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Letter to Harvard University in defense of Harvard psychiatrist Dr. John Mack

Dr. Bruce Cornet, Ph.D.

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Summary: Even if Dr. Mack communicates his personal beliefs regarding these phenomena, or his personal beliefs are known to the patient prior to counseling, his integrity and honesty would have far less damaging effect than a psychiatrist who does not believe in the reality of such experiences or who refuses to consider such a reality when treating a patient.

Bruce Cornet ,  Ph.D.

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May be freely reproduced in its entirety, material in the letter by Dr. Cornet is Copyrighted, Dr. Bruce Cornet, all rights reserved.

"This letter was written by Dr. Bruce Cornet to defend Dr. Mack against the outrageous attack against him by the secret committee at Harvard University trying to remove him from his position as faculty for his statements on the existence of extraterrestrials. Dr. Mack has interviewed hundreds of patients who claim to have been abducted by extraterrestrials, and is the author of the best selling book, "Abduction," and earned the Pulitzer prize in 1977 for "A Prince of Our Disorder."

Unfortunately, Dr. Cornet does not have an internet account, which is why I am posting this information for him."

Marc Whitford (whitford@pioneer.uspto.gov)

Dated: 11 March 1995

Bruce Cornet, M.S., Ph.D.
27 Tower Hill Ave.
Red Bank, New Jersey 07701

Arnold S. Relman, M.D.
Special Harvard University Faculty Committee
Office of Legal Counsel
Harvard University
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138

Dear Dr. Relman & Associates:

I have been contacted by Dr. John E. Mack, and have been asked by Dr. Mack to communicate to you my professional judgment regarding a number of issues that your Committee is addressing. I am concerned that any "findings" that you make with regard to Dr. Mack's work will be based on inadequate or biased data and misinterpretation, and on an inadequate understanding of the benefits his work is having on his patients, not to mention mankind.

I wish my present STATEMENT to be included as a formal part of the Official Record of your inquiry into the research being conducted by Dr. Mack.

My education and professional backgrounds are as follows:

I earned my B.A. in biology (1970) and M.S. in paleobotany (1973) at the University of Connecticut, and my Ph.D. in geology and palynology (1977) at the Pennsylvania State University. I did post-doctorate research in geology and paleobotany at the Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory, Columbia University (1989-1990), and worked closely with Professor Paul E. Olsen, one of the leading experts in the country on ancient climatic cycles and dinosaur evolution. I am the author or coauthor of 21 refereed scientific papers and two books, all on paleontological and/or geological subjects. I have 14 years experience in the oil industry, and was president of Geminoil, Inc., which successfully explored for and found oil on the East Coast in the early 1980's in Triassic age rocks thought to be barren of hydrocarbons. I was an integral part of the largest, NSF funded, continental coring project on the East Coast (1990-1992), which successfully recovered the first detailed history of the earth's climate preceding and during the early part of the age of dinosaurs.

During my doctoral studies at Penn State I discovered angiosperm-like pollen in rocks 100 million years older than the oldest accepted age for the flowering plants, and I publicly announced my discovery not long after the majority of botanists had cast their vote for the dominant theory, which stated that no such fossils of that age could exist. Subsequent discoveries of leaves and flowers strongly support a Triassic rather than Cretaceous age for the oldest angiosperms. One of my most recent discoveries on this subject is acknowledged in the January 1995 issue of Discover magazine.

Selected references for my publications are given below:

Cornet, B., In Press. A new gnetophyte from the late Carnian (Late Triassic) of Texas and its bearing on the origin of the angiosperm carpel and stamen. In Taylor and Hickey (eds.), Angiosperm origin, evolution and phylogeny, Chapman & Hall, NY.

Olsen, P.E., Kent, D.V., Cornet, B., Witte, W.K., and Schlische, R.W., In Press. Stratigraphy of the Newark rift basin (Early Mesozoic, eastern North America): Results of the Newark basin coring project. Geological Society of America Bulletin.

Cornet, B., 1993. Applications and limitations of palynology in age, climatic, and paleoenvironmental analyses of Triassic sequences in North America. In Lucas and Morales (eds.), The Nonmarine Triassic. New Mexico Museum of Natural History & Science Bulletin, 3: 75-93.

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Cornet, B., Traverse, A., and McDonald, N.G., 1973. Fossil spores, pollen, and fishes from Connecticut indicate Early Jurassic age for part of the Newark Group. Science, 182: 1243-1247.

