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Half of China sees mysterious light-emitting UFO, July 2002

UFOs at Close Sight

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Summary: This UFO sighting, covering more territories than ever before, was the most completely documented in China today.

On July 1, The Huashan Post reported an "Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) flying over Xiaxi. "The same day various media throughout the nation reported similar news, that on June 30, around 10 p.m., a mysterious, light-emitting, shape-changing object flew over Jiangsu, Henan, Xiaxi, and Sichuan.

According to The Tianfu Morning Post: "Some readers claimed that an orange and white ray of light appeared in the sky. It flew from east to west and lasted for about 3 minutes. The illuminated object was about the size of a desk. During its flight it continually changed its shape, from a fang-like object to something that resembled a fan."

Henan's City Morning Post also reported witnesses' accounts: "At 10:30, an object resembling a flaming arrow appeared in the night sky. Then the tail of the fiery arrow opened up like a fan, which emitted bright light. The light-emitting section then changed into a crescent. A fireball on top of the crescent glowed brilliantly. Five minutes later the 'UFO' disappeared into the night sky."

The Lanzhou Morning Post reported that Chen Shiwen, a photographer in Linyao, was taking photos for a funeral. Suddenly people pointed to the sky and said, "UFO!" Chen quickly pointed his camera skywards. "I saw a brightly lit object with a tail flying slowly from east to west. . About 2 minutes later the object stopped and the bright tail disappeared. Then the object itself became dim, and it disappeared as well. About a minute later the 'UFO' reappeared, emitting an even more intense light. It ascended in a spiral towards the southeast. After about 10 seconds of spiraling it reassembled into the shape of a yuanbao (a golden, Chinese object that looks like a rounded mountain with three peaks) and slowly vanished into the night sky. The whole process took about 5 minutes."

The Yangzi Evening Post even published a photo. According to local readers, an object that looked like the morning sun was seen in the northwestern sky. It resembled a searchlight making a fan-shaped pattern. The light was brilliant and continuous like a wave. After about 10 minutes the light slowly disappeared, and only clouds were left in the sky.

A newspaper in Sichuan reported that a pilot from a local air force camp flew next to the object and mistook it for an enemy fighter. Tian Xianyuan, an eyewitness and the assistant manager from Chongqing City's Astronomy Center, was able to point out the object's exact location.

At the same time, web surfers from Jingzhou in Hebei, Baotou in Inner Mangolia, and Daqing Helongjiang pointed out in various forums that they also witnessed the same phenomenon.

The various witnesses' reports of the shape, size, time duration, and flight path of the UFO were very similar. It was flying very high, much higher than a normal airplane. It was quite large. According to one web surfer, "It was the size of three full moons together." It was bright and changed color from white to orange. It appeared in the northwest and moved slowly from east to west. It was shaped like a fan, with its light projecting outward. The duration of its appearance ranged from 2 or 3 minutes to over 10 minutes. So we can surmise that on the night of June 30, at about 10 p.m., a "UFO" visited almost half of China from east to west. And the object that everyone saw was the same "UFO."

This UFO sighting, covering more territories than ever before, was the most completely documented in China today. But what was it?

Nanjing's Zijinshan Astronomy Center's researcher Wang Sichao has offered the most believable explanation to date. Wang is China's famous astronomy scholar and minor-planet specialist. He is also a passionate researcher of UFO's and astronomy. On July 1, The Yangzi Evening Post published an interview with Wang. From analyzing the descriptions of the witnesses' accounts, Wang concluded that it was a "dimensional flying machine."

Mr. Wang said that this was not the first appearance of this kind of phenomenon. He and a few colleagues from Nanjing Zijinshan Astronomy Center have been observing, recording, and gathering information on similar incidents since they first appeared in 1971. The same phenomenon has shown up several dozen times, and Wang has concluded that they are the same kind of UFO. Wang contacted the space center, which couldn't confirm its exact nature, but is getting a clearer and clearer notion of its shape.

When the reporter asked Mr. Wang if this UFO belonged to an Extra Terrestrial, Wang replied that it couldn't be confirmed. Wang's belief that it is "a dimensional flying machine," however, dismisses the argument that it is a natural phenomenon and affirms that an intelligent life is behind it. "But whether it is of human origin or Extra Terrestrial, whether it is controlled inside or remotely, are still unknown. Maybe we will not be able to uncover the truth for many years, but human curiosity will never let us stop searching. With advancements in technology, we have more power and skills to investigate nature and ourselves. Searching for other life forms in space is as mysterious as figuring out the mysteries of ourselves."

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