.

Extensive UFO research has been completed throughout the southeastern U.S.A. in locations such as Groom Lake Nevada, Corona, Roswell, Socorro, The Very Large Array, White Sands, Los Alamos NL and Dulce in New Mexico.

Published work includes:
· Area 51: A Desert Journey
· Alien Abduction Symposium Boston Mass. A Review of Alien Abduction Dialogue Between
Dr. John Mack and Budd Hopkins
· Disclosure: A Terrestrial Imperative
· Professional articles in educational journals on Student Discipline, Classroom Management, Questioning Techniques, Teacher Evaluation -Supervision, and Curriculum Development

Victor is also a contributing editor and co-host of the weekly radio program Strange Days Indeed which examines aspects of the UFO phenomenon on radio station CFRB 1010 in Toronto Ontario and streamed live over the Internet via the Virtually Strange Network at:

To contact Victor Viggiani: e-mai.l: zland@sympatico.ca

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