With regard to the issue of Extraterrestrial Intelligence, it is my professional and academic judgment that there are ample physical, geophysical, and photographic data collected by me during my two and a half years of research into the UFO phenomenon to support the hypothesis that this planet is currently inhabited by more than one sentient intelligent humanoid species, and that this non-human species has in its possession technologies thousands of years beyond our own. Through my own personal experiences I have observed and witnessed this phenomenon, and interacted with this intelligence. From direct field investigation I have overwhelming photographic and geophysical evidence for the existence of these technologies and this intelligence, and for the ability of this species to conceal its activities through the use of technology-assisted mind control techniques and telepathy. My success in obtaining these unprecedented data appears to have been deliberately planned by the non-humans as part of a long term agenda to gradually educate mankind without causing undue harm or damage to his religious and socio-economic structures and institutions. I can state from personal contact with this species that their behavior, culture, and appearance are so different from ours that no simple and direct contact is currently possible without overloading man's capability to recover from the intellectual and cultural shock. My education by the extraterrestrials has been slow, progressive, and benign, with considerable compassion, foresight, and planning to allow me to recover from the many tolerable shocks I have endured through their revelations. Because of my scientific training and critical inquiry, I first attempted to model what I had learned in order to build a credible theory for their activities and purpose. I have attempted to falsify my interpretations wherever and whenever possible, and I required the non-humans to give me adequate redundancy of evidence before I would draw any substantial conclusions. It has been made clear to me by them that they will push our envelope of acceptance of new realities only as far as we can tolerate the rate of change (i.e. without causing rupture of the envelope). I can demonstrate from the sequence of my many personal experiences, contacts, and discoveries that they have carefully laid out many clues, symbolic and actual, for me to contemplate and/or follow as my awareness of their reality and the reasons for their methods has increased. They want us to know them without fearing them. They will no longer tolerate cover-ups.

After watching the miniseries on television called Intruders in May of 1992 (based on the work of Hopkins and Mack), I was moved to want more information on the subject of alien abductions. Prior to seeing that miniseries I had no interest and almost no conscious knowledge of UFOs or aliens. I went to the bookstore and found one book that in hindsight changed my life, research interests, and career goals. It was Silent Invasion (1991) by Ellen Crystall. From reading that book I discovered that I lived next to a major UFO hotspot in Orange County, New York. I contacted Ellen, and she took me out into the field with her. It only took two visits to the Pine Bush area before I realized that what I was seeing was too weird to be explained as either natural phenomena or conventional aircraft. I began a 20 square mile magnetic and geologic survey of the area, which was completed in 1993. From that survey I discovered magnetic anomalies that could not be produced by any natural or known phenomena. I discovered and documented locations for apparent underground transmitters of polarized magnetic photon beams out into space. One physicist told me that my data proved a theory that such a form of "invisible" light actually existed! I found areas where the magnetic background sometimes became so unstable and changed so radically that I could feel it change moment by moment. I recorded transient magnetic anomalies that were measured in tens of thousands of gammas, which is far beyond anything normal or cultural. And I witnessed and recorded my compass pointing towards the south during the photographing of a UFO performance, indicating a synchronous aerial magnetic anomaly.

I have photographically recorded with time exposures (sometimes with accompanying dynamic camcorder records) over 100 night sightings and close encounters, including low fly-overs and spectacular maneuvers of plasma lights in the sky. The shapes of these craft were anything but conventional, and they certainly were not figments of my imagination (there were sometimes multiple witnesses). Their stealth technology is awesome, and beyond anything our military has admitted to having. For example, I was in a helicopter over the hot spot in daylight when a craft buzzed us at Mach 8 less than 500 feet away. We saw a flash of light and felt a very muffled shock wave that bounced the helicopter. We captured three such passes on film and videotape, which allowed me to determine speed and plasma light characteristics. But why then did these craft put on so many spectacular performances for my cameras? The military would not display top secret technology for any civilian camera.

