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The Foundations of Interplanetary Unity

Dr. Steven M. Greer (CSETI / The Disclosure Project)

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Summary: The evidence that at least one extraterrestrial civilization has visited Earth is extensive both in scope and detail. In its totality it comprises a body of evidence which at the very least supports the general assessment that extraterrestrial life has been detected, and that a vigorous program of research and serious diplomatic initiatives is warranted.

Steven M. Greer ,  M.D.

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 1994 Steven Greer MD

The evidence that at least one extraterrestrial civilization has visited Earth is extensive both in scope and detail. In its totality it comprises a body of evidence which at the very least supports the general assessment that extraterrestrial life has been detected, and that a vigorous program of research and serious diplomatic initiatives is warranted. Consider the following overview of facts:

• There are numerous daytime and night time photographs and videotapes of clearly non-human spacecraft from all over the world; these films and videotapes have been evaluated and deemed authentic by competent experts in optical physics and related fields.

• There are more than 3500 military and commercial aircraft pilot reports of encounters worldwide; many cases have corroborating radar documentation and multiple witnesses both on the ground and in the air.

• There are more than 4000 landing trace cases from around the world.

• There are hundreds of electromagnetic cases where spacecraft have been observed by police, military personnel and civilians to affect car engines, radios and other electric devices.

• There are more than 100 first- and second- hand witnesses to the retrieval of an extraterrestrial spacecraft and at least four extraterrestrial bodies from a crash which occurred in July, 1947, 75 miles northwest of Roswell, New Mexico; written and videotaped testimony from several first-hand witnesses who are respected military officers have been obtained.

• There are hundreds of credible reports, many with multiple witnesses, of humanoids in association with landed spacecraft.

• There are several multiple-witnessed events where humans have been taken on board spacecraft.

• CSETI (The Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence) has in the past 18 months succeeded in intentionally establishing contact with extraterrestrial spacecraft, on two occasions at very close range, and with multiple witnesses present.

• Various polls have indicated that approximately 10% of Americans (25 million people) have seen them at close range so that details of the structure of the object can be discerned.

• Numerous US. Government documents exist which indicate that these objects are real and have been involved with observing Earth for several decades.

It is an understatement to say that the time has arrived for a serious and open international dialogue regarding the possibility of future interplanetary relations. In no other area of human experience has so much evidence existed for so long, and yet been attended by such a paucity of serious research and analysis - at least in the civilian domain. I was once asked at a conference what was the most astounding aspect of this subject, and I replied that, while the subject matter itself is extraordinary, it is the absence of a serious human response to it that is most extraordinary.

Indeed, the true barriers to the furtherance of his field of study are neither scientific nor evidential, rather they are political, psychological, social, spiritual, and paradigmatic. Admittedly, it takes real courage for a person, otherwise respected on his or her profession and community, to stand up and speak the truth about a subject which has been the stuff of sensational tabloid claims, crackpots, an the cottage Industry in the UFO subculture. The social stigma and aprobrium associated with this subject is a formidable barrier to the serious treatment it deserves, an yet if only a 10% probability exists that we have detected extraterrestrial life which is already visiting Earth - this being one of the most profound discoveries in human history - we must find the inner fortitude to go forward.

To the sincere person who remains skeptical, consider this: Absolute proof is not needed before serious research begins on the subject. In no other field of human endeavor is proof required before serious study and research begins; on the contrary, proof is the result of this research. In this regard, the subject of extraterrestrial studies is being held to an irrational requirement of proof before serious research can begin, on the one hand, and denounced as an area of spurious interest because no proof exists, on the other!

This, then, is not a function of scientific reason or evidence, but is the result of a political, social and psychological reaction to a subject which causes most serious scientist to blush. Our collective temerity is driven in part by fear of the unknown, in part by fear of ridicule, and in part by faint-heartedness. The evidence, however, is so profound, the implications so vast, and the consequences of doing nothing so dire that we have reached the point where we must find the fortitude to respond to this subject in a mature and responsible way.

To any impartial observer, the evidence which exists certainly supports a greater than 10% probability that we are being visited by advanced extraterrestrial civilizations. Indeed, to most people who have seen the data in its entirety, the probability is in excess of 90%. Having spoken to several government officials who have held Top Secret clearances on this subject, and who have confirmed to me that the US Government has in its possession several objects and bodies of extraterrestrial origin, my own personal assessment approaches certainty. Beyond this, I have personally been present when these spacecraft have approached the CSETI research teams within a few hundred feet, and have then signaled repeatedly to us. Frankly, there is very little doubt in my mind that we are dealing with at least one extraterrestrial civilization, and that they are non-hostile.

However, for argument sake, let us state that all of the evidence available to us in the civilian domain constitutes only a 10% probability of contact with extraterrestrial intelligence. Does this not constitute adequate evidence to initiate a serious scientific and diplomatic mission? Certainly in medicine a 10% probability of finding a cure for cancer would warrant an all out effort in the cancer research community. For it is generally true that when the stakes are very high, the probability of success need not be, prior to initiating a research project. Without question, the stakes are so high in this area that even a 10% probability is adequate to mount one of the most extensive worldwide research initiatives in history.

This question, however, is not limited to the realm of science alone, for as soon as one makes the assessment, however tentative, that we are being visited by advanced extraterrestrial life forms, the larger question of interplanetary ( and inter-species) relations becomes preeminent. This is, then the ultimate diplomatic challenge. And to find our common ground with intelligent life forms which are not even human may prove to be the most extraordinary task humanity has ever faced.

For witness how difficult it has been for humanity to come together is peace among the diverse peoples of the world. Notwithstanding the fact that we are all human, living on the one homeland called Earth, yet wars, prejudices and enmity have repeatedly submerged the world into chaos and destruction. As the world moves, in fits and starts, towards a true world civilization, and the people of the world increasingly realize their essential unity as humans, the potential for increasingly open contact between humans and other intelligent life-forms is likely to increase exponentially.

However, before we can entertain this concept, we must first ask ourselves some basic questions:

• What global developments must occur before full open contact can take place?
• How will communication occur, and what should be communicated?
• Prior to full, open contact, what form of contact and communication is possible, in a pioneering or preliminary framework?
• And most important, what are the fundamental points of unity between humans And other intelligent life forms in the universe? What is our universal common group?

Regarding this last question, we can not assume that extraterrestrial life forms who are thinking, sentient beings, and who by definition have evolved under conditions different from those on Earth, are likely to be much like humans, at least superficially. Their level of intelligence, fund of knowledge, emotional nature, social and political structures, ethical, moral and religious systems and more are likely to quiet different from that of humans. We must therefore find a deeper point of unity, what I call our highest common denominator.

This consideration, however abstract it may seem to some, is really central to establish a sense of common ground between intelligent species. And without common ground, we can have no relationship.
I hold that this common ground is so obvious, and yet hidden, so near, and yet so overlooked, that it is easily missed altogether. It is at once simple and profound, proximal and yet hard to grasp. It is really the universal constant found in every intelligent life form: It is conscious intelligence.

Pure awakeness or conscious intelligence is what every conscious, sentient being in the universe is, in its essential nature. The universal or non-anthropo-centric aspect of human consciousness is the highest common denominator on which a sustainable relationship between diverse life forms can be based. As humans, we are conscious, awake; other higher life forms are conscious and awake. We may share very little else in common, but this universal constant is shared, by definition, by all intelligent, conscious beings, whether human or extraterrestrial.

Consciousness, or universal conscious intelligence, then, is the first cornerstone of the foundation of interplanetary unity.

Having realized the essential oneness which all intelligent higher life forms share, we are then faced with the practical challenge of formulating an approach to interplanetary and inter-species relations which is peaceful, sustainable and mutually beneficial. Here are a few of the principles which appear to be essential to the successful, sustained engagement of extraterrestrial civilizations:

�� Any successful approach will incorporate a global perspective, and not one driven by nationalistic or strictly national security imperatives. The motive behind any attempt at contact and communication should clearly be globally based, and any benefits resulting from contact must benefit all the peoples of the world, and not just one nation or culture. The evolution of the world into a true global civilization will certainly facilitate this type of relationship. This entire matter, then, should be the focus of the international community. One of the hallmarks of the maturation of the human race is the attainment of a true world civilization and the establishing of a just and representative world government, which should be empowered or respond to the challenge of interplanetary relations. Until such a body is effectively functioning, any group attempting such a contact should be operating within this global perspective.

�� The motivation of such contact and relations should be based in the principle of mutual benefit, and be free of exploitative motives and unilateral acquisition-oriented goals. Until a permanent world peace and order can be achieved on Earth, the acquisition of extraterrestrial technology, which most likely would be used for unilateral military application, should be avoided.

�� While the precise motives for current extraterrestrial involvement with this planet may not be fully known, there is no evidence that they are motivated by any net hostile intentions. Until proven otherwise, therefore, it should be assumed that any such visitors are non-hostile and approachable. It is critical that humans avoid making anthropocentric assumptions regarding extraterrestrial motives, since it is likely that their ethical, moral, social and political concepts vary from those of many Earth-based cultures. Recognizing the human tendency towards xenophobia, prejudice and fear of the unknown, we must evaluate extraterrestrial motives cautiously, and, to the extent possible, from an interplanetary perspective.

�� The attainment of a healthy and appropriate collective self-esteem for humans is essential for an appropriate relationship to evolve between humans and any other extraterrestrial species. Individuals and organizations involved with interplanetary contact should avoid the common tendency to swing between viewing advanced technological beings as intrinsically superior or inferior. It is more sustainable to view such variations as simply differences which are the product of diverse evolutionary paths, and that on the level of conscious intelligence, all sentient beings are essentially equal. Here, equality does not require sameness.

�� It should be realized that until the world achieves the level of maturity described above, that any direct contact and relationship which develops may be limited, preliminary, and be nature pioneering. Given recent CSETI successes in this regard, we can make the initial assessment that such contact is likely, and will progress as the world becomes increasingly a genuine global civilization.

�� The knowledge of any contact and evolving relationship should be shared with all the people of the world to the fullest extent possible, and in a timely fashion. Secret or covert contact should be viewed as intrinsically dysfunctional and should be avoided to the fullest extent possible.

�� A multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural approach to any contact, relationship, or exchange should be used. Communication itself may proceed verbally, electronically, symbolically/archetypically or even telepathically.

�� A very broad view must be maintained in evaluating the manifestations of an advanced extraterrestrial civilization, since their technological development may be thousand to hundreds of thousands and conceivably millions of years more advanced than Earth is. The manifestations of such an advanced technology may appear magical to humans, even as a hologram, TV, or laser would appear magical to people of the 17th century. The tendency to pronounce such manifestations as supernatural or magical should be avoided.

Are we alone in the universe, and have other intelligent life forms found their way to our small part of the galaxy? The best available evidence suggest that, no, we are not alone, and yes, they have already found us. The real question is this point may be what are we going to do about it? We must come together to search for answers to this and even more difficult questions, for nothing less than the future of planet Earth may hang in the balance. If we are wrong, and all of the existing evidence points to some other phenomenon, then the attempt to contact whatever that phenomenon is may prove extremely enlightening. But if we are correct in our assessment, and we are being visited by advanced extraterrestrial civilizations, then the risks of doing nothing are immense, and the benefits of acting wisely will change the world we know it.

In either case, the time has come to act.

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