I have redundant documentation that these craft use ionized plasmas for light sources rather than conventional lights. I have extraordinary photographs that show plasma bubbles being generated (identified and confirmed by plasma physicists). The plasma lights can be powered up to 30 times normal size and brightness, lighting up the sky and causing the ionization of the atmosphere to produce plumes of visible nitrous oxide gases. The photographs are conclusive! Such displays have to involve enormous amounts of energy. I have photographic and audio documentation that they can mimic conventional aircraft light patterns and colors, produce conventional aircraft sounds, and even change shape to confuse and/or deceive observers. From my observations, most craft travel silently; they can hover, make high speed right angle turns, and can accelerate to incredible speeds in an instant (documented with video and photographs). The performances for my cameras were clearly designed to show me their technological capabilities and how they can transformation to create illusions. I have documented with cameras on tripods two feet apart that their craft can project different images to each camera and observer. I have dozens of photographs that show how they can manipulate and bend their plasma lights by powerful magnetic force fields around the craft to produce all sorts of figures in the night sky on my photographic canvas. I have time exposures showing double helix patterns complete with nodes, Fibonacii vortices, giant loops of spiral light, and various types of wave forms, small spirals, alternating loops, and harmonic oscillations that cannot be reproduced by camera vibration or any known natural phenomena. I even have two photographs showing craft diving into the ground without any visible or detectable effect. I don't know of any stunt pilot who could create such an illusion, if that is what it was!

I have dozens of photographs that prove that the pilots of these craft are capable of either reading my mind or controlling my mind during a photographic event. Sequences of time exposures for several encounters show purposeful movements or signatures of light just after the camera shutter opened and just before it closed. One sequence shows a craft making right angle elevator moves timed exactly across the gaps between pictures, indicating a synchronicity that is undeniable and impossible to explain without employing some kind of telepathy! My being able to capture a craft traveling at Mach 8 past my helicopter with single photographs taken at 1/1000th of a second is extraordinary proof that there was a mind link during the fly-by. There is no other way to account for such timing or synchronicity. The distance the lights moved at that exposure time was how I established their approximate speed. Try photographing a bullet leaving the muzzle of a rifle without knowing when that rifle is going to be fired; muzzle velocities are typically less than a third the calculated speed of the craft. I captured on film three such craft buzzing the helicopter like that, and each picture shows the plasma lights on the craft just entering the frame! I also have corroboration from a video record of one of those events. Through photographing numerous performances I became aware of changes in my mental state during the events. I found that I could override or confuse the situation by deliberately changing my thoughts and reactions, which resulted in out-of-sync patterns of light movement. Through experimentation (with willing performers) I have accumulated an extraordinary body of evidence that strongly supports if not proves the existence of intelligently controlled non-human technology on earth.

My gradual education by the extraterrestrials progressed to the point that I would sometimes be escorted by a UFO as I drove along a highway at night. A single bright white light would move close to my vehicle, and position itself just off to the right side of the highway. The craft itself was usually as black as the night sky, and only occasionally would a silhouette of its shape be glimpsed. It would pace my vehicle about 1/8th to 1/4 mile ahead of me about two or three tree heights above the ground. This light matched the speed of my vehicle, stopped with me for tolls, and made the same exit and turns I made. On several occasions such a light would precede me home (so that I would always have it in sight while driving), and then park itself in the sky for awhile before leaving or blinking out. One time a UFO light paced my van with my family in it from Red Bank, New Jersey, to Newark airport. I got photographs. Another time when a friend (who works as an editor for the New York Times) and I entered the UFO hotspot area in New York, a craft (with one large white light and a small red light) moved in front of us and escorted us silently into the area, stopping with us (just above and ahead of the traffic light), then turning with us several times. I had a clear telepathic link with one of the occupants, because I got a mental greeting and felt an expression of joy or excitement that I was there. When I told my friend, who was driving (he was impressed beyond words), that we were going to make a turn up ahead, the craft sped ahead and waited for us at the turn! I know of no helicopter pilot who could do that without first bugging our vehicle!

Another time two UFOs paced me along the Garden State Parkway, one on either side of me, all the way from the Atlantic City exit to Red Bank, a distance of about 72 miles. I had clear telepathic contact with occupants of both craft, who complimented me on the cable TV show I had just done on UFOs in Atlantic City, and who even made some funny statements, such as, "You must have a problem refueling." I was telepathically told not to slow down or stop. One craft moved silently back and forth across the highway in plain view of other drivers, and shot ahead several times. For me it was entertaining to see this activity, and realize how unperceptive and blind to this reality most humans are. That craft stopped and hovered over some buildings, and began glowing a powder blue color. The size of the elliptical craft was enormous. The other smaller craft paced me all the way to Red Bank, and allowed me to photograph it at an intersection. As I slowed to a stop for a red light, the craft slowed to a stop just ahead of me. I thought of taking a picture, and grabbed my camera, which was on the seat beside me. The craft turned around and came back towards my truck. I braced and steadied my camera against the side window for one second exposures. The pilot stopped the craft over the intersection in front of the camera, and turned on many lights so that I could get two spectacular photographs. This really happened, and I've got photographs to prove it!

There are now many reports being made by individual human beings that they have had direct personal contact with Extraterrestrial Beings who pilot these so-called Unidentified Flying Objects. But to me they are no less identifiable than any conventional aircraft I see in the skies. I have had many sightings and encounters with such craft, and now can identify several different types, their sizes and shapes, their flight characteristics, and their lighting characteristics. It is my professional and academic judgment that these craft have been designed and built by non-humans. Based on my own abduction experiences, of which I have had three since I became involved in this research, and based on fragmentary spontaneous recall of abductions that go back at least to my senior year in high school, memories of which did not begin to surface until after I saw Intruders on television, I can say without equivocation that these beings do exist. I have met them. I know what they look like, feel like, smell like, and telepath like. I have had telepathic conversations with them in their presence and while they were in their craft. They are not a figment of my imagination, an hallucination, or characters in a lucid dream. I know because of the surgical procedures some of these beings have performed on me, marks and scars of which still can be detected. I have also sustained serious injuries: e.g. just before being paralyzed and then knocked unconscious (from an energy blow to the back of my head, which left a large brown bruise) I looked into the intense plasma lights of a shuttle craft as it landed next to my parked vehicle. A sharp pain shot through my left eye. As I turned away a clear telepathic voice said, "Do not look at the lights; look straight ahead." But it was too late. The vitreous humor in that eye was permanently damaged. My wife was there also, and remembers the craft and missing time. Every day I am reminded of that experience by what I see! I can never forget it. I am not bitter. But there are many people who have experienced these traumas, and they don't want their intelligence insulted by some professional with a belief problem who says, "It's all just in your head!"

It is my understanding that your Committee is contemplating declaring that Dr. John Mack's work with persons who have reported to Dr. Mack that they have been abducted by Extraterrestrial Beings is both violative of the standards of the psychiatric profession and contrary to the standards of scholastic research demanded of faculty members of Harvard University. If such is the case, and if such happens, then Harvard University will sink to a new standard for incompetent leadership and psychiatric malpractice.

Even if Dr. Mack communicates his personal beliefs regarding these phenomena, or his personal beliefs are known to the patient prior to counseling, his integrity and honesty would have far less damaging effect than a psychiatrist who does not believe in the reality of such experiences or who refuses to consider such a reality when treating a patient. It is my professional and academic judgment that The Committee would be committing a very serious error if it were to conclude that any such communication of belief on the part of Dr. Mack to his patients is professionally or academically unsound. A professional must look objectively at all possible explanations for reported contact with extraterrestrial beings, and must consider all available evidence, including the vast literature on UFOs. I have found that most scientists in mainstream science are profoundly ignorant of that literature, and the wealth of valid data it contains. I am appalled by the attitudes of scientists, who turn in their academic credentials in order to ridicule a phenomenon about which they know so little, and all because of appearance and vanity. How unprofessional and closed minded can one be!

In my opinion, it is Dr. Mack who should convene your Committee in order to determine the validity and integrity of your inquiry. I do not consider it irresponsible for Dr. Mack to communicate to his abductee-experiencers and associates his judgment that the UFO phenomenon is real, and the possibility that experiencers are actually being abducted by UFO occupants. On the contrary, I consider it his duty as a professional psychiatrist to examine evidence for alien abduction so that he can help the experiencer deal with his or her trauma. It is only through revealing the truth about a problem that someone can deal with that problem effectively. You should know that!

If I were accorded a reasonable opportunity to appear personally before your Committee, I would be able to answer any questions which The Committee might have concerning the specific data and experiences that form the basis for my professional judgment in each of these related areas. I challenge you to come with me into the field so that I can introduce you to our non-human earth inhabitants. They have been around here longer than we have, and I can show you earth-shaking lunar evidence in support of that statement also.

However, without your willingness to undertake such an inquiry, it is my firm professional judgment that your Committee will be doing Dr. Mack, your respected university, and your personal professional reputations a grievous disservice if you manifest the "findings" set forth above on the basis of a record which is so transparently devoid of any reasonable effort on your part to become objectively informed of the undeniable evidence and substantial proofs available in this field. Albert Einstein said, "Pure logical thinking cannot yield us any information about the empirical world; all knowledge of reality starts from experience and ends in it. Propositions arrived at by purely logical means are completely empty of reality." It is the experiencers who know the reality of which you are so ignorant.

I do hope that you will listen to the evidence in support of Dr. Mack before you precipitously rush to judgment against him and his patients in this important matter.

Sincerely yours,

Dr. Bruce Cornet